Security Management Training and Certification Courses

General cybersecurity and information security have become one of the most crucial ways of protecting organizational assets. IT professionals such as risk managers, information security specialists, network administrators, and more need to have the required skills in order to implement stringent measures at their organization to ensure maximum protection for their networks, servers, applications, and data. Security Management certification training is available for those who want to delve into the infosec and risk management field and specialize in them at an expert level. Check out some of the popular Security Management certification training courses to enrol today.

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Duration: 32 Hours English

Per Participant
Certified in the Governance of Enterprise IT (CGEIT)

Duration: 32 Hours English

Per Participant
Certified Cloud Security Professional (CCSP)

Duration: 40 Hours English

Per Participant
ISO 27001 (ISMS) Lead Auditor

Duration: 40 Hours English

Include Exam Per Participant
ISO 31000 Lead Risk Manager

Duration: 40 Hours English

Per Participant
Cobit 2019 Foundation

Duration: 24 Hours English

Per Participant
ISO 22301 (BCMS) Lead Auditor

Duration: 40 Hours English

Per Participant

Security Management Certification Training Courses 

The Security Management certification training courses are ideal for working professionals who already have a certain level of knowledge and experience in the field of information security and risk management. They are not for beginners. The security management certification courses across different vendors such as ISC2, AXELOS, EXIN, EC-Council, ISACA, and others offer in-depth knowledge and insight on the different ways of developing, implementing, testing, and monitoring different security protocols in an organization. The certifications test the skills of the candidates in order to measure their level of expertise and need to be maintained regularly with continuous education to stay updated on the latest trends in threats and risks.
The most popular security management certification training courses are listed and discussed in-depth below:
  • Certified in Risk and Information Systems Control (CRISC)
  • ISO 27001 (ISMS) Lead Auditor
  • Certified Cloud Security Professional (CCSP)
  • Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP)
  • ISO 27001 (ISMS) Lead Implementer

Popular Security Management Certification Training Courses 


Certified in Risk and Information Systems Control (CRISC) Certification Training Course

The Certified in Risk and Information Systems Control certification training course is an expert-level program offered by ISACA for those working professionals who want to specialize in risk management. The certification is ideal for those IT professionals who have a certain level of work experience and want to validate their skills in understanding business risk and implementing various strategies and processes to manage it.
The CRISC certification course consists of four main domains that candidates get tested on in their examination. These domains include IT risk identification and assessment, risk response and mitigation, and risk control, monitoring, and reporting.

Certified Cloud Security Professional (CCSP) Certification Training Course

A certified Cloud Security Professional is someone who has detailed knowledge of the best practices and techniques when it comes to the implementation of cloud security at their organization. The CCSP certification training course is designed to teach and test the expertise of these cloud security practitioners and train them to manage threats to their cloud storage platform efficiently.
The Certified Cloud Security Professional certification training course teaches candidates how to understand the threats to their information security systems and how to upgrade them to keep the organization’s data protected. Candidates who take up this certification course learn the skills required to maintain a high level of cloud infrastructure and application security, identity management, different cloud computing concepts, business continuity, and disaster recovery methods, risk management techniques, and more.

ISO 27001 (ISMS) Lead Auditor Certification Training Course

The ISO 27001 (ISMS) Lead Auditor Certification training course trains working professionals on how to become full-fledged auditors of existing Information Security Management Systems. These ISMS processes are maintained at the ISO 27001 standard, and certificate holders know how to uphold the set standards through various mediums and practices. 
The certified professionals will know how to successfully plan, execute and create reports of an ISMS audit. The audit checks the current state of the information security management systems that are in place at the organization and assesses it for finding errors and areas of improvement. The ISO 27001 (ISMS) Lead Auditor Certification is ideal for those information security professionals who want to increase their professional ranking and grow in the auditing field of information systems.

Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) Certification Training Course

The CISSP certification is for experienced information security professionals who wish to fully plan, develop and execute organization-wide information security systems. Participants will learn how to design and manage cybersecurity programs for a company that is at an expert level. There are eight domains of expertise that the CISSP certification trains its candidates on. The domains are:
  • Asset security
  • Risk management
  • Security architecture and engineering
  • Identity and access management
  • Communication and network security
  • Software development security
  • Security assessment and testing
  • Security operations

ISO 27001 (ISMS) Lead Implementer Certification Training Course

The ISO 27001 (ISMS) Lead Implementer Certification course is designed for security professionals who want to assist companies in managing, maintaining, and monitoring information security management systems. The certification course trains individuals on maintaining the ISO 27001 standard for the protection of their ISMS through continuous monitoring and improvement. This ISO 27001 course is for those professionals who want to become lead implementers of cybersecurity measures and frameworks using the ISO 27001 standard.

Who Can Take Up Security Management Certification Training?

Job roles that can find Security Management certification training beneficial are:
  • Business analysts
  • Compliance professionals
  • Control professionals
  • IT professionals
  • Project managers
  • Risk professionals
  • Security risk strategist
  • IT security analyst
  • Information security analyst
  • IT audit risk supervisor
  • Technology risk analyst
  • Chief information security officer
  • Information security managers
  • ISMS professionals
  • Director of Security
  • Network architect
  • Security advisor
  • Security auditor
  • Cloud security architect
  • Network architect
  • Anybody who wants to understand security management concepts
  • Professionals who are looking to clear their relevant security management certification exams

Reasons to choose Security Management Certification Courses from Koenig Solutions

  • A comprehensive portfolio of security management certification courses across popular vendors worldwide
  • Expert security management instructors with real-world experience to help professionals to gain a thorough understanding of improving the security posture of an organization
  • Receive security management certification course materials along with pre-reading resources and case studies to gain a thorough understanding of the concepts
  • Get security management training from an accredited training partner of ISACA, AXELOS, EXIN, ISC2, EC-Council, and others to deliver them globally
  • Flexibility to take up your security management courses in both 4 hours/ day and 8 hours/ day options on weekdays and weekends 
  • Option to customize your security management certification courses according to individual learning and team requirements
  • Security management certification exam sample practice tests across vendors to help you familiarize yourself with exam formats 
  • Get the option to take up your security management certification training in different learning delivery modes, which include classroom, live online, 1-on-1, and on-site training

Benefits of Security Management Certification training 

Since cyberattacks are increasing day by day, the need for certified and trustworthy security professionals is only increasing. A career in security management with the help of industry-recognized certification credentials have a lot of benefits such as:
  • Validate your skills as an experienced security professional
  • Meet industry demands with verifiable skills and increase job opportunities around the world
  • Receive a higher annual pay as compared to your non-certified counterpart
  • Join the new-age / next-gen global community of cybersecurity professionals
  • Stay in the loop about the latest threats to cybersecurity 
  • Embark on a successful security management career path that will grow in an exponential manner
  • Get ahead of your peers with new-found security management knowledge to receive promotions and additional job responsibilities
  • Become a global professional with opportunities across the globe in various industry sectors with widely-acknowledged security management certification credentials
  • Gain instant recognition by showcasing security management digital badges on your profile across various platforms

Security Management Certification Process

Below are the steps to become a Security Management certified professional:
  • Choose a relevant Security Management certification course from a wide range of courses offered by popular vendors through Koenig Solutions
  • Select relevant Security Management course schedule and mode of delivery 
  • Receive Security Management course materials which include the courseware, pre-reading material, case studies, templates, and practice test questions
  • Be part of an interactive instructor-led Security Management certification training with role plays, case study discussions, and practical labs
  • Take up Security Management practice tests to familiarize yourself with the certification exam formats
  • Create a successful career path with a Security Management training program and opportunities globally

Salary prospects for Security Management Certified Professionals

As security breaches are happening regularly, it is critical for professionals and enterprises to create that knowledge base within to improve their security posture both internally and externally. Cybersecurity/Information Security are one and the same, and there are various industry-recognized security management certifications that are quite popular such as COBIT, CISSP, CRISC, CISM, ISO, CEH, CND, and more. The security management professionals who are certified are in great demand from enterprises across industry sectors. Let’s check out their salaries from various parts of the world to understand the importance of these security management certification courses.

United States

USD 62,000 to USD 128,000

United Kingdom

Pounds 25,000 to 70,000


Rupees 4 lakhs to 20 lakhs 


AUD 70,000 to 165,000 


AED 140,000 to 450,000


SGD 45,000 to 100,000


Job Prospects for Security Management Certified Professionals

As enterprises are looking to drastically improve their enterprise architecture which is both secure and scalable according to business requirements. Security Management certification training for individuals and organizations helps them to gain a comprehensive understanding of Cybersecurity / Information Security best practices and to create robust processes that minimize any type of security breach on-premise, cloud, and hybrid environments. Some of the top companies hiring Security Management certified professionals include Amazon, Lockheed Martin, Gong, Intertek, Armor, Shvintech, Intone Networks, RingCentral, MindPoint Group, Tinder, Google, and more
Do check your local job portals to find relevant job opportunities for Security Management certified professionals in your region.
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As part of your security management certification training,  you will receive:

  • A copy of the security management training course material
  • Instructor-led training with case study discussions
  • Practice test questions and answers
  • Course completion certificate

On an average, a working professional with a valid CRISC certification makes approximately $110,000 per year.

The CRISC certification costs USD 575 for ISACA members. Non-members have to pay USD 760 for the certification exam.

The CRISC certification requires its candidates to have a minimum verifiable work experience of three years in at least two of the domains that they are being tested on.

The CCSP certification training course is an advanced level program, which is why candidates need to have at least five years of work experience in information security and cloud security. If they do not have the recommended amount of work experience, applicants can also opt to complete an Associate level certification (ISC)² while working to become eligible.

The CCSP certification exam has six main domains that candidates get tested on. The domains and the weightage they carry are:

  • Cloud Concepts, Architecture, and Design – 17%
  • Cloud Platform and Infrastructure Security – 17%
  • Legal, Risk, and Compliance – 13%
  • Cloud Data Security – 19%
  • Cloud Security Operations – 7%

The CCSP certification examination is for $599.

The ISO 27001 (ISMS) Lead Auditor Certification has no prerequisites, but knowledge of ISO 27001 (ISMS) is beneficial. Candidates need to understand the ISO 27001 standards.

Those appearing for the ISO 27001 (ISMS) Lead Auditor Certification exam need to score a minimum of 70% to pass the exam.

To be eligible for the CISSP certification, candidates need to have a minimum of five years of work experience in the field of information security, specializing in at least two of the eight domains they are being tested on. Candidates also need to verify their work experience through an endorsement process before they can appear for the CISSP certification exam.

Participants can choose to take up their security management training in four different learning modes that include live online, classroom, on-site, and 1-on-1 training.

Yes, Koenig Solutions is an accredited training partner to deliver security management certification courses across various vendors such as ISACA, ISC2, AXELOS, EC-Council, CompTIA, and more to deliver their courses worldwide.