Oracle GoldenGate 12c: Integrate Big Data Course Overview

Oracle GoldenGate 12c: Integrate Big Data training course enables the Oracle GoldenGate 12c (12.3) Java adapter and Big Data/NoSQL modules which allow relational databases to integrate with the Hadoop ecosystem and NoSQL databases such as MongoDB and Cassandra.
Each Hadoop segment or NoSQL database is sufficiently presented, the different parameters and setup alternatives are clarified and where proper prescribed procedures are illustrated.
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Your will learn:

Module 1:Oracle GoldenGate for Big Data 12c: Product Overview
  • Java Adapter and Oracle GoldenGate for Big Data: Compare and Contrast
  • Oracle GoldenGate Adapter Architecture - the Overall Framework
  • Oracle GoldenGate for Big Data
  • Oracle GoldenGate Java Adapter: Message Capture and Delivery
  • Configuring Message Capture
  • Message Parsing
  • Configuring Message Delivery
  • Java Handlers
  • HFDS Overview
  • Hadoop Sequence Files
  • HDFS Handler Supported Formats
  • Relevant HDFS Handler Configuration Parameters
  • HDFS Partitioning
  • HDFS Metadata Change Events
  • HDFS Handler Best Practices
  • HDFS Handler Performance Considerations
  • HBase Overview
  • HBase Handler Functionality
  • HBase Row Key
  • HBase Column Family
  • Relevant HBase Handler Configuration Parameters
  • HBase Handler Best Practices
  • HBase Metadata Change Events
  • Flume Overview
  • Flume Handler Setup
  • Relevant Flume Handler Configuration Parameters
  • Mapping Operations to Flume Events
  • Mapping Transactions to Operational Flume Events
  • Mapping Transactions to Transactional Flume Events
  • Metadata Change Events
  • Flume Handler Schema Propagation
  • Kafka Overview
  • Kafka Core APIs
  • Kafka Handler Setup
  • Relevant Kafka Handler Configuration Parameters
  • Kafka Producer Configuration File
  • Kafka Handler Schema Propagation
  • Kafka Handler Best Practices
  • Kafka Handler Advanced Configuration
  • Cassandra Overview
  • ACID Properties Versus Eventual Consistency
  • Cassandra Handler: Supported Data Types
  • Schema, Table, and Column Mapping
  • Cassandra Primary Keys
  • Cassandra Handler Operation Processing
  • Relevant Cassandra Handler Configuration Parameters
  • Cassandra Handler Best Practices
  • MongoDB Overview
  • MongoDB-Specific Considerations: Document Key Column
  • MongoDB-Supported Data Types
  • MongoDB Java Driver
  • Relevant MongoDB Handler Configuration Parameters
  • Relevant MongoDB Handler Configuration Parameters
  • MongoDB Bulk Write
  • MongoDB Undo Handling
  • JDBC Handler: Overview
  • JDBC Handler-Supported Targets
  • JDBC Handler Single Operation Mode
  • Relevant JDBC Handler Configuration Parameters
  • JDBC Handler Error Handling
  • Pluggable Formatters: Overview
  • Operation Formatters
  • Row Formatters
  • Formatter Configuration
  • Metadata Provider: Overview
  • Metadata Provider: When Is It Necessary?
  • Metadata Provider Types
  • Metadata Provider Configuration
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Course Prerequisites
  • Basic knowledge of SQL, GoldenGate 12c Fundamentals, D84357GC10

After completion of this course; you will learn following:-

  • Oracle GoldenGate for Big Data 12c: Product Overview
  • Configuring and Using the Hadoop HDFS Handler
  • Configuring and Using the Hadoop HBase Handler
  • Configuring and Using the Apache Flume Handler
  • Configuring and Using the Apache Kafka Handler
  • Configuring and Using the Cassandra Handler
  • Configuring and Using the MongoDB Handler
  • Configuring and Using the Generic JDBC Handler
  • Configuring and Using Pluggable Formatters and the Metadata Provider

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