PostgreSQL Database Administration Certification Training Course

PostgreSQL Database Administration Certification Training Course Overview

PostgreSQL is one of the most advanced open-source platforms available today. Multiple large-scale organizations such as Cisco and Apple use the tool for their web-based and mobile-based application development. It is managed by an open-source community that is dedicated to improving the platform to keep it relevant to today's time. Another focus for the community of developers is security; they keep evolving PostgreSQL and updating their security measures to keep up with the threats of today. A certification training course in PostgreSQL is in high demand in today's job market because of its widely accepted usage around the world and the advancement and ease of use of the platform. Check out the dates below for the PostgreSQL Database Administration certification training to enrol and grow in your career.

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PostgreSQL Database Administration Certification Training Course (Duration : 40 Hours) Download Course Contents

Live Online Training
Group Training 1750 Per Participant
07 - 11 Feb 09:00 AM - 05:00 PM CST
(8 Hours/Day)
07 - 11 Mar 09:00 AM - 05:00 PM CST
(8 Hours/Day)
1-on-1 Training 3500 2000+
4 Hours
8 Hours
Week Days

Start Time : At any time

12 AM
12 PM

1-On-1 Training is Guaranteed to Run (GTR)
Classroom Training (Available: London, Dubai, India, Sydney, Vancouver)
Duration : On Request
Fee : On Request
On Request
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Course Modules

Module 3: Getting Started
  • Installing the PostgreSQL Server
  • Setting Environment Variables
  • Creating a Cluster
  • Running Server
Module 4: Configuring of PostgreSQL Server
  • Connection Settings
  • Security and Authentication
  • Resource Settings
  • WAL
  • Error Reporting and Logging
  • Autovacuum
  • Runtime Statistics, etc.
Module 5: Server Control
  • Postgres hosed based access configuration
Module 6: Client and Tools
  • Introduction To PSQL
  • Using graphical administration tools- pgAdmin
Module 7: Creating and Managing Databases
  • Object Hierarchy
  • Databases and Schemas
  • Tablespaces
  • Exploring Databases
Module 8: Obtaining Metadata
  • Details are not available.
Module 10: Database Administration
  • Performing actions on many tables
  • Writing a script
  • Adding/removing schemas
  • Moving objects between schemas
  • Adding/removing tablespaces s
  • Moving objects between tablespaces
  • Using materialized views
Module 11: Table Partitioning
  • Details are not available.
Module 12: Extensions
  • Accessing objects in other PostgreSQL databases (postgres_fdw, dblink)
  • File_fdw, hstore, pgcrypto,etc
Module 13: Security
  • User Management
  • Preventing Connections
  • Checking secure password
  • Auditing Changes
  • Encrypting Sensitive data
Module 14: Monitoring and Diagnosis
  • Real-time viewing using pgAdmin
  • Checking whether a user is connected
  • Checking which queries are running
  • Checking which queries are active or blocked
  • Knowing who is blocking a query
  • Killing a specific session
  • Knowing when a table was last used
  • Usage of disk space by temporary data
  • Understanding why queries slow down
  • Producing a daily summary of log file errors
  • Analyzing the real-time performance of your queries
Module 15: Performance and Concurrency
  • Find and Tune Slow Running Queries
  • Collecting regular statistics from pg_stat* views
  • Finding out what makes SQL slow
  • Speeding up queries without rewriting them
  • Discovering why a query is not using an index
  • Forcing a query to use an index
Module 16: Regular Maintenance
  • Controlling automatic database maintenance
  • Removing issues that cause bloat
  • Identifying and fixing bloated tables and indexes
  • Monitoring and tuning vacuum
  • Updating Table Statistics
  • Vacuuming
  • Re-indexing
Module 17: Backup and Recovery
  • Planning backups
  • Backup Types
  • Restore
Module 18: Moving Data
  • Exporting/Importing Data To/From A Flat File
Module 19: Replication and Upgrades
  • Replication
  • Handling Switchover & Failover
  • Upgrading Best Practices
  • Migration from Oracle to Postgres using Ora2PG
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Course Prerequisites
  • The PostgreSQL Database Administration certification training course is a foundation-level certification program, so it does not have any prerequisites as such. 
  • The only skills candidates required include are working knowledge of Windows and Linux operating systems, al and 
  • Work experience for the certification is not necessary but can prove to be useful at gaining a better understanding of the field.

PostgreSQL Database Administration Certification Training

The PostgreSQL Database Administration certification training course is designed for beginners and experienced professionals who want to gain a better understanding of database administration using the PostgreSQL platform. The certification training course teaches individuals how to successfully use PostgreSQL for its SQL language and effectively store and scale even the most complex databases. Since the PostgreSQL platform has been steadily developing and growing for more than two decades, learning its database administration features and tasks is necessary to stay current with the platform and its changes over time.
The Database Administration certification training course provides a strong core structure for knowledge on database administration, and those who complete the course are prepared to manage database administration with the PostgreSQL platform. Some of the topics that are covered in the certification training course are how to install and run a server using PostgreSQL, ways in which one can configure their server, how to manage access to a PostgreSQL server, creation and management of databases on PostgreSQL, and more.
Candidates also learn more about data administration tools and tasks such as ways in which they can perform different tasks on tables, writing scripts, adding schemas and moving objects in those schemas, working with tablespaces, table partitioning, and more. Learners also gain more insight on the security aspect of PostgreSQL, such as how to prevent certain connections, managing users and their access, and encryption of sensitive data. They also learn how to monitor and maintain their servers and their databases on PostgreSQL, as well as ways in which they can conduct regular effective backups and put in place recovery strategies for their database and server.


Key Features of PostgreSQL Training

  • Instructor-led PostgreSQL Database Administration Certification Training
  • Get access to a PostgreSQL Database Administration course preview to begin your preparation
  • Expert PostgreSQL instructors across the globe
  • Accredited PostgreSQL Database Administration course material prepared by SMEs
  • Get key PostgreSQL Database Administration resources from Koenig Solutions 
  • PostgreSQL practice tests to prepare for your certification exam
  • Industry-recognized PostgreSQL course completion certificate
  • Multiple delivery modes that include 1-on-1 Training and Fly me a Trainer option
  • Training provided across 100+ locations globally

Who can take up PostgreSQL Database Administration training?

The target audience for the PostgreSQL Database Administration Certification training course includes the following job profiles:
  • Database administrator
  • Network administrator
  • Systems administrator
  • IT manager
  • Software engineer
  • DevOps engineer
  • DevOps developer
  • Java developer
  • Stack developer
  • Python developer
  • Data engineer
  • Data scientist
  • Security consultant
  • Security analyst
  • Aspiring Database Administrators
  • Anybody who is looking to clear their PostgreSQL Database Administration certification exam

Learning Objectives of PostgreSQL Database Administration training

Those who complete the certification training course will gain knowledge and insight on the following topics under PostgreSQL:
  • What the PostgreSQL platform is and how it functions
  • PostgreSQL's system architecture
  • How to create and manage different databases using PostgreSQL
  • How to install and configure servers on PostgreSQL
  • The fundamentals of security with PostgreSQL
  • How to perform backups of databases
  • How to perform recovery of databases
  • Details about the point in time recovery
  • How to conduct routine maintenance checks
  • Troubleshooting
  • How to use data dictionary in PostgreSQL
  • Details about PgAdmin

Benefits of getting a PostgreSQL Database Administration certification

  1. Validate your skills in one of the most used open-source RDBMS by MNCs and SMBs worldwide
  2. Understand the compatibility with various platforms and other major languages through PostgreSQL Database Administration training
  3. With PostgreSQL training, professionals can understand how the RDBMS works with SQL and NoSQL
  4. Receive better salary remuneration with PostgreSQL Database Administration Certification as it is one of the most sought-after credentials for Database Administrators worldwide
  5. Demonstrate your commitment towards continuous learning by earning PostgreSQL certification, which sets you apart from non-certified professionals
  6. Receive your PostgreSQL Database Administration badge, which acts as a clear marker on your resume and social media profiles
  7. Create a rewarding career path with PostgreSQL certifications which acts as a base for other database management credentials
  8. Become a global professional with industry-recognized and popular PostgreSQL credential with immense opportunities across industry sectors

Salary Prospects of a PostgreSQL Database Administrator Certified Professional

PostgreSQL Database Administration Certification is quite popular among Database Administrators across the globe. PostgreSQL Database Administration Certification and various other PostgreSQL certification credentials are in great demand globally due to the open-source and is compatible with popular programming languages and other DBMS platforms. Let's take a look at PostgreSQL Database Administration certified professionals' salaries from around the world.

United States

USD 83,000 to USD 130,000

United Kingdom

Pounds 37,000 to 65,000


Rupees 3.25 lakhs to 20 lakhs 


AUD 49,000 to 111,000 


AED 250,000 to 400,000


SGD 60,000 to 87,000


Job Prospects for PostgreSQL Database Administration Certified Professionals

As companies are using RDBMS like PostgreSQL in a comprehensive manner, there is a high demand for PostgreSQL certified professionals to create a robust database system that supports various programming languages and other DBMS platforms. With a dearth of certified professionals and required skillsets, there is a great demand for certified database administrators across industry sectors, and PostgreSQL Database Administration training is quite popular among professionals and enterprises. Some of the top companies that are hiring PostgreSQL certified professionals include TCS, Fidelity Systems, Magrabbit, Dell, North American Bancard, Vail Systems, Deloitte, NeuroPace Inc, Equifax, Virtusa, and more

Give an edge to your career with Other Technologies certification training courses. Students can join the classes for PostgreSQL Database Administration Training at Koenig Campus located at New Delhi, Bengaluru, Shimla, Goa, Dehradun, Dubai & Instructor-Led Online.


Yes, fee excludes local taxes.

The instructor-led certification course program to obtain the PostgreSQL Database Administration lasts for 5 days (40 Hours).

Below are the steps to become a PostgreSQL Database Administration certified professional:
  • Select a suitable schedule for the course
  • Receive PostgreSQL Database Administration training materials to begin your preparation
  • Attend the instructor-led training
  • Receive industry-recognized course completion certificate
When participants take the PostgreSQL Database Administration course from Koenig Solutions, they will receive:
  • A copy of the PostgreSQL Database Administration course material
  • Pre-reading materials to better prepare for the training
  • PostgreSQL practice test questions and answers
  • A course completion certificate from an accredited training partner

Yes, Koenig Solutions is an accredited training partner to deliver PostgreSQL Database Administration certification training worldwide.