Reverse Engineering Certification Training Course Overview

Reverse engineering is a vital skill for those in the field of information security. It is considered to be a advanced capability that only a few elite possess. However, now you can also learn this exclusive methodology using commercial and public tools. In order to properly safeguard your organization from external threats, it is necessary to know in detail about reverse engineering malware and uncovering vulnerabilities in binaries. With this insightful course participants will learn to recognize high level language constructs. You will be able to perform binary analysis and discover the underlying nature of any Windows binary.

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Course Modules

Module 1: Introduction
  • Introduction to reverse engineering
  • Applications of reverse engineering
Module 2: Assembly Language
  • Introduction
  • Compilers
  • Registers
  • Data Structures
  • Binary Executables
  • IA - 32 Processor Architecture
  • Windows Architecture
Module 3: Reversing Tools
  • Offline and Live Code Analysis
  • Disassemblers
  • Debuggers
  • Decompilers
  • Classification Tools
  • Summary Tools
  • System Monitoring Tools
Module 4: Starting with IDA
  • Introduction to IDA
  • Launching and Loading IDA
  • IDA database files
  • IDA tips and tricks
  • IDA Data Displays
Module 5: IDA implementation in Reverse Engineering
  • Vulnerability Analysis
  • Password Recovery
  • IDA Scripting
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Course Prerequisites
  • Basic understanding of x86 assembly
  • Experience in a high level language such C / C++
  • Good working knowledge of Windows operating system concepts

Upon Completion of this Course, you will accomplish following:-

  • Understanding the fundamentals of x86 assembly & Windows process memory layout
  • Recognizing patterns
  • Working with the PE file format
  • Applying various tools of the trade (including OllyDbg and IDA Pro)
  • Implementing fundamental exploitation techniques used by worms to target a system
  • Applying obfuscation methods
  • Understanding the details of executable packing
  • Gaining proficiency in anti-disassembling and anti-debugging with the help of hands-on exercises

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