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Programmers are in high demand in today’s growing Software Development field, almost every company is becoming more reliant on technology to function. Programs allow professionals in every industry like healthcare, business, sales, construction, graphic design, teaching, and more to perform their duties with never-before-seen ease and flexibility and companies are looking coding skills across following major job categories:

  • Information Technology (IT) worker
  • Web Development
  • Data Analysts
  • Artists and designers
  • Engineers
  • Scientists
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1-on-1 training (private class) – convenient start time, flexible timings.

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Student Feedback  (Check Koenig Feedback on Trustpilot)

Q1 Say something about the Trainer? Q2 How is Koenig different from other training Companies? Q3 Will you come back to Koenig for training ?

Student Name Country Month Feedback Rating
Vidushi United States Jul-2020 A3. yes
Bruno Anani United States Jun-2020 A1. Since 2016 I’m having training with your company that is the best trainer I have been assigned. Very qualified in his domain and very supportive. He has a very special approach to conduct the training in a manner to make sure that the student got the maximum. He always took example from real world experience to teach topics and lot of practices to make sure that the students got the maximum. His technic to review topics cover the previous days is an unique opportunity for the student to gain confidence and trust. All of all Kuldeep has good pedagogy in addition to his brillant knowledge in python. He is a very good person and related with me every day we care and attention. I was very impressed of my trainer worry when I felt seek the last days of the training. Thanks you Kuldeep for being everyday on time. I appreciate.
Laderick Clayton United States Apr-2020 A2. Price and skills of the trainers. are better.
Murorunkwere Belle Fille United States Feb-2020 Koenig is very good
Hussain Hussaini United States Feb-2020 NA
Syed Israr Haider United States Feb-2020 it was not working properly.
Zaheer Khan Hussainkhel United States Feb-2020 A3. Sure
Pallavi P United States Jan-2020 It is better
Aishwarya N United States Jan-2020 A3. -
Moinul Haque United States Jan-2020 A2. Course is helpful and it serves my need
Rahul Shrimali United States Jan-2020 A2. Not sure about other Training Companies, but experience with Koenig has been good.
Lakshmi Murugavadivelu United States Sep-2019 A1. Good and answered all the queries, helped in topics which are even out of the scope. session was helpful and took effort to check details outside the scope of the class modules and clarified doubts.
Sunji Nadoma United States Sep-2019 A1. SHE IS very experienced and patient with trainees, also knows how to pace training to suit trainee's assimilation without diluting the content.
Waleed Bin Abdulllah Bin Salim Al Kalbani United States Aug-2019 A1. Best trainer I met in Koenig, Helpful, experienced
Wafa Bint Rashid Bin Abdullah Al Jahwari United States Aug-2019 A2. ...


Ans - No, the published fee includes all applicable taxes.