Ansible with windows administration Course Overview

Ansible with windows administration Course Overview

Ansible with Windows Administration Certification demonstrates a professional's expertise in automating the management and deployment of Windows servers using Ansible, a powerful open-source tool. This certification is about validating abilities to utilize Ansible's simple, yet effective, automation framework to streamline Windows administration tasks. It significantly improves efficiency by deploying scripts, managing large-scale system deployments, and implementing system updates. Ansible is extensively used by organizations for its easy learning curve and connection with major Cloud service providers. Understanding Ansible's fundamental concepts helps in gaining agility and consistency at scale and automating repetitive tasks, thereby allowing teams to focus on more strategic work.

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  • Live Online Training (Duration : 32 Hours)
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Course Prerequisites

• Basic understanding of Windows system administration
• Familiarity with command line interface (CLI) operations
• Knowledge of YAML scripting language
• Previous experience with networking protocols
• Familiarity with software deployment and orchestration processes
• Basic comprehension of automation tools, specifically Ansible.

Ansible with windows administration Certification Training Overview

Ansible Windows Administration Certification training equips learners with essential knowledge to automate system administration tasks on managed hosts with Ansible, configure Ansible to manage Windows servers, and develop skills to integrate with Vagrant. The course covers topics including Ansible installation, Inventory, Playbooks and modules, Variables and file transfers, task control, Jinja2 templates, roles, Windows modules, and Ansible Tower, which allows IT to manage complex deployments and speed productivity. It provides hands-on training and practical exposure for mastery in automation and configuration management.

Why Should You Learn Ansible with windows administration?

Learning Ansible with a Windows Administration course enhances technical skills, enabling efficient IT automation, reducing human errors, and saving time. It boosts career opportunities in IT Operations, enhances employability, and caters to the rising industry demand for DevOps and Cloud professionals. It also improves understanding of configuration management, continuous deployment, and service orchestration.

Target Audience for Ansible with windows administration Certification Training

- System administrators handling Windows servers
- IT professionals aiming for expertise in automation tools
- Developers working on applications deployed on Windows servers
- DevOps engineers using or considering Ansible for automation
- Teams managing hybrid systems involving Windows servers
- Individuals looking for career advancement in IT administration
- Network professionals managing complex network settings.

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Ansible with windows administration Skills Measured

After completing Ansible with Windows Administration certification training, an individual can gain skills in effectively managing and orchestrating Windows Infrastructure. These skills include automated Windows server setup, configuration, and maintenance, application deployment and management. They can also learn to write Ansible playbooks, manage variables and facts, work with Ansible modules for Windows, use advanced features such as roles, strategies, and delegation, and integrate Ansible with other software tools for continuous integration and delivery.

Top Companies Hiring Ansible with windows administration Certified Professionals

Amazon Web Services (AWS), Accenture, IBM, Capgemini, and Cognizant are among the top companies that are actively hiring Ansible with Windows Administration certified professionals. These professionals manage server infrastructure using Ansible concepts, thus enhancing operations and minimizing system downtime.

Learning Objectives - What you will Learn in this Ansible with windows administration Course?

The Ansible with Windows Administration course aims to equip learners with vital skills to navigate the Ansible automation tool. The learning objectives include understanding how to manage Windows servers, configure Windows machines, and apply automation procedures via Ansible. Learners will be introduced to Ansible concepts like Playbooks, Modules, and Inventory. Also, they will learn how to write infrastructure as code, set up dynamic inventories, and integrate Ansible with cloud services. Additionally, the course will delve into effective strategies for troubleshooting and error handling. Ultimately, students should be able to utilize Ansible in a Windows Server environment effectively, boosting efficiency and productivity.