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CCIE stands for Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert. The CCIE certification training course is created to help systems and network engineers with configuration of their network infrastructures. The certifications are offered by Cisco and they are expert level certifications, which means they will require a certain level of skills for candidates to be eligible for the CCIE training. The CCIE certifications are globally recognized, and the certificate holders can get worldwide recognition in the field. Check out the dates below for relevant CCIE training to enrol today.

CCIE Certification Training Overview

CCIE certifications are made for network engineers to help them advance their career in their respective fields in IT. The CCIE certifications are designed in a way which can help learners create network infrastructures at an expert level. CCIE has been a pioneer in certifications and training in network solutions, and all candidates obtain intensive training and education in the field. 
The certification programs have difficult exams, both written and laboratory-based. Those who clear the certification course have validated their expertise and skills in their field. The certification training courses also get regularly updated to help students stay relevant with the latest changes in technology.
The most popular and widely recognized certifications offered by Cisco are:
  1. CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure
  2. CCIE Enterprise Wireless
  3. CCIE Data Center
  4. CCIE Security
  5. CCIE Service Provider
  6. CCIE Collaboration
  7. CCDE

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Popular CCIE Certification Courses 

CCIE has various certification training courses available for network engineers to upskill themselves and validate their expertise. The courses cover a variety of categories that the candidates can specialize in such as Service Provider, Routing and Switching, Collaboration, Wireless, Data Center and Security.

1- CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure

The CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure certification training course is created for those working professionals who want to gain more knowledge and skills at developing and maintaining enterprise infrastructures. The cisco course teaches participants how to manage network infrastructures throughout their lifecycle, right from the design and deployment stage to operations and optimization. The different skills obtained with this certification course include visualization, dual stack architecture, security, automation, and more.

2- CCIE Enterprise Wireless

The CCIE Enterprise Wireless certification training course is designed to help candidates keep up with the constant updates in the world of wireless technologies. Here participants get educated on various aspects of wireless technologies in the CCIE Enterprise Wireless certification training course such as basic core technologies used, as well as planning, designing, operating and optimizing entire lifecycles in different complex wireless network environments. 
Just like all CCIE certifications, the CCIE Enterprise Wireless certification training course also has two examinations, one qualifying exam and one hands-on lab exam that need to be passed in order to obtain the certification.

3- CCIE Data Center

The CCIE Data Center certification training course is designed for IT professionals to help them gain a better understanding of all Data Center technologies. Candidates who apply for this course will learn how to harness all the latest DC technologies in an Agile manner so that they can align the IT goals of an organization with the business goals of the company. There are no prerequisites in terms of formal education required to be eligible for the CCIE Data Center certification training course, but eight years of work experience is recommended. 
Candidates who apply for this certification training program become fully equipped to plan, design, implement and manage complex IT Data Centers and infrastructures. They also obtain in-depth knowledge in different parts of implementing and managing infrastructures such as storage networking, connectivity, automation, network services, connectivity, and more.

4- CCIE Security

The CCIE Security certification training program is for individuals and working professionals who want to advance their expertise in the field of information and overall IT security using Cisco security solutions. The participants will gain knowledge on how to create and maintain secure systems with Cisco security technologies and all the best practices in the industry as well. The CCIE Security certificate holders have validated that they have knowledge and skills required to architect, engineer, implement, troubleshoot as well as support all Cisco security solutions for organizations.
This certification is ideal for those who want to keep up with the latest threats, risks and vulnerabilities to digital assets. The candidates who receive the CCIE Security certification are capable of efficiently building and maintaining network security solutions in organizations. 

5- CCIE Service Provider

The CCIE Service Provider certification training program gives learners the expertise they need to deliver their services efficiently to organizations. The certification is created for network service engineers who work with Cisco technologies and in the service provider environment. The training course will give them the credentials of being a CCIE Service Provider expert once the certification requirements are complete. The course does not have any prerequisites and a minimum of three years of work experience is recommended.

6- CCIE Collaboration

The CCIE Collaboration certification training program is designed for all collaboration and communication architects who want to improve upon their collaboration solutions skills. It is an expert level certification which includes a thorough examination that will test the candidate’s skills and expertise in the field of deployment, management, maintenance and optimization of network infrastructures in relevance to collaboration solutions provided by Cisco.
Applicants will learn about different aspects of collaboration solutions such as troubleshooting, configuration, integration and interoperation. They will also know more about how to deploy collaboration systems and manage the challenges that come with presence, video and mobility of the collaboration solutions used at organizations.


CCDE stands for Cisco Certified Design Expert. The certification training program teaches learners and networking specialists with expert-level skills required in network design. Designers can easily support complex network solutions and help organizations align their business strategies with their technological and technical strategies. 
The certification training course includes topics such as design principles, best practices, routing protocols and more. When it comes to designing networks, candidates will learn more about various aspects of tunneling, management, cost, quality management, security, and more. Learners will be capable of developing, designing and deploying network solutions and accurately analyze different design requirements and solutions as well.

Who can take up CCIE Certification Training Courses?

Job roles that can benefit from CCIE certification training are:
  • Network architects
  • System engineers
  • IT professionals
  • IT consultants
  • IT managers
  • System administrators
  • IT administrators
  • Data analysts
  • Network security specialists
  • Network security engineers
  • Information security specialists
  • Security managers
  • IT Security consultants
  • Collaboration Architects
  • Unified Communications Architects 
  • Voice and Video Network Managers
  • Professionals who are looking to gain a thorough understanding of CCIE training and concepts
  • Professionals who want to clear their relevant CCIE certification exams

Reasons to choose CCIE Certification Courses from Koenig

  • All CCIE certification courses provided under one roof for different job roles and responsibilities 
  • Expert CCIE instructors who have real-world experience and knowledge to implement internetworking practices in an enterprise
  • Comprehensive CCIE training collaterals prepared by expert instructors with case study discussions
  • Interactive instructor-led CCIE live online training from an authorized Cisco Learning Partner
  • Options to take your CCIE training courses either in 8 hours/day or 4 hours/day according to your convenience
  • Get flexible schedule according to your requirement for CCIE training programs across corporate, online, and classroom training modes
  • Achieve a proper CCIE course completion certificate from Koenig Solutions
  • Be sure of attending your CCIE trainings in ‘Guaranteed to Run’ sessions with ‘Exam Pass Guarantee’
  • Clear your doubts with instructors even after completing your training

Benefits of Certification training for CCIE

  1. The CCIE certification launched in 1993 and since then Cisco certifications have continued to evolve to keep up with the changing times and the fast-paced world of technology. A CCIE certification is beneficial for those who want to become experts in Cisco solutions, which are one of the most widely used in companies around the world. Some of the benefits achieving a CCIE certification are:
  2. Expert level certifications that help to advance one’s career in the working environment. Once a working professional becomes a certified expert, he will automatically receive more benefits in terms of salary, job offers and positions in this competitive job market.
  3. A CCIE certification is one of the most respected certifications today. Certified professionals have the validated skills and expertise that gives them a distinguished position in the world today.
  4. The salary for a certified CCIE expert is significantly higher than their non-certified counterparts. The CCIE certification is extremely difficult to complete, which is why people who do finish the certification are considered to be highly valuable and are paid a lot more than their peers who have not been certified.
  5. A CCIE certification also improves one’s opportunities for growth. The certification helps working professionals create a sense of superiority and they are normally the preferred choice for promotions or a new hire at a higher position.
  6. CCIE certified engineers are always in high demand. The CCIE certifications are considered to be extremely lucrative and they will always have immense value in the present as well as in the future. 


Salary prospects for CCIE Certified Professionals

CCIE certifications are advanced and expert level certifications that IT professionals opt to achieve the highest level of certification credential from Cisco. These CCIE certifications not only help one progress in their career with respect to job role expansion, but also they will be eligible for some of the best salaries across the globe. Let’s take a look at CCIE salaries worldwide.

United States

USD 125,000 to USD 212,000

United Kingdom

Pounds 58,000 to 97,000


Rupees 15 lakhs to 35 lakhs 


AUD 95,000 to 169,000 


AED 35,000 to 306,000


SGD 72,000 to 258,000


Job Prospects for CCIE Certified Professionals

CCIE certified professionals are some of the most sought-after employees in enterprises across industry sectors. As per various job portals, some of the best companies that are looking to hire CCIE certified professionals include Cisco Systems, iMrave, Integrated Photonics Technology, CDW, Piper Companies, Equinix, SBA Communications, IBM, and many more. Check out your local job listings to find CCIE jobs near you.



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A CCIE certification is valid for a period of two years. To keep the certification active, certificate holders need to renew the certification when it expires.

There are two examinations in CCIE certification training courses. After clearing both the candidate will receive his certification. The first certification exam is written and it tests theoretical knowledge of the candidate and the second examination is a hands-on lab examination where candidates are supposed to do a practical implementation of the materials they have studied.

The CCIE certification training courses are available for IT professionals who want to pursue networking and security solutions with Cisco technologies. The CCDE certification training course is curated for design engineers and developers to help them upskill themselves with the help of Cisco tools.

There are no educational prerequisites required to be eligible for CCIE certification training courses. Cisco has set the minimal requirement for the certification courses to a high school diploma. At least three years of work experience is recommended because it is an expert level course and it requires some form of training and knowledge in Networking to understand the concepts.

The candidates who are applying for a CCIE Service Provider certification exam need to have at least three to five years of work experience to be eligible for the exam.

CCIE certificate holders get an annual salary of $107,000 on an average, but this depends on the type of certification and the organization they work for.

There are no prerequisites for a CCIE Data Center certification, but the working professionals applying for the certification training course need to have a minimum of eight years of work experience in Data Center infrastructures and information technology because the curriculum for the examination is at an expert level.

CCIE certificate holders need to recertify every two years to keep their certification active. They need to clear a recertification exam to be eligible for recertification. Candidates get tested on the latest technological trends to see if they have kept up with them to keep their certification relevant.