VNX Unified Storage Management Course Overview

VNX Unified Storage Management Course Overview

The VNX Unified Storage Management course is designed to equip learners with the knowledge and skills needed to efficiently manage and provision storage using EMC's VNX series. Through a combination of theory lessons and practical exercises, participants will explore the Unisphere management interface, delve into security features, learn about LDAP authentication, and understand event monitoring and notifications.

With modules covering storage system provisioning, host integration, block storage access, advanced storage concepts like FAST Cache, and local replication solutions, the course provides a comprehensive understanding of VNX operations. Learners will also gain hands-on experience with data mover networking, configuring virtual data movers, exporting file systems, and managing CIFS servers and SnapSure for checkpoints.

By understanding how to implement high availability features, manage network topologies, and integrate with Windows, Linux, and ESXi environments, professionals can ensure efficient and secure storage solutions. The course is instrumental for those seeking to enhance their storage management capabilities, making them adept at handling VNX systems for diverse operational needs.

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Course Prerequisites

To ensure a successful learning experience in the VNX Unified Storage Management course, participants should come prepared with the following minimum prerequisites:

  • Basic understanding of storage concepts and architectures, including RAID levels, storage pools, and LUNs.
  • Familiarity with networking fundamentals, such as IP addressing, subnetting, and network topologies.
  • Experience with Windows and Linux operating systems, including installation and configuration tasks.
  • Knowledge of VMware virtualization, specifically VMware ESXi server configurations and management.
  • Awareness of data center operations and the role of storage within a data center environment.
  • Some exposure to command-line interfaces (CLI) would be beneficial, though not mandatory.

While prior experience with EMC storage arrays or similar technologies is helpful, the course is designed to cover the necessary EMC VNX specifics. The above prerequisites are intended to ensure that all participants can keep pace with the course content and fully engage with the hands-on exercises and discussions.

Target Audience for VNX Unified Storage Management

The VNX Unified Storage Management course is designed for IT professionals managing and integrating EMC storage systems.

  • Systems Administrators and Engineers responsible for managing storage networks and solutions.

  • IT Professionals seeking to specialize in storage management and provisioning.

  • IT Managers overseeing data storage and virtualization infrastructure.

  • Storage Architects involved in designing and implementing storage solutions.

  • Technical Support staff working with EMC VNX storage environments.

  • Data Center Professionals aiming to optimize storage performance and efficiency.

  • Cloud Infrastructure Engineers focusing on integrating EMC storage into cloud services.

  • Network Administrators who manage networked storage resources.

  • Cybersecurity Analysts concerned with secure storage configurations and auditing.

  • Database Administrators who rely on storage solutions for database management.

  • IT Consultants providing advice on storage systems and data management.

  • Professionals preparing for EMC certification in storage and information infrastructure.

Learning Objectives - What you will Learn in this VNX Unified Storage Management?

Introduction to Learning Outcomes

The VNX Unified Storage Management course equips learners with comprehensive knowledge and skills to manage VNX Unified Storage systems efficiently, ensuring secure and optimal operation.

Learning Objectives and Outcomes

  • Understand and navigate the Unisphere and CLI interfaces for VNX management.
  • Implement Unisphere security features and configure authentication using LDAP.
  • Manage event monitoring and set up notifications for effective system oversight.
  • Provision storage and understand VNX storage objects for tailored configuration.
  • Integrate hosts with block storage, utilizing Access Logix and understanding network topologies.
  • Execute host installation and integration for block storage with multiple operating systems.
  • Apply advanced storage concepts like FAST VP and FAST Cache to enhance performance.
  • Set up and manage block local replication solutions, including SnapView and VNX Snapshot.
  • Configure data mover networking, ensuring DNS, time services, and high availability features.
  • Manage file systems and CIFS, including creation, export, and domain integration for seamless access and sharing.

These objectives are designed to provide a robust understanding of VNX systems, from basic management to advanced functionality, preparing students for effective real-world application.