SharePoint Power User 2019 Course Overview

SharePoint Power User 2019 Course Overview

The SharePoint Power User 2019 course is designed to equip learners with advanced knowledge and skills to effectively utilize SharePoint's capabilities beyond basic functionality. This course delves into content management, custom workflows, managed metadata, and more, enabling users to manage and automate business processes, organize content intelligently, and enhance data discoverability.

Module 1 focuses on content approval, teaching participants how to set up approval processes and workflows essential for maintaining content quality. The subsequent modules guide learners through creating custom workflows using SharePoint Designer 2013, leveraging managed metadata for efficient content organization, and understanding business connectivity services to integrate external data.

As participants progress, they'll explore information management policies, content organizer features, document ID services, document sets, and the SharePoint Server Publishing Infrastructure. Finally, Module 10 emphasizes configuring and utilizing site search results to improve the efficiency of information retrieval within SharePoint.

Overall, the SharePoint Power User course is invaluable for those looking to enhance their SharePoint proficiency and contribute to more efficient, organized, and collaborative work environments.

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Course Prerequisites

For students interested in undertaking the SharePoint Power User 2019 course, the following prerequisites are essential to ensure a successful learning experience:

  • Basic understanding of SharePoint and its core functionality.
  • Familiarity with navigating the SharePoint 2019 environment, including lists, libraries, and other basic features.
  • Experience with Microsoft Office applications, particularly Word and Excel, as they integrate closely with SharePoint.
  • Basic knowledge of data management and document storage concepts.
  • An understanding of workflow logic and the purpose of automating business processes is beneficial.
  • Prior exposure to SharePoint Designer would be advantageous but is not mandatory for the course.
  • No advanced technical skills are required, but students should be comfortable using a web browser and interfacing with web-based applications.
  • Willingness to learn new concepts and apply them to real-world scenarios within the SharePoint platform.

This course is designed to be accessible to those with fundamental SharePoint experience, and it aims to build upon that foundation to develop advanced SharePoint skills.

Target Audience for SharePoint Power User 2019

The SharePoint Power User 2019 course focuses on advanced features to manage content and workflow in SharePoint.

  • SharePoint Site Owners
  • SharePoint Site Collection Administrators
  • SharePoint Power Users
  • IT Professionals who manage SharePoint sites
  • Business Analysts
  • Project Managers
  • Information Managers
  • Compliance Officers
  • Content Managers
  • Document Controllers
  • Workflow Coordinators
  • Knowledge Managers
  • Team Leads managing SharePoint-based projects
  • SharePoint Developers looking to understand user interactions

Learning Objectives - What you will Learn in this SharePoint Power User 2019?

Introduction to Learning Outcomes and Concepts:

This course equips participants with advanced skills to manage and implement SharePoint features effectively, focusing on content management, custom workflows, metadata, and more.

Learning Objectives and Outcomes:

  • Understand and enable content approval to manage documents and items within SharePoint.
  • Create and utilize SharePoint content approval workflows to streamline business processes.
  • Gain proficiency in SharePoint Designer 2013 to build custom list workflows with actions, conditions, and initiation forms.
  • Learn to define and work with managed metadata, term stores, and metadata columns to improve searchability and organization of content.
  • Implement Business Connectivity Services to integrate external data with SharePoint lists and libraries.
  • Develop and apply information management policies to control the lifecycle of documents and list items in SharePoint.
  • Activate and configure the Content Organizer feature to automate the routing of content to the correct location.
  • Utilize the Document ID service to track and manage documents uniquely across site collections.
  • Enable and manage Document Sets to group related documents and maintain consistent metadata.
  • Configure the SharePoint Server Publishing Infrastructure for creating and managing web content, and understand how to configure and consume site search results for efficient content retrieval.