NetSuite Courses and Certification Training


In today’s cloud-based business environment, it is critical for organizations to use widely recognized cloud-based scalable ERP solutions to achieve proper unification of business processes. NetSuite certification training is ideal for professionals as it gives an in-depth understanding of Netsuite and the NetSuite OneWorld SaaS platform. The Oracle NetSuite certification training is ideal for any professional who is looking to get ahead in their careers with key skills that employers seek today. Check out some of the popular NetSuite certification courses to enrol today.

NetSuite Courses

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NetSuite Certification Training 

NetSuite is one of the popular and go-to cloud-based solutions providers from Oracle that is used in enterprises across industry sectors. NetSuite applications help businesses to unify their existing processes that are distributed across platforms to give greater visibility and to improve collaboration between teams and processes. Koenig Solutions offers a complete portfolio of Oracle NetSuite certifications across multiple categories that include SuiteFoundation, Administrator, ERP Consultant, and SuiteCloud Developer. There are user-level certifications as well in the form of SuiteAnalytics User and Financial User courses. 
Professionals taking part in the NetSuite certification training will gain an understanding of Business Information Systems, Sales and Marketing, Accounting and it's systems, Retail, eCommerce, Supply Chain, Logistics, and Warehouse Management.

Popular NetSuite Certification Training Courses

Oracle NetSuite Essentials Certification Training

This is one of the popular NetSuite certification courses out there that is ideal for participants to gain a fundamental understanding of NetSuite solutions. This is a 5-day instructor-led course that is ideal for IT Administrators and anybody who is looking to learn about NetSuite capabilities for ERP and CRM business processes.

SuiteFlow: Advanced Workflows Certification Training

This SuiteFlow Advanced Workflows course is a 3-day instructor-led course that is designed to provide individuals and enterprises critical understanding of key concepts, terms, skills, and best practices to use the advanced capabilities of SuiteFlow. This course is ideal for anybody who has experience in building workflows and is looking to improve their understanding of SLAs, execute actions, run parallel sub-workflows, and more.

SuiteCloud: Exploring the Netsuite Platform Course

This SuiteCloud: Exploring the NetSuite Platform course is a 2-day training program that is ideal for Administrators, Project Team Members, Business Analysts, Software Developers, and more. Through this SuiteCloud course, learners will gain a proper understanding of cloud development tools, the required infrastructure, and applications that helps businesses to tap into the complete potential of cloud computing. Candidates will also learn how to use various components of NetSuite applications in the form of SuiteCloud, SuiteAnalytics, SuiteFlow, SuiteBuilder, SuiteTalk, SuiteBundler, and SuiteScript.

Who Can Take Up NetSuite Certification Training?

Job roles that can find NetSuite certification training beneficial include:
  • Software Developers
  • IT Administrators
  • Business Analysts
  • Project Team Members
  • Aspiring NetSuite Professionals
  • Individuals who have the task of building NetSuite capabilities for an enterprise
  • Anyone who wants to sit for the relevant Oracle NetSuite certification exams

Reasons to choose NetSuite Certification Courses from Koenig Solutions

  • Get to choose from a wide portfolio of Oracle NetSuite certification courses across various categories
  • Expert NetSuite certified and accredited instructors with real-world experience across industry sectors
  • Receive relevant Oracle NetSuite certification course materials along with case study discussions to gain a complete understanding NetSuite solutions for various processes
  • Get NetSuite certification training from World’s No.2 Accredited Oracle training provider in Koenig Solutions
  • Learners have the option to take up these Oracle NetSuite courses in 4 different learning modes across various timeslots in 4 hours / day  and 8 hours / day
  • Key resources and practice tests provided across various NetSuite certification courses through the Qubits platform

Benefits of Taking up NetSuite Certification Training

  • Validates your expertise in using NetSuite solutions and applications across various processes
  • Demonstrates your commitment towards continuous learning and helps you to stay relevant to new and exciting opportunities
  • It helps you to stay ahead of your competition in this complex business landscape where digital transformation sweeps across industry sectors
  • Increase your market value and salary up to 20% with NetSuite certification credentials
  • Showcase NetSuite logos to gain instant recognition with printable PDF certificates provided
  • Join the exclusive closed NetSuite LinkedIn community of other certified professionals
  • Get exclusive opportunities to attend various beta training classes for free in the future from Oracle NetSuite
  • Gain a better salary in the range of USD 74,000 to USD 154,000 across various job roles with NetSuite Certification credentials on your resume

Salary prospects for Oracle NetSuite Certified Professionals

With the increasing demand for NetSuite certified professionals worldwide, let’s take a look at their salaries from different parts of the world.
United States : USD 87,000 to USD 121,000
United Kingdom : Pounds 42,000 to 67,000
India : Rupees 6 lakhs to 18 lakhs 
Australia : AUD 62,000 to 113,000 
UAE : AED 192,000 to 276,000
Singapore : SGD 35,000 to 150,000

Job Prospects for NetSuite Certified Professionals

With business-critical processes moving to the cloud in today’s digital business landscape, it is critical for individuals and enterprises to embrace NetSuite solutions to improve their existing processes to remain competitive. As there is a great demand for certified NetSuite professionals, it is critical for them to get trained in relevant certification courses across various categories of Oracle NetSuite training programs. Some of the top companies hiring NetSuite certified professionals include Global Payments Keeco LLC, Dow Technologies and Systems, Oracle, Egnyte, Chargebee, Arrive Logistics, Accenture, BairesDev, CentriLogice, Oracle, and more.



No, the published fee includes all applicable taxes.

Participants who are looking to take up NetSuite certification exams across all seven categories will have a registration fee of USD 250 and an exam retake fee of USD 150.
Learners have to clear both SuiteFoundation exam and Administrator exam to earn NetSuite Certified Administrator credential.

As part of your Oracle NetSuite certification training, you will receive:

  • A copy of the relevant NetSuite course material prepared by SMEs
  • Key resources from both Oracle NetSuite and Koenig Solutions
  • Get access to hands-on lab sessions and exercises developed by the trainer
  • NetSuite Course Completion Certificate

Participants can become NetSuite certified professional by taking up various courses across below mentioned categories:

  • SuiteFoundation Certification
  • Administrator Certification
  • ERP Consultant Certification
  • SuiteCloud Developer Certification
  • SuiteAnalytics User Certification
  • Financial User Certification
  • SuiteCommerce Certification
Participants can retake a NetSuite certification exam after 30 days from the date of their initial exam, which they failed to clear. Learners can get a RETAKE discount coupon by mailing
Participants, after clearing their relevant NetSuite certification exams, must sit for an unproctored update every year to maintain the current status of the credential.