Penetration Testing Certification Courses


Koenig Solutions offers computer Security training courses. Koenig certifies individuals in various information security and e-commerce skills. Security courses are designed for candidates who wish to become legal hackers with a thorough knowledge and understanding of weak access points and vulnerabilities that hamper the security of an organization's network. You can choose to pursue different penetration testing courses like Advanced Penetration Testing, EC-Council Certified Security Analyst, Advance Penetration Testing with Kali Linux v2.0, Advance penetration testing with Kali Linux, Mobile Application Penetration Testing, Certified Web Penetration Tester, Wireless Security and Penetration Testing, etc.

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1-on-1 training (private class) – convenient start time, flexible timings.

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Student Name Country Month Feedback Rating
Jose Daniel Tchitchi United States Jul-2020 A2. Quality of the instructors
Ravi Nadiya United States May-2020 A1. No offence - May be the trainer is good, but this is my feedback - As I am new to Android Pen test. I expected more of practicals. But the class was ended with only one practical app. There was some issue while installing one of the app. The trainer said he will rectify and come back but no talks on that later. The idea behind taking the course is because we don't have much idea on how things works and helping us to know more. But the trainer was limited. Yes, he helped me in knowing certain things now which i am able to work on myself. Apart from that nothing much gained. There is no much of his contributions on the PPT he has pulled out everything from another tutorials. I am really not happy and not worth the money. I should have gone through the demo class. I judged too quickly. Thank you!
Zhir Aram Salih United States Jan-2020 A1. Good trainer, have knowledge
Yasir Tahir Ali United States Apr-2019 A1. He has good knowledge about the course and topic.
Ahmad Alghamdi United States Jan-2019


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