6 Things You Need to Know about VMware certifications

By Anvesha Jain 03-May-2023
6 Things You Need to Know about VMware certifications
Certifications are a great way to excel in a professional career. They open a range of opportunities for candidates in their careers. One of such programs is VMware certifications
VMware software drives a lot of companies and enterprises’ cloud computing, storage, management, and virtualization initiatives. To make the understanding of software available to everyone, the company offers curated certification programs for professionals at every stage of their career. VMware certifications are certificate programs launched by the parent company to certify individuals as approved practitioners of their technologies. 
The certification programs of VMware are vast and there is certain information about Vmware you should know before you set your foot in the examination hall. Stay with us to find more out about the VMware certifications' benefits, salary, and their validity.

What is VMWare?

The world is steadily moving towards everything digital and Virtualization is a key part of it. Virtualization is a name given to the process of transforming physical hardware and into software alternatives. 
Virtualization aims to reduce the equipment and infrastructural cost of organizations thereby reducing physical IT footprint. Virtualization also prevents the problem caused due to faults in physical hardware networking. 
VMWare is an American Cloud computing company owned by Dell Technologies that harnesses the power of Virtualization. It was also the first company to virtualize the first x86 architecture. The company was founded in 1988 by Diane Greene, Mendel Rosenblum, Scott Devine, and Edouard Bugnion. The key products of VMware include:
  • VMware vSphere
  • VMware ESXi
  • VMware Fusion
  • VMware Player
  • VMware ThinApp
  • VMware View
  • VMware Infrastructure

How many VM Certifications are there?

VMWare has several products in the market. The products deal with technologies such as Desktop software, Server Software, Cloud management, Application Management, Storage and Security, Networking, Virtual Infrastructure Extension, and communication protocol for a range of communication devices.

With so many products rolled into the market, it calls for standardization in handling VMware products and services. To fulfill the purpose, VMWare currently offers certifications in 21 different disciplines. The virtualization giant offers digital badges to its certified practitioners.  
In a recent interview with upper management of the company, it was reported that the enterprise is always ready to modernize its process and keep up the pace with its peers by rolling out new certifications that educate practitioners of innovative technologies. The current list of VMWare certifications and badges is offered in the following verticals. 
  • Data Center Visualization
  • Network Visualization
  • Cloud Management and Automation
  • Digital Workplace
  • Security
  • Application Modernization
The Certification is offered in a series of levels. The requirement criteria of level differ from each other. There are a total of 4 levels in VMWare Certifications
  1. VMWare Certified Technical Associate (VCTA)
  2. VMWare Certified Professional (VCP)
  3. VMWare Certified Advanced Professional (VCAP)
  4. VMWare Certified Design Expert (VCDX)
VCTA is the entry-level certificate in the levels of VMWare Certifications. This is offered to operators which are new to the industry and advancing their careers by working in virtual environments. 
VCP level certifications are designed for IT professionals that deal with the installation, configuration, management, and optimization of VMWare solutions. 
VCAP certification is the advanced level certification in VMWARE. It is designed for those who build, manage and optimize VMware solutions. VCAP is recommended to system administrators, architects, and engineers.
VCDX is the highest level of certification in VMware certifications. It is designed for professionals with an authoritative role in designing, building, and optimizing VMware solutions. It is recommended for Architects.

What VMWare Certification is most in demand?

There are over 6 certifications in almost all of the streams discussed above. The total number of certifications stands at 21. Which one do you see as the right fit for you? What certification will provide you the jumpstart that your career needs? Professionals often get lost in such questions and end up indecisive at the end.
Karl Childs, senior certification manager at VMware, in a recent interview, disclosed that VMware Certified Professional Data Center Virtualization 2020 (VCP-DCV 2020) certification is the hottest pick currently. However, Child also stated that VMware is seeing a steady growth in network, security, and cloud certifications. 
The future for VMware certifications certainly looks positive as companies are becoming more open to cloud and virtualized solutions to their problems. The roles in the companies are also becoming less siloed giving way for certifications by more professionals.

Is VMWare Certification easy or hard?

Most of the VMware certifications require some hands-on experience by the candidates. The tech giant also recommends and in some cases requires training attendance for certifications. 
The insistence on training and experience is made mandatory to make sure professionals understand the topics and questions they are asked in the exam. In the end, it all comes down to the level of preparation by the candidate and their years of experience in the virtual environment. 
So to answer the questions that whether Vmware certifications are easy or hard, it depends! It depends on the candidates' prior experience, their level of understanding of the concepts of virtualization, their level of preparation, and also their luck in the examination hall. 
Concluding from the experiences of people who have appeared and succeeded in various Vmware certifications, the difficulty level of the test varies from easy to moderate. Anyone with decent knowledge of the syllabus 

What are the benefits of VMWare Certifications?

Owing to the growing popularity of certifications such as Vmware, companies value their employees with VMWare certifications. In a survey, it is also reported that professionals with certifications tend to get paid 40% higher than their non certified peers.
In all honesty, certification doesn't outright guarantee you your dream job, but it does help you put your foot in the door. Certification training puts professionals in the mindset of taking on challenges and providing solutions to them. 
The process of obtaining the certificate is education where candidates immerse themselves into the concepts and principles of the tech which goes a long way in approaching real-life problems. The key benefits of Vmware certifications include:
  • Elevantes professional credibility
  • Enhances knowledge and skills, 
  • Preparing for more and better job opportunities
  • Serves as validity of professional ability
  • Increases self-image and reputation among peers
  • Betters career opportunities including promotion, pay increases, job portability and others
  • Advertises life-long learning and professional development

Beyond measurable aspects such as promotions and salary hikes, certifications also enhance the professional credibility of the employee and project them as serious students of the trade. The certifications are also noted to have increased the job productivity and trust of the organization in its employees. 

How much does a VMWare Certification cost?

As mentioned already there are four levels to VMware certifications. Each level costs differently. 
Introductory exam, VMware Certified Technical Associate consists of an online exam that costs $125. The second level of certification, VMWare Certified Professionals consists of a training module and two exams, costing $250 each. The third level of VMware certification, VMWare Certified Advanced Professional consists of a single exam that costs $450.
The final level of VMware certification- VCDX, VMWare Certified Design Expert is the most premium of all. There are only 4000 VCDX certified professionals in the world. The cost of VCDX certification is $4000.

Do VMware Certifications Expire

The VMware certifications do not expire. This has been the recent change in the VMWare certification program. However, professionals can recertify anytime they want. The tech company does not provide certification with any expiry date. Hence, the decision to recertify is left upon the individuals.
As the gap between two simultaneous certifications increases, so does the knowledge delta and required effort for candidates to ace the test. Thus given the candidates’ ease, The organization recommends professionals to recertify regularly.


Virtualization is the next big thing in the digital space. It saves cost, removes chances or errors, and creates room for developers to pay attention to more customer-centric problems. 
VMWare is the leading enterprise in certifications for virtual environments. It is recommended to everyone working in positions related to the virtual environment. The four levels offer clarity with the opportunity to grow further with higher levels. 
Certifications such as Vmware offer substance to the professionals’ careers. They make candidates stand out as serious professionals seeking ways to grow in their industry. Companies value professionals who take their jobs seriously and reward them with salary hikes and deserving promotions.

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