Exploit Writing With Python Certification Training Course Overview

The course on Exploit Writing With Python teaches how to employ the Python language for security research, attack automation, and penetration testing with a practical approach. This course is best suited for security specialists, penetration testers, and network administrators who need to understand the automation of a task. This course covers the concepts of system security, attacking web applications, network security, exploitation techniques, binary and malware analysis and task automation.

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Course Modules

Module 1: Python – Basic Fundamental
  • Introduction to Python
  • Data Types and variables
  • Statement Documentations and help
  • String Revisited
  • Control Flow and Data structure
  • Functions ,Functional Programming and File Handling
  • Accessing the network and Internet
  • Exception Handling
  • Modular Programming
  • Object Oriented Programming
  • Modules, Packages and Distribution
  • Configure Python in Linux and Unixes
  • Configure Python in Windows
  • How to use Python in Mobiles: iPhone and Androids
  • Python Program Portability
  • Python Framework and IDes
Module 2: Managing files ,directory and Security
  • Input/output file system in Python
  • Creating Managing File and Directory Access
  • use of Multithreading and Concurrency
  • how ,what and why Inter Process Communication (IPC)
  • how to set Permissions and Controls
Module 3: Creating Sniffers and packet injector
  • An Introduction to Raw Socket basics
  • Python Database access
  • Porting Python code
  • Socket Programming with Python
  • Servers and Clients architecture
  • Creating Sniffers(wired and wireless)
  • Creating packet injector
Module 4: Web Application Security
  • Introduction to web server and Application server
  • Client Side scripting
  • Intro to web application and penetration testing in web application
  • HTML and XML file analysis
  • Web Browser Equality
  • Attacking Web Services and Countermeasure
  • how and why to use Application Proxies and Data Mangling
  • SQL and XSS attacks on web Application
  • Intro to Buffer overflow and CSRF
Module 5: Exploitation Writing and Analysis Automation
  • Exploit Writing Implementation
  • Immunity Debuggers and Libs
  • creating plugins in Python
  • Binary data analysis
  • Exploit analysis Automation
Module 6: Malware Analysis and Reverse Engineering
  • Basics of Process Debugging
  • Pydbg and its applications
  • Analyzing live applications
  • Setting breakpoints, reading memory etc
  • In-memory modifications and patching
Module 7: Setting Attack Task Automation
  • Task Automation with Python
  • Libraries and Applications
Module 8: Conclusion and Checklist
  • Course consolidation
  • Interesting project ideas to pursue
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Course Prerequisites
  • Experience with Python
  • Knowledge of Security and CEH

Upon Completion of this Course, you will accomplish following:-

  • Comprehend the File Handling, Functions, and Functional Programming
  • Configure Python in Linux and Unix
  • Configure Python in Windows
  • Access the network and Internet
  • Comprehend the Python Program Portability
  • Create Directory Access and Managing Files
  • How to set Controls and Permissions
  • Comprehend the Clients architecture and Servers
  • Understand the XSS and SQL attacks on web applications
  • Fundamentals of Process Debugging
  • Develop the Automation analysis

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