Angular Training and Certification Courses


Angular is an Open Source Model-View-Controller (MVC) framework for dynamic web applications. This framework is similar to the JavaScript framework and is one of the most popular frameworks available today. The framework is used to develop usually Single Page applications.

The Angular training courses enable you to lessen the amount of code required to build user interface applications and restore and manipulate the data from the backend server. The courses also help you understand how to leverage the essential abstractions of Angular JS including controllers, modules, services, and directives.

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1-on-1 training (private class) – convenient start time, flexible timings.

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Student Name Country Month Feedback Rating
Juhainaalisalem Al Yaqoobi United States Jan-2020 A1. The trainer was good in explanation with us but we expected to learn more details about angular
Aimen Sulaiman Ahmad Al-rawali United States Jan-2020 A1. she is a good teacher, but about the course contact we ready know the basic and I told then through a call
Suaad Abdullah Al-fahdi United States Jan-2020 A3. sure
Manal Sayed United States Jan-2020 A1. He is an amazing guy, teach very well and give information direct. Explain and do the practical things one by one
Hani H. Abdullhadi United States Nov-2019 A1. very good , and so friendly and help me a lot to get new knowledge and new experience
Mena Nabil Mohamed Mahmoud Bakry United States Nov-2019 A3. yes of course
Lakshmi Murugavadivelu United States Sep-2019 A1. Good and answered all the queries, helped in topics which are even out of the scope. session was helpful and took effort to check details outside the scope of the class modules and clarified doubts.
Wafa Bint Rashid Bin Abdullah Al Jahwari United States Aug-2019 A2. ...
Waleed Bin Abdulllah Bin Salim Al Kalbani United States Aug-2019 A1. Best trainer I met in Koenig, Helpful, experienced
Manish Choudhary United States Jul-2019 A3. Yes
Arpit Mehta United States Jul-2019 A1. Trainer is very helpful with clear concepts so was very good experience of learning Angular with him.
Piyush Kaushik United States Jul-2019 A1. Trainer has good knowledge of the the material and the course. Way of training is good by giving details of the topic first verbally and then with examples and Hands-on.
Atul Kumar Mittal United States Jul-2019 A1. The trainer must be well prepared with concepts in advanced with different variations of practical examples rather than following the slides line by line or angular documentation online. This took too much time for him to explain us. The trainer is not able to provide satisfactory answers to some of the issues we are facing in practical projects.
Varun Bhatia United States Jul-2019 A1. The trainer knows his job very well and was able to deliver what was expected from him. He was helpful and supportive.
Vinay Sharma United States Jul-2019 A1. He has good understanding on the topic , but explanation of topics could be better


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