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Koenig specializes in providing state-of-the-art technical training and certifications on all popular IT technologies available globally. The world class training at Koenig is offered through several innovative learning methods and delivery models to cater the unique requirements of a global customer base.

Koenig is home to more than 350 certified trainers who are subject matter experts in their respective domains. Koenig has 30+ authorizations including that of Microsoft, Cisco, Oracle, VMware, Red Hat,Salesforce, AWS, Novell, EC Council, Adobe, among others.

We're the fastest growing IT training provider in India with the widest range of IT courses and certifications under one roof. Over the years, Koenig has been providing IT training to the global workforce from several Fortune 500 companies and governments worldwide.

Koenig learning packages also include local tourism to nearby attractive destinations, thus offering best education and tourism at the same time.



Koenig Ethos

Authored by Mr. Rohit Agarwal, Koenig Ethos are 12 Life Principles upon which the foundation of Koenig is laid. The dramatic success of Koenig is attributed to the fact that all Koenig employees follow these Ethos to achieve success and prosperity. Koenig Ethos enlighten the soul and show the path to attain perfect harmony and work-life balance in the modern world.

  • Eliminate Negative Thoughts
  • Anger Management
  • Truth is a Big Force
  • Karmanye Vadhikaraste
  • Reduce Expectations from Others
  • Be Brave
  • Welcome Criticism
  • Learn to Forgive & Forget
  • Caring for others
  • Healthy Living
  • Work Hard (and Smart)
  • Definition of Success

Our Values


Everyone and everything matters in the society and in the world. We care for everyone irrespective of their association with us.


Something which lies ahead of Best is Excellence, and achieving that has always been a primary driving force for everyone at Koenig.


Change is the only constant, therefore, Koenig always strives for innovation to discover new and better opportunities that promote an inclusive and sustainable growth environment.


Happiness is the biggest treasure of the universe. Staying happy and creating an environment of happiness for everyone is integral to the identity of Koenig.

Koenig History

Koenig History

Vision 2020

To be the World's Most preferred IT Training Company