Native Script Certification Training Course Overview

Enroll for the 5-day Native Script training from Koenig Solutions. This NativeScript training will show you how it can be easy to get started with mobile app development using NativeScript, an open source framework for writing native mobile apps with Angular, TypeScript, or JavaScript.

This course will teach you about the core of NativeScript apps: using JavaScript, XML, and CSS to build native, cross-platform apps without web views and you’ll learn how to build NativeScript apps with Angular and TypeScript.


Target Audience:

For developers who are familiar with JavaScript, CSS, and XML.

NativeScript Training Course (Duration : 40 Hours) Download Course Contents

Live Virtual Classroom Fee On Request
Group Training
15 - 19 Nov GTR 09:00 AM - 05:00 PM CST
(8 Hours/Day)

1-on-1 Training (GTR)
4 Hours
8 Hours
Week Days

Start Time : At any time

12 AM
12 PM

GTR=Guaranteed to Run
Classroom Training (Available: London, Dubai, India, Sydney, Vancouver)
Duration : On Request
Fee : On Request
On Request
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Course Modules

Module 1: Why NativeScript
  • Introducing NativeScript
  • What NativeScript means to mobile development
  • How NativeScript works
Module 2: Your First App
  • Hello world with the NativeScript CLI
  • Hello World with NativeScript Sidekick
  • Hello World with NativeScript Playground
  • NativeScript apps
  • Establishing your development workflow
Module 3: Anatomy of a NativeScript App
  • Exploring the structure of a NativeScript app
  • Understanding app startup
  • Style guide and app organization
Module 4: Pages and navigation
  • Creating a multi-page app
  • Creating another app page
  • Navigating between app pages
Module 5: Understanding the basics of app layouts
  • Understanding NativeScript layouts
  • Stack Layout
Module 6: Using advanced layouts
  • Introducing the grid layout
  • Adding content to a grid layout
  • Controlling grid layout rows and column
Module 7: Styling NativeScript apps
  • Using cascading style sheets
  • Adding images to an app.
Module 8: Working with data
  • Databinding
  • Observables in action
  • Observable arrays
  • Action bar
Module 9: Native hardware
  • The file system module
  • Camera
  • Using GPS and location services
Module 10: Creating professional UIs with themes
  • Themes
  • Using text classes, alignment, and padding
  • Styling buttons
  • Styling list views
  • Working with images
  • Styling data-entry forms
Module 11: Refining user experience
  • Building professional UIs with modals
  • Adding tablet support to an app
  • Refining the tablet-specific user experience
Module 12: Deploying an Android app
  • Customizing Android apps with the App_Resources folder
  • AndroidManifest.xml customizations
  • Launch Screens
  • Building your app
Module 13: Preparing an iOS app for distribution
  • Transforming your app code into an iOS app
  • Finalizing your app
Module 15: Creating a NativeScript App with Angular
  • Why Angular
  • Using NativeScript with Angular to recreate the Pet Scrapbook app
  • TypeScript
  • NativeScript Angular integration
  • Understanding NativeScript-with-Angular app startup
Module 16: Using Angular components and routing
  • Creating static components .
  • Demystifying how the Home component was loaded
  • Navigating between components with routing
Module 17: Angular databinding and services
  • Databinding with Angular
  • Creating and using services
  • Databinding events
  • Advanced databinding
  • Loading components as modal dialogs
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Course Prerequisites

Candidate should be familiar with JavaScript, CSS, and XML.