Service Mapping Advanced Course Overview

Service Mapping Advanced Course Overview

The ServiceNow Service Mapping Advanced certification is all about understanding and expertise in ServiceNow's proprietary Service Mapping tool that helps organizations to visualize and understand their service landscape. This certification ensures capability to structure and present complex IT services and their relationships. It serves as an essential tool to define, visualize, and manage service-oriented business models. As such, it is significant in industries like IT, Telecommunications, and any technologically drive sectors seeking to optimize service delivery, minimize service disruptions, and improve operational efficiency. The certification validates proficiency in discovering and mapping all technology services in the organization, providing invaluable insights to enhance decision-making.

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  • Live Online Training (Duration : 16 Hours)
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You can request classroom training in any city on any date by Requesting More Information

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Course Prerequisites

- Must have completed ServiceNow Fundamentals course
- Must possess at least six months of hands-on experience with ServiceNow
- Working knowledge of ITIL and ITSM concepts
- Completed the ServiceNow Implementation Specialist course
- Experience in configuring and using ServiceNow Service Mapping.

ServiceNow Service Mapping Advanced Certification Training Overview

ServiceNow Service Mapping Advanced certification training is a specialized program that focuses on teaching professionals how to construct service maps and configuration management databases (CMDB). The course covers topics like identification and exploration of IT services, mapping business services, and proper use of Cloud Discovery. It also emphasizes on building service visibility and unlocking ways to automate IT processes for improved operational efficiency. This training is suitable for ServiceNow implementers or administrators looking to enhance their skills and become certified professionals.

Why Should You Learn ServiceNow Service Mapping Advanced?

Learning the ServiceNow Service Mapping Advanced course equips individuals with critical skills to create advanced service maps, enhance IT operations, and improve decision-making. Benefits include streamlining services, reducing costs, and improving overall business efficiency. It also boosts career prospects in the IT sector and paves the way for attractive job opportunities.

Target Audience for ServiceNow Service Mapping Advanced Certification Training

- IT Operations Managers
- IT Service Managers
- System Administrators
- Technical Support Engineers
- IT Consultants
- Network Administrators
- IT Professionals interested in ServiceNow Implementation
- ServiceNow Developers
- ServiceNow Architects

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- Certified instructor: Koenig Solutions provides highly qualified instructors certified in ServiceNow service mapping advanced training.
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- Instructor-led online training: Koenig offers interactive, online classes led by expert instructors.
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- Accredited training: All courses are accredited by relevant industry authorities, ensuring credibility and value.

ServiceNow Service Mapping Advanced Skills Measured

Upon completing the ServiceNow Service Mapping Advanced certification training, individuals gain advanced skills in designing and implementing a successful ServiceNow Service Mapping solution. They learn to manage service-aware CMDBs, enhance service visibility and perform advanced troubleshooting. They also acquire better understanding of data collection techniques, source data manipulation, identify application services, dependencies, and the discovery process. Additionally, they become adept at managing complex software and hardware asset lifecycles, thereby improving efficiency, reducing risks and costs across the enterprise IT environment.

Top Companies Hiring ServiceNow Service Mapping Advanced Certified Professionals

Top companies like Accenture, Deloitte, IBM, and Capgemini are actively hiring professionals certified in ServiceNow Service Mapping Advanced. These companies seek these individuals for roles such as Developer, Analyst, and Administrator. They appreciate the expertise these professionals have in maintaining, configuring, and developing advanced services in ServiceNow.

Learning Objectives - What you will Learn in this ServiceNow Service Mapping Advanced Course?

The learning objectives of the ServiceNow Service Mapping Advanced course include gaining an in-depth understanding of the application's functionalities and capabilities. Students will learn how to create complex service maps, troubleshoot issues, understand best practices for maintaining and optimizing service maps, and know how to use the Operations Intelligence feature. They will also grasp how to configure Application Service Dependency Views and use Traffic-based Discovery. This course aims to enable participants to effectively manage and monitor business services and infrastructure, understand their interdependencies, and assess the impact of changes or issues on business services.