Learn Ruby on Rails Course Overview

Learn Ruby on Rails Course Overview

The Learn Ruby on Rails course is a comprehensive program designed to equip learners with the skills needed to build robust web applications using the Ruby on Rails framework. It's an advanced Ruby on Rails course that delves into both the foundational aspects of Ruby programming and the intricacies of the Rails framework.

Starting with Module 1, students get hands-on experience with setting up their Rails development environment, understanding MVC architecture, and grasping the Rails philosophy of "Convention over Configuration". Module 2 enhances learners' Ruby language proficiency, covering essential programming concepts and techniques.

As the course progresses through Modules 3 to 5, participants delve into model design, database management, controller actions, view templates, and application testing, ensuring they can develop, maintain, and test a Rails application effectively. Finally, Module 6 provides valuable resources to further learning and community engagement. This advanced Ruby on Rails course is perfect for those looking to master this powerful web development tool.

This is a Rare Course and it can be take up to 3 weeks to arrange the training.

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Course Prerequisites

Certainly! Here are the minimum required prerequisites for successfully undertaking the Learn Ruby on Rails course:

  • Basic understanding of programming concepts: Learners should be familiar with fundamental programming concepts such as variables, loops, conditionals, and functions.
  • Familiarity with Object-Oriented Programming (OOP): A foundational knowledge of OOP principles such as classes, objects, inheritance, and encapsulation will be beneficial.
  • Experience with any programming language: Prior experience with a programming language (such as Python, Java, or JavaScript) can help in grasping Ruby syntax and concepts more quickly.
  • Knowledge of HTML and CSS: Since Rails is a web application framework, understanding the basics of HTML and CSS is necessary for creating user interfaces.
  • Basic command-line skills: Comfort with navigating and executing commands in a terminal or command prompt environment is important for Rails installation and application management.
  • Understanding of web development concepts: A general awareness of how web applications work, including client-server interaction, HTTP protocol, and web servers, is advantageous.
  • A willingness to learn and problem-solve: As with learning any new technology, a proactive attitude and the ability to research and troubleshoot issues independently will greatly aid in the learning process.

Please note that while these prerequisites will help you to get the most out of the Learn Ruby on Rails course, our training is designed to accommodate a range of learners, and we provide comprehensive instruction to ensure all students can successfully complete the course.

Target Audience for Learn Ruby on Rails

Learn Ruby on Rails is a comprehensive course designed for individuals aiming to master web application development using Rails.

  • Aspiring Web Developers
  • Software Engineers looking to expand their programming skills
  • IT Professionals seeking to learn new web technologies
  • Computer Science students interested in backend development
  • Technical Founders & Entrepreneurs who want to build their own applications
  • Product Managers wanting to understand the technical aspects of web applications
  • Technology Hobbyists looking to create web projects
  • Career Switchers entering the tech industry
  • Full-Stack Developers enhancing their backend skills
  • System Administrators aiming to automate tasks with web interfaces

Learning Objectives - What you will Learn in this Learn Ruby on Rails?

Introduction to the Learning Outcomes

The Learn Ruby on Rails course offers a comprehensive understanding of Rails framework along with Ruby language essentials, enabling you to build dynamic web applications effectively.

Learning Objectives and Outcomes

  • Install Rails and understand platform requirements for a robust development environment.
  • Create, configure, and bootstrap a new Rails application, laying the foundation for web development projects.
  • Connect to a Rails application and utilize Rails tools for improved productivity.
  • Grasp the principles of the MVC architecture and apply the "Convention over Configuration" philosophy for efficient coding.
  • Develop proficiency in Ruby by learning about objects, variables, methods, classes, modules, and built-in classes.
  • Implement blocks and iterators in Ruby for more concise and functional code.
  • Design data models and manage databases using Rails' ActiveRecord for seamless object-relational mapping.
  • Create controllers and views, understand their interaction, and use Embedded Ruby (ERb) for dynamic content rendering.
  • Handle HTML forms and Ajax calls within Rails, ensuring a responsive user interface.
  • Write and execute Rails unit tests and functional tests to maintain code quality and reliability.