Event Management Fundamentals Course Overview

Event Management Fundamentals Course Overview

The ServiceNow: Event Management Fundamentals certification is a validation of an individual's ability to apply crucial concepts of event management to automate IT operations. It demonstrates expertise in utilizing ServiceNow’s Event Management application to manage, analyze, and resolve incidents in real-time. The application integrates with monitoring tools, minimizing service outages and increase uptime. This certification is vital for industries as it aids in mitigating IT operational risks, troubleshoots problems proactively, reduces service-impacting incidents and alert noise, which ultimately leads to increased productivity for service operation teams. Its understanding helps industries to structure large amounts of IT data into manageable, actionable insights.

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  • Live Online Training (Duration : 8 Hours)
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Course Prerequisites

- Good understanding of ServiceNow platform and its functionalities
- Prior experience in IT Operations Management (ITOM)
- Basic knowledge of Event Management process and Configuration Management Database (CMDB)
- Familiarity with ITIL concepts
- Experience in administration or development in ServiceNow.

ServiceNow: Event Management Fundamentals Certification Training Overview

The ServiceNow: Event Management Fundamentals certification training equips learners with an understanding of ServiceNow Event Management application. Topics covered includes the fundamentals of Event Management, how to manage events in the ServiceNow system, defining metrics, alerts, and events, as well as configuring event rules. Additionally, it covers the usage of the Event Management dashboard to monitor and control IT service operations, ensuring a quick resolution of IT issues, and minimizing potential disruption. The course aims to strengthen students' abilities to use ServiceNow in identifying, controlling and managing IT service operations.

Why Should You Learn ServiceNow: Event Management Fundamentals?

Learning the ServiceNow Event Management Fundamentals course enables individuals to effectively manage and respond to IT service operations. They can predict, prevent and resolve IT incidents. It also boosts employability as it is highly valued in the IT, banking, government and healthcare sectors among others. Increasing efficiency and productivity is also a substantial benefit.

Target Audience for ServiceNow: Event Management Fundamentals Certification Training

- IT professionals seeking to manage and resolve IT incidents.
- System administrators interested in streamlining workflow processes.
- IT managers looking to improve service delivery.
- Individuals interested in IT event management and configuration.
- Teams handling IT services and service management within an organization.

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ServiceNow: Event Management Fundamentals Skills Measured

After completing the ServiceNow: Event Management Fundamentals certification training, an individual can acquire skills like understanding the architecture of event management, ability to configure and implement event management, handling event rules and alert rules. It also improves the troubleshooting skills in handling event management problems. The individual will gain proficiency in using relevant ServiceNow features and can effectively manage, execute, and take proper decisions based on events and alerts.

Top Companies Hiring ServiceNow: Event Management Fundamentals Certified Professionals

Top companies like Accenture, DXC Technology, IBM, Cisco, and Deloitte are actively hiring professionals with ServiceNow: Event Management Fundamentals certification. These firms value the specialized skills and knowledge these experts bring in streamlining IT operations and improving incidence response.

Learning Objectives - What you will Learn in this ServiceNow: Event Management Fundamentals Course?

The key learning objectives of the ServiceNow: Event Management Fundamentals course are to impart critical knowledge and skills related to ServiceNow's event management capabilities. Students will learn to integrate, set up, configure and use event management. They will receive instructions on creating event rules, processing events, using event correlation rules, and managing event sources. Furthermore, the course aims to instruct students on how to effectively utilize the event management dashboard and import events from external systems. This understanding will aid in identifying, diagnosing and automatically resolving issues related to service operations within an organization.