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The Android mobile platform boasts over 4.7 billion users worldwide. With the rapid development of mobile web users and services ecosystem, there is an equally fast-growing demand for software development roles geared towards the Android platform. 
Getting certified in an Android App Development Course keeps your skills up to date and helps you make dynamic applications that meet any specifications to a tee. Applications span across all industries and take us from entertainment to work. Learning from a rudimentary level or building on a professional skillset, Android Application developers are a desirable addition to any organization looking to enhance its digital presence.
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Android App Development Courses Overview

In today's smartphone-based global economy, getting Android App Development certified can be a lucrative investment for professionals who belong to the Developer job roles. 
  • According to reports, 80% of the smartphone market is dominated by the Android platform with 6.1 billion handsets. Opportunities for Android App developers are available worldwide.
  • Coding applications for Android is considerably simpler than building for other platforms
  • The salaries for mobile application developers start at USD $51,000 annually and can grow to upwards of USD $125,269 a year
  • As Android development is open source, developers are offered freedom far and wide to build bespoke applications based on needs and objectives 
Android applications offer the ability to monetize through multiple avenues, including paid-downloads, in-app advertising, and freemiums. Companies are able to generate multiple revenue streams through a single application. 
Android applications range across all business industries. This creates an abundance of opportunities for all developers to incorporate their varying interests and perspectives into their skill sets. While there are a number of Android app development courses available, stick to the well-reputed and well-known accreditations to ensure time and resources are well spent. These courses include;
  1. Google - Associate Android Developer
  2. Android Application UI/ UX Design and Monetization Techniques
  3. Android App development with Kotlin
  4. Google Advance Android Development
  5. Java Fundamentals for Android Development

Popular Android Development Courses

1- Google - Associate Android Developer
For entry-level, Android developers, the Google Associate Android Developer certification offers substantial skill enhancement opportunities. 
Google offers a study guide to aid the self-learning process for this certification. Costing for the certification (one examination attempt) starts at USD 149, but can vary based on country of origin. If you are unable to pass the exam on your first attempt, there is a fourteen-day waiting period before your next attempt.  The weight of a "Google" certified qualification speaks for itself. 
2- Android Application UI/ UX Design and Monetization Techniques
The Android Application UI/UX Design and Monetization techniques certification is a three-day training course. It covers the concepts of Android Applications UI/UX design and the multiple monetization techniques that can be embedded into the app. 
It is recommended to sit this course with a foundation of Android application development. Android application development courses are available to fulfill this requirement. Otherwise, professionals and students alike are able to complete the training. To prepare for the examination one on one training courses are held in live virtual classrooms and offered in four-hour courses over weekdays or eight-hours on weekends. 
3- Android App Development with Kotlin
Kotlin is a modern programming language that offers a simplified perspective to everyday programming tasks. It empowers Android developers to create native Android applications with much lesser code than that is used in Java. The Android App development course with Kotlin covers a comprehensive understanding of developing dynamic and user-focused application experiences. 
The android developers platform offers Kotlin courses that range from learning all the fundamentals from scratch to advanced Kotlin guidance for skill enhancement. With applications like Evernote and Airbnb built with Kotlin, getting certified is guaranteed to enhance prospects and abilities.  
4- Google Advance Android Development
For coders looking to elevate their skills, a free self-paced Advanced Android development training is offered by Google. The course uses the Java programming language to teach you how to elevate user experience, ensure in-app performance is optimized, and add dynamic features like custom views, animations, and location-awareness. 
As all the course materials are available online and for free, prospects are able to move at their own pace, ensuring all concepts are well understood. An Associate Android Developer certification exam is available for accreditation should you choose to pursue it. The course is intended for experienced developers who use Java programming expertise to build applications. 
5- Java Fundamentals for Android Development
In order to develop applications for the Android platform, basic knowledge of the Java programming language is required. A majority of the courses available are self-paced and involve utilizing resources to understand concepts on your own. Other courses can take the form of two 12 hour intensive introductory courses that focus on the Java programming language, its framework, syntax and paradigm. While application development is not required to sit the course, an adequate understanding of computer programming in any language helps to maximize the course. 
If you are looking to build a strong foundation for android software development and are not well versed in non-Java programming,  this is the course you should start with. Additionally, without mapping to any examination, you can comfortably develop skills without pressure to achieve maximum creativity. 

Who can take up Android App Development Certification Courses?

Job roles that can benefit from Android Development courses are:
  • Web Developers
  • Application Developers
  • UI Designers/Developers
  • UX Designers/Developers
  • Graphic Designers
  • Digital Marketing Specialists 
  • Brand Developers 
  • Mobile Application Developers/Designers
  • University Students who want to Study Application Development
  • Anyone with interest in Mobile Application or Application Development
  • Professionals looking to clear their respective Android Development certification exams

Reasons to take up Android Training from Koenig Solutions

  • A wide portfolio of Android Development Certification courses provided for professionals and enterprises across various industry sectors
  • Expert trainers who deliver instructor-led Android training worldwide
  • Key Android training resources provided with case studies developed by practitioners with real-world experiences in developing bespoke Android applications using various tools
  • Get your Android training across the globe from an ATC Authorized Training Center to deliver professional Android training and certification exams 
  • Professionals have to option to take up their Android development course training as 8 hours/day or 4 hours/day time slots
  • Get customized Android training where you can pick and choose modules according to individual learning requirements and business needs
  • Get dedicated attention for your Android Development certification training with 1-to-1 training and Fly-me-a-trainer options
  • Be part of 'Guaranteed to Run' Android training sessions with 'Exam Pass Guarantee'

Benefits of Android Application Development Training

  1. With an ever-increasing dependency on smartphones, there is a considerable demand for professionals who are skilled to develop complex and unassuming applications on the Android platform. Some of the key benefits of Android training are:
  2. Tap into the Android application market today has over 2.56 million options for users to choose from. 
  3. Build/ put together a skillset that creates dynamic and useful applications helps distinguish your builds from another creator. 
  4. Be part of the new norm with Android certification credentials by staying up to date with the latest trends in Android application development practices
  5. Join hands with a growing Android App Development community to learn how applications are developed globally for various industry sectors
  6. Achieve a considerable hike in your salary with Android development certification credentials

Salary prospects for Android App Developer Certified Professionals

With businesses being ever reliant on applications that run on customer smartphones, there is an instantaneous connection. Businesses with apps can easily share their updates, latest offers, discounts, and even better serve their customers at their fingertip are something nobody is taking for granted. Hence, there is a great demand for certified Android App Developers globally. Moreover, these Android App Developers are the most sought-after and are also highly-paid individuals. So, let's check out their salaries from across the globe.

United States

USD 72,000 to USD 126,000

United Kingdom

Pounds 37,000 to 82,000


Rupees 3.5 lakhs to 10 lakhs 


AUD 54,000 to 120,000 


AED 48,000 to 230,000


SGD 57,000 to 88,000


Job Prospects for Android App Developer Certified Professionals

Android App Developer certifications are currently the most in-demand certification for professionals who are into application development job domain. Some of the companies that are actively hiring certified Android App Developers include Collabera, General Motors, Tech USA, Bosch Group, Deloitte, Randstad, Tekmark Global Solutions, Cognizant Technology Solutions, Capgemini, Amazon, NTT Data, Cyber Coders, eBay, SAP, and many more. For Android App Developer jobs in your region, check out your local job listings to find a relevant job opportunity.
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Ans - No, the published fee includes all applicable taxes.

It depends on which Android course you are taking from which certification body. Few advanced and intermediate level Android courses may need certain prerequisites in application development as they teach from foundational basics upwards. The Android App development with Kotlin and Java Fundamentals for Android Development courses are perfect for beginners because they focus on teaching programming languages with context. The other courses are better suited for professionals or individuals with experience in the field and allows them the opportunity to enhance their skills for more comprehensive application design.

The Google - Associate Android Developer course concludes with an examination. The examination is offered in both Java and Kotlin programming languages. You can make your decision based on convenience.

The fee, including taxes, can run upwards of USD $700 per participant, depending on your city of origin. Classroom training options are available in select cities. Be sure to communicate with the academy to understand all costing and fees required to be part of the Android development course comprehensively.

If you successfully complete the Google Associate Android Developer certification, you are offered a digital badge. This Google Android Certification must be renewed after every 36 months to keep the credential valid.

If you intend to take part in the entirety of the Google Advance Android Development course, then the prerequisites are:
  • Installation and ability to use Android Studio
  • The ability to run apps from Android studio on both devices and an emulator
  • Creating and using activities in Android 
  • Using views to create your app's user interface 
  • Understanding how to enable user interaction through click handlers 
  • The ability to create layouts using the Android Studio layout editor
  • Creating and using Recycler Views 
  • Being able to run tasks in the background
  • Ensuring save data in android shared preferences and a local SQL database