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Programmers are in high demand in today’s growing Software Development field, almost every company is becoming more reliant on technology to function. Programs allow professionals in every industry like healthcare, business, sales, construction, graphic design, teaching, and more to perform their duties with never-before-seen ease and flexibility and companies are looking coding skills across following major job categories:

  • Information Technology (IT) worker
  • Web Development
  • Data Analysts
  • Artists and designers
  • Engineers
  • Scientists
React JS 5 Days ₹ 141,200 (Includes Taxes)
Node JS 5 Days ₹ 117,700 (Includes Taxes)
Developing ASP.NET Core MVC Web Applications 20486-D 5 Days ₹ 141,200 (Includes Taxes)
Python 5 Days ₹ 133,400 (Includes Taxes)
C# Essentials  70-483 5 Days ₹ 125,500 (Includes Taxes)
Biztalk 70-595 On Request On Request
JavaScript 4 Days ₹ 94,200 (Includes Taxes)
PHP Developer 12 Days ₹ 321,700 (Includes Taxes)
Laravel PHP Framework 5 Days ₹ 117,700 (Includes Taxes)
MCSA: Web Applications 10 Days 282,500
E: Exam Included.
1-on-1 training (private class) – convenient start time, flexible timings.

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Student Name Country Month Feedback Rating
Murorunkwere Belle Fille United States Feb-2020 A3. Yes very often
Sunji Nadoma United States Sep-2019 A3. definitely
Balakrishnan Thihallolibavan United States Jul-2020 A1. Excellent Trainer very patient and explain things clearly and concisely with lot of real-world scenarios.
Laderick Clayton United States Apr-2020 A3. Yes i will
Hussain Hussaini United States Feb-2020 A1. Her methodology is practical in lessons with good explanation.
Syed Israr Haider United States Feb-2020 ...
Rahul Shrimali United States Jan-2020 A3. Sure
Lakshmi Murugavadivelu United States Sep-2019 A1. Training was very productive and useful all lab sessions are very interesting and helpful. Clarified all the queries. Took extra care and covered even extra topics which is very useful.
Wafa Bint Rashid Bin Abdullah Al Jahwari United States Aug-2019 A1. you are lucky because you have like him . excellent trainer .
Amna Alzarooni United States Jul-2019 A1. he is perfect technically , but he need to understand our situation more as we need technical training but mostly if there are tools that can do the programs it will be better to introduce them to us .
Ramesh Babu Damu United States Jul-2019 A2. I would like to thank you for last week's thorough and well organized training. The material was very interesting and the discussions were truly inspiring. I particularly enjoyed the python which made the content easily understandable. Please thank on my behalf everyone who was involved in the preparation and execution of the training. You have all done a wonderful job. I look forward to attend future trainings given the opportunity. I would like to thank to Sophie who well organised and made this training to attend success.
Manish Choudhary United States Jul-2019 A3. Yes
Prashant Singh United States Jul-2019 A2. With working example and workshop
Kenny United States May-2019 A1. Very Patient with an outstanding knowledge about the course [Angular 7]
Abdullah Almuhaimeed United States Jan-2019 N/A


Ans - No, the published fee includes all applicable taxes.