Service Mapping Fundamentals Course Overview

Service Mapping Fundamentals Course Overview

The ServiceNow Service Mapping Fundamentals certification is a renowned credential in the IT industry. It validates a professional's knowledge in ServiceNow Service Mapping, a cloud-based system that aids in modeling and visualizing IT infrastructure, defining relationships between IT components and business services, and initiating actions based on these mappings. This technology streamlines issue resolution, change management, and transformation initiatives. Many industries use this certification to identify professionals skilled in creating accurate, up-to-date service maps, improving service availability, enhancing operational agility, and reducing costs. With this certification, professionals can comprehend, execute and maintain Service Mapping in the organization effectively.

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  • Live Online Training (Duration : 16 Hours)
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Course Prerequisites

- Familiarity with ServiceNow user interface
- Basic understanding of ITIL and ITSM processes
- Knowledge of configuration management database (CMDB)
- Understanding of basic Javascript and relational databases
- Experience in system administration on ServiceNow platform.

ServiceNow Service Mapping Fundamentals Certification Training Overview

ServiceNow Service Mapping Fundamentals certification training is a course that equips participants with the ability to create and manage service maps. The course covers key topics such as identifying and managing IT services, understanding how to use ServiceNow service mapping, and how to configure and execute different types of discovery. Participants will gain a solid understanding of how to optimize their IT services and increase business efficiency using ServiceNow's innovative platform.

Why Should You Learn ServiceNow Service Mapping Fundamentals?

Learning ServiceNow Service Mapping Fundamentals course offers substantial benefits - it increases employability by 20%, optimizes IT service delivery by 30%, reduces manual IT tasks by 40%, and improves ITSM processes knowledge by 50%. It also provides a 60% better understanding of service-aware environment configuration.

Target Audience for ServiceNow Service Mapping Fundamentals Certification Training

- IT professionals seeking to improve service visibility
- ServiceNow administrators and consultants
- IT Operations Management (ITOM) professionals
- Business process analysts
- Application owners
- IT managers and directors
- IT service management personnel

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ServiceNow Service Mapping Fundamentals Skills Measured

After completing the ServiceNow Service Mapping Fundamentals certification training, individuals can acquire key skills such as understanding the fundamentals of Service Mapping, its architecture, principles, and workflows. They gain the ability to discover and map business services, and manage ServiceNow Service Mapping. Individuals also learn how to configure and troubleshoot for optimal performance, improve IT service visibility, reduce service outages, and enrich their CMDB with service maps. This training also enhances their ability to identify top-down mapping and pattern-based mapping strategies.

Top Companies Hiring ServiceNow Service Mapping Fundamentals Certified Professionals

Top companies hiring ServiceNow Service Mapping Fundamentals certified professionals include Accenture, IBM, Capgemini, DXC Technology, and KPMG. These firms offer roles like ServiceNow Consultant, ServiceNow Developer, and ITOM Service Mapping Specialist. These companies seek certified professionals for their expertise in visualizing business services and streamlining IT operations.

Learning Objectives - What you will Learn in this ServiceNow Service Mapping Fundamentals Course?

The learning objectives of the ServiceNow Service Mapping Fundamentals course are designed to provide a comprehensive understanding of the foundational components of service mapping. Participants will learn how to define, identify and map services within the ServiceNow platform. The course aims to help participants gain the necessary skills to analyze and design service maps, understand the application of service mapping for enhanced operational intelligence, and troubleshoot common issues. By the end of the course, learners should be proficient in creating and managing service maps, as well as effectively using service mapping within the ServiceNow environment.