Discovery Fundamentals Course Overview

Discovery Fundamentals Course Overview

The ServiceNow Discovery Fundamentals certification is designed to validate an individual's knowledge and skills in managing and implementing ServiceNow Discovery projects. It focuses on the fundamentals of the ServiceNow Discovery process, which includes identifying, examining, and charting IT infrastructure elements within an organization. Industries use this certification to ensure their employees possess the necessary capabilities to effectively use the ServiceNow Discovery tool. This tool helps enterprises automate their IT operations by detecting all devices in their environment, understanding their interdependencies, which ultimately improves asset management, compliance, and service management. This certification essentially initiates professionals into a core understanding and effective utilization of Discovery for overall IT efficiency.

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Course Prerequisites

• Minimum one year of ServiceNow platform experience
• Familiarity with networking components
• Basic understanding of JavaScript
• Working knowledge of LDAP/Active Directory
• Experience with basic system administration processes
• Familiarity with ITIL and ITOM concepts.

ServiceNow Discovery Fundamentals Certification Training Overview

ServiceNow Discovery Fundamentals certification training is a course designed to provide learners with the knowledge and skills needed to configure, navigate, and manage the ServiceNow Discovery application. Topics covered during the course include Discovery setup and configuration, managing Discovery schedules and behaviors, troubleshooting Discovery issues, and interpreting Discovery results. This training offers essential understanding of how Discovery creates an accurate, up-to-date picture of IT infrastructure from a single system of record.

Why Should You Learn ServiceNow Discovery Fundamentals?

Learning the ServiceNow Discovery Fundamentals course boosts one's proficiency in managing IT operations effectively. It helps improve efficiency by automating routine tasks, enhancing resource utilization, and reducing downtime. This course also adds value to the learner's profile, opening up new career opportunities in the IT service management sector.

Target Audience for ServiceNow Discovery Fundamentals Certification Training

• IT professionals seeking to enhance their skills in IT operations management.
• System Administrators involved in configuring, managing and maintaining ServiceNow systems.
• Network Engineers interested in automated IT inventory management.
• IT Infrastructure Managers seeking improved efficiency in asset management.
• Tech-savvy individuals aiming to pursue a career in ServiceNow Discovery.

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ServiceNow Discovery Fundamentals Skills Measured

After completing the ServiceNow Discovery Fundamentals certification training, an individual can acquire skills such as managing and configuring the ServiceNow Discovery application, identifying various types of devices, and understanding and implementing the Discovery process. They will also gain expertise in troubleshooting Discovery issues, exploring patterns and sensors, and understanding the role of Discovery in the ServiceNow platform. They will learn to operate the ServiceNow MID server, to recognize dependencies and relationships between Configuration Items (CIs), and to customize and schedule Discovery.

Top Companies Hiring ServiceNow Discovery Fundamentals Certified Professionals

Leading companies such as Accenture, IBM, Capgemini, KPMG, Deloitte, DXC Technology, and TCS are actively hiring professionals certified in ServiceNow Discovery Fundamentals. These companies value the expertise and skills brought by these professionals in managing and integrating IT services and solutions.

Learning Objectives - What you will Learn in this ServiceNow Discovery Fundamentals Course?

The primary learning objectives of the ServiceNow Discovery Fundamentals course are to understand the key functionalities and principles of ServiceNow Discovery. Participants will learn to set up and customize Discovery, use Discovery to identify IP-enabled devices on a network, and explore how Discovery can be used for ITOM, CMDB, and ITAM. They will also understand the functions of different types of Discovery Patterns and how to troubleshoot common issues encountered during Discovery. By the end of this course, participants should be able to utilize Discovery to improve their organization's operational efficiency and IT service management.

ServiceNow Discovery Fundamentals