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PostgreSQL is an Open Source database system that is similar to a relational database but comes with an object oriented database model. PostGreSQL is into active development for over 30 years now and has managed to earn reliability and showcase high performance and feature robustness. A lot of information regarding its installation and use can be obtained through the official documentation. The PostgreSQL community offers a number of ways to gain an understanding of the technology and its working techniques, and locate career opportunities. Koenig offer various popular PostgreSQL courses under its portfolio through highle experienced training at various locations in India.

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1-on-1 training (private class) – convenient start time, flexible timings.

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Student Name Country Month Feedback Rating
Vijay C. Sharma United States Nov-2019 A3. Yes
Ashish Tripathi United States Jan-2021 A1. Kuldeep is awesome and he got involved deeply with the student and technology.
Yannick Jaquier United States Sep-2020 Training materials are outdated, need a strong refresh !
Anshu United States Aug-2020 A2. I don't know exactly but in such a small time as per my time availability everything is arranged so nicely and perfectly. Thanks to Mr.Chinmay who consider my request and ready to help me even after mid night. Koein is just very good. I would like to take some more training in future as long as my finances allow me. Thanks.
Rajesh Bellappa Julpi United States May-2020 A1. .10 ( Excellent ) The trainer had good knowledge and was able to explain things across the complete training. Only improvement is on Practical part if the time planned for practical is more, it would be easy to understand concepts in a easier way. Overall the training quality and the trainer was good with knowledge
Amber Shrivastava United States May-2020 A1. Explained concepts very well
Nabarun Dey United States May-2020 A1. She had the knowledge, was open to suggestions and feedback and very helpful with our queries. Only feedback is that she can attempt to make the session more interactive.
Rajan Gupta United States May-2020 A2. did not found any good difference.
Harpreet Singh United States May-2020 A2. This is my first time with any training companies
Ankit Kapil United States Nov-2019 A2. Good
Ashutosh Kumar Soni United States Nov-2019 A1. She is very Good trainer and very softspoken.
Nitin Khosla United States Nov-2019 A1. She is having good Postgres skills but if Koenig can mature more open source databases training procedures as same as managed database like Oracle training. training first half can be use for either theory or practical and second half for either theory or practical which suites to ensure everyone getting practical exposure as well.
Shubham A Mishra United States Nov-2019 A2. Awesome
Himanshu Agarwal United States Nov-2019 A2. Training facility is pretty good and trainer is also knowledgeable.
Pawan Naidu United States Oct-2019 A1. Simmi had core knowledge of the product and she was able to answer our queries with examples. She was always ready to explain scenarios in lab and taken extra mile to make sure we have no issues with the content.


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