Site Builder: Fundamentals training course is designed to learn how to use NetSuite Site Builder to optimize ecommerce operations and perform common merchandising and marketing tasks. In this training class, you will also learn how to track and monitor inventory and use a range of merchandising options to drive sales. You will be taught key NetSuite ecommerce features and best practices while learning to perform the day-to-day tasks of working in a web store.

Target Audience:

NetSuite administrators, web store managers, marketing managers and merchandising managers responsible for managing NetSuite Site Builder web stores

Schedule & Prices
Course Details Schedule
Classroom Training*
Duration : 2 Days
Fee : India : $1,500 , Dubai : $2,000

02-03 (Delhi)
02-03 (london)
08-09 (Dubai)
09-10 (Bangalore)
09-10 (london)
16-17 (Chennai)
13-14 (Bangalore)
20-21 (Chennai)
18-19 (Chennai)
06-07 (Delhi)
06-07 (london)
12-13 (Dubai)
13-14 (Bangalore)
13-14 (london)
20-21 (Chennai)
03-04 (Delhi)
03-04 (London)
09-10 (Dubai)
10-11 (Bangalore)
10-11 (London)
17-18 (Chennai)

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  • Create and display items in my web store?
  • Apply SEO methods to optimize items for searches and rankings?
  • Set up item pricing options?
  • Set up credit card payment methods?
  • Increase sales and brand awareness through targeted promotions and merchandising?
  • Use standard website reports to analyze shopper behavior?