RPA Developer Roles and Responsibilities

By Archer Charles 10-Apr-2023
RPA Developer Roles and Responsibilities

Although RPA has bridged between Humans and Automation bots, it still needs human intervention with the skill set with various roles and responsibilities which can handle RPA activities at the right place and at a suitable time. This is where an RPA Developer comes into the picture. So who is this RPA Developer? What are the skill sets needed to be one? What are the rpa developer roles and responsibilities? In this blog, we would list out all these queries.

Who is A Rpa Developer?

Robotic Process Automation, also known as RPA, is a software technology developed with the help of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine learning technology, which designs Robot (bots) which helps in carrying out easy day-to-day tasks independently without any human interference. It is a kind of technology that reduces time and creates no error outcomes for all day-to-day, repetitive, or mundane tasks.

RPA Developer is the one who designs, develops and implements the RPA software. The primary role of the RPA developer is to design, build, and execute software robots or bots to work side by side with humans to increase the business performance of the process.

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Must-haves For A Rpa Developer

  • Experience in coding and programing language
  • Basics of Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI)
  • Experience in Automation tools (UiPath, Blueprism, etc.)
  • Good hand on SQL and NoSQL
  • Basic understanding of Lean Six Sigma process methodologies

Skill Sets Needed For A Rpa Developer

  • analytical skills- analyzing information/data to maximize efficiency
  • Problem Solving skills- Predicting any foreseen circumstances and solving any unexpected hiccups on the way
  • Communication Skills- Developer must be outspoken, confident, and welcoming and giving out new ideas
  • Strategic Planning Skills- This includes designing, developing, and implementation of RPA
  • Programming Language- C++, Java, etc
  • RPA Tools- Experience with RPA tools such as Bluprism, UiPath

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Various Job Roles Of A Rpa Developer

Below are the various roles listed out for an RPA Developer-

  • RPA Developer
  • RPA Engineer
  • RPA Technical Lead
  • RPA Solutions Senior Developer
  • RPA Consultant
  • RPA Administrator
  • RPA Business Analyst
  • RPA Data Analyst
  • RPA Project Manager
  • RPA Process Architect
  • RPA Tester
  • RPA Support

Responsibilities of a Rpa Developer

Now that we know the roles of RPA Developer suits, let us look into their responsibilities while applying for the job.

  • Work with Market Analyst, SME on process classification and viability
  • Perform Proof of Concepts to help business recognize the efficacy of an automated solution
  • Defining and communicating the conditions for technologies applied
  • Supporting the Project Manager concerning the openness of ongoing activities
  • Supporting operational practices and enforcing transition criteria as part of a formal change management mechanism
  • Case-Control, Management, and Distribution of Process Workloads
  • Managing and researching exemptions (Business and System Exceptions)
  • Necessary to attend meetings on the progress of the method and the problems that occur with the solution
  • Have knowledge of current technologies and, where appropriate, advise the organization to take advantage of them


With every organization incorporating RPA in its multiple companies executing most of the tasks, RPA Developers are in high demand. For this reason, many companies employ RPA Developers. However, the supply and availability of these practitioners do not meet demand. That's why RPA Developers are among today's top-paid IT professionals. So it is safe to say that becoming an RPA Developer now, when it is in demand and growing, is more beneficial than when it becomes common and a skill everyone possesses in the future.

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