Career opportunities for a Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH)

By Archer Charles 22-Jul-2022
Career opportunities for a Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH)

What comes to your mind when you hear the word hacking? That it is something illegal? But, here we are talking about ethical hacking which is very much legal. It is done in companies to ensure if the system in place is fool-proof. For this, they employ an ethical hacker who does the job for them.

The certification to be taken to be a certified ethical hacker is called CEH certification. To apply for this certification, you need basic knowledge in networking, expertise in C++ or Java and knowledge of UNIX. There are a number of job prospects for a certified ethical hacker, some of which are given below.

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Career opportunities for a Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH)

1. Ethical Hacker

Ethical hacker is a networking and computer expert who tries to break into a network or computer system of a company on behalf of the owners. This uncovers the security vulnerabilities existing in the system that could be exploited by a malicious user. These are then reported to the company officials along with actions to be taken.

2. Network Security Engineer

A network security engineer maintains the security of networking systems. He assures that the system is able to come back to life even after problems caused by natural disasters, hacker attacks or other means. He assesses enterprise class networks and suggests mitigation strategies and works to redesign the network if necessary.

3. Computer Forensics Investigator

A computer forensics investigator works with private firms and law enforcement agencies to recover information from computers and other data storage devices. He tries to retrieve the information from devices damaged or corrupted by viruses or hacking. The job is very demanding and he must have the willingness to work for long hours and patience so that the data is not lost before it can be recovered.

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4. Security Auditor

A security auditor is hired by a company to provide an audit of security systems of the company. Once this is done, he provides a detailed report of information systems to the company. This helps the organization to make changes wherever necessary so that the integrity is improved. He can either work alone or as part of a team.

5. Data Security Analyst

Also called data security specialists, data security analysts plan and execute the protection of data on the networks and computes in an organization. They work with the company employees and educate them on security protocol. They usually work under an information technology manager.

6. Information Security Officer

He is the senior manager in an organization who maintains the enterprise strategy and vision to ensure that the technologies and information assets are properly protected. He aids the staff in developing, implementing and maintaining processes that reduce information risks. Basically, he is responsible for information-related compliance. Becoming a certified ethical hacker can make you security experts in organizations. After applying for the certification, you can join an ethical hacking course in Delhi which would give you the required knowledge and skills to pass the exam.

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