Student Enrollment Rel 9.2 Ed 3 Course Overview

Student Enrollment Rel 9.2 Ed 3 Course Overview

The Student Enrollment Rel 9.2 Ed 3 course is designed to provide comprehensive training on the Oracle PeopleSoft Campus Solutions suite, particularly focusing on the tools and processes involved in student enrollment. It is beneficial for academic administrators and IT professionals who manage student data within higher education institutions.

Module 1: Creating Courses is the foundational step, where learners will understand the intricacies of course creation, essential for subsequent scheduling and enrollment processes.

Module 2: Scheduling Classes delves into the logistics of class timetabling, a critical component of academic planning.

Module 3: Dynamic Dating teaches the application of variable academic dates for non-traditional courses.

Module 4: Course Requisites covers the setup of prerequisites and co-requisites to maintain academic standards.

Module 5: Class Permissions focuses on managing permissions for class enrollment.

Module 6: Enrollment Appointments goes over the scheduling of specific time slots for student registration.

Module 7: Adding and Activating New Students prepares learners to integrate new students into the system effectively.

Module 8: Enrolling Students teaches various enrollment methods, including Quick Enroll, the Enrollment Component, Block Enrollment, and managing the Wait List.

Finally, Module 9: Preparing for a New Term equips learners with the knowledge to transition smoothly into a new academic period.

Overall, this course equips participants with the skills needed to efficiently manage academic records and enhance the student enrollment experience, thereby improving institutional operations and student satisfaction.

This is a Rare Course and it can be take up to 3 weeks to arrange the training.

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Course Prerequisites

To ensure that participants can successfully undertake training in the Student Enrollment Rel 9.2 Ed 3 course, the following minimum prerequisites are recommended:

  • Basic understanding of academic structures within higher education institutions.
  • Familiarity with common enrollment processes and terminology.
  • Experience with using enterprise software, particularly in an academic setting.
  • Basic computer skills, including the ability to navigate software interfaces and use web browsers effectively.
  • Ability to comprehend and interpret business process documentation.
  • Prior exposure to or experience with any version of Oracle's PeopleSoft Campus Solutions is beneficial but not mandatory.

Please note that while prior knowledge in the specific areas above is helpful, our training courses are designed to accommodate participants with varying levels of experience and expertise. Our expert instructors are committed to providing comprehensive instruction to ensure all participants are equipped with the knowledge and skills necessary to leverage the full potential of the Student Enrollment Rel 9.2 Ed 3 system.

Target Audience for Student Enrollment Rel 9.2 Ed 3

  1. The Student Enrollment Rel 9.2 Ed 3 course is designed for professionals managing student data and academic scheduling in educational institutions.

  2. Target audience and job roles for the course include:

  • Registrars and enrollment officers
  • Academic advisors and counselors
  • Student information system administrators
  • IT professionals in the education sector
  • University administrative staff involved in course scheduling
  • Educational data analysts
  • Staff members responsible for student onboarding and records management
  • Higher education consultants specializing in student services systems
  • ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) analysts with a focus on education modules
  • Institutional research professionals dealing with student enrollment data

Learning Objectives - What you will Learn in this Student Enrollment Rel 9.2 Ed 3?

Introduction to Learning Outcomes and Concepts Covered

Gain comprehensive knowledge on managing the student enrollment process in PeopleSoft Campus Solutions. Master skills from creating courses to enrolling students and preparing for a new term.

Learning Objectives and Outcomes

  • Understand how to define and create courses within the PeopleSoft system.
  • Learn the process of scheduling classes and managing class details.
  • Grasp the concept and application of dynamic dating in the context of class scheduling.
  • Comprehend the setup and enforcement of course requisites to manage student eligibility.
  • Master the configuration and utilization of class permissions for student enrollment.
  • Become familiar with setting up enrollment appointments and their significance in the enrollment process.
  • Learn how to add new students into the system and activate their records for enrollment purposes.
  • Acquire the ability to enroll students through various methods including Quick Enroll, the Enrollment Component, and Block Enrollment.
  • Understand the process of managing and processing wait lists for classes that are at capacity.
  • Prepare for a new academic term by learning the necessary steps and considerations for a smooth transition.