SharePoint Online Power User Certification Training Course (55215-B) ( cloud version )

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55215B: SharePoint Online Power User ( cloud version ) Course Overview

Businesses today are on the constant hunt for new and improved tools to assist with day-to-day activities. Introducing software solutions to help with communication and the development of a web presence is critical to the success of the business. The tool must be simple to use with diverse and customizable features to augment a business's unique needs. 
Microsoft SharePoint Online is a reputed software solution that offers organizations the ability to share and store data along with the tools to craft meaningful websites. Businesses looking to improve their online presence and flows of information are quick to adopt the software with over 190 million users worldwide. Check out the dates below to enrol in this SharePoint Online Power User training today.
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Your will learn:

Module 1: An Introduction to SharePoint Online
  • An Overview of SharePoint Online
  • Central Repository for Information
  • Web Content Management
  • Team Collaboration
  • Search
  • Social Computing
  • Workflows
  • Business Intelligence
  • Security Trimming
  • Roles – Visitors, Members, Owners, Site Collection Administrator, Office 365 Admin
  • Lab : Introduction to SharePoint Online
  • Log in to Office 365
  • Invite other users to your site using Share
  • Upload, rename and pin a document
  • An Introduction to Site Topology
  • When to Create a Site and Where?
  • How to Create a New Site
  • Site Templates
  • Team Sites
  • Project Sites
  • Blog Sites
  • Community Sites
  • Publishing Sites
  • Navigating SharePoint Sites
  • Applying Custom Themes to a Site
  • Building the Site Navigation Bar
  • Deleting Sites
  • Recovering Deleted Sites
  • Lab : Creating Sites
  • Create two sub sites
  • Delete a sub site
  • Restore a site
  • Update the navigation
  • Introducing Wiki Pages
  • Adding Wiki Pages
  • Adding Rich Content to Wiki Pages
  • Promoted Links
  • Adding and Modifying Web Parts
  • Deleting Wiki Pages
  • Reusable Content
  • Web Page Approval
  • Scheduling Pages
  • Introducing the Publishing Site
  • Create and Edit Publishing Pages
  • Using Page Layouts
  • Web Page Metadata
  • Site Collection Images
  • Renditions
  • Lab : Create and Manage Web Pages
  • Tidy up the Training home page
  • Add rich content
  • Optional – Add a YouTube video
  • Managed Metadata Service
  • An Introduction to Content Types
  • Create & Manage Content Types
  • Content Type Settings
  • Using Content Types in Apps
  • The Content Type Hub
  • Deploying Content Types
  • Table a Information Management Policies
  • The Records Center
  • The Content Organizer
  • Document IDs
  • In Place Records Management
  • Lab : Business Information
  • Set up managed metadata terms
  • Create site columns
  • Create a site content type
  • In place records management
  • Adding List & Library Apps
  • Managing List & Library Settings
  • Adding Site Columns
  • Create and Manage Public Views
  • Working with Document Sets
  • Creating App Templates
  • On Premises Apps
  • SharePoint Marketplace Apps
  • Table a Popular List & Library Templates
  • Add, Modify, Upload, and Delete Content in Apps
  • Create and Manage App Columns
  • Sort and Filter Content
  • Personal Views
  • Using Alerts in Apps
  • Office 2016 Integration with SharePoint Apps
  • Lab : Working with Apps
  • Add and remove a library app
  • Configure the library app
  • Add and configure list apps
  • Optional – Add an app from the store
  • An Introduction to Workflows
  • Workflow Scenarios
  • Creating Workflows
  • Configuring Workflow Settings
  • Adding Workflows
  • Removing Workflows
  • Third Party Workflow Tools
  • Lab : Workflow
  • Enable the workflow feature
  • Create a library for procedures
  • Add a new publishing workflow
  • Test the workflow
  • An Introduction to Security
  • Access Requests
  • Share Sites and Files
  • Approving Access Requests
  • Creating Permission Levels
  • Creating SharePoint Groups
  • How Inheriting Security Works
  • Securing Apps, Folders, Files/Items
  • Managed Metadata Security
  • OneDrive Security
  • Lab : Customising Security
  • Add staff to your site
  • Create permission levels and groups
  • Remove access for a user
  • Lock down or open up apps
  • Optional – Add the auditors to a workflow
  • An Introduction to Social Tools
  • Updating your Profile
  • Blog Sites
  • Newsfeeds
  • Community Sites
  • Community Portal
  • Lab : Social
  • Post an update to the Training newsfeed
  • Update your profile
  • Searching in SharePoint Online
  • Refinements
  • Search Criteria
  • People Search
  • How Search Works
  • Promoted Results
  • Search Web Parts
  • How Can Search be Customized?
  • Lab : Working with Search
  • Search for the host of a meeting
  • Search for business documents
  • Use preview to view document content without opening the file
Live Online Training (Duration : 32 Hours)
Group Training 1500 Per Participant Incl. Official Courseware
06 - 09 Jun GTR Co-Students 09:00 AM - 05:00 PM CST
(8 Hours/Day)
04 - 07 Jul 09:00 AM - 05:00 PM CST
(8 Hours/Day)
1-on-1 Training 3000 1750 + If you accept merging of other students. Incl. Official Courseware
4 Hours
8 Hours
Week Days

Start Time : At any time

12 AM
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Course Prerequisites
  • As this course is offered to professionals at different skill levels there are no mandatory skills needed to become a student. However, it is recommended that professionals have some experience around SharePoint online and its features to maximize course content.

SharePoint Online Power User Training Course

The Microsoft SharePoint application is a collaborative platform used to both create websites and manage information. The application assists organizations with:
  • Empowering teamwork
  • Quickly discovering information
  • Encouraging collaboration across the organization
Microsoft SharePoint is an intuitive tool that offers users a modern platform to ensure data can be accessed by teams of any size at any time, reliably and securely. The platform is also used to develop websites. The various versions of the software provide different skills users can capitalize on to improve data flows and cement better communication habits while customizing web content and building a dynamic web presence. 
Just like the different variations of the software, there are different categories of Microsoft SharePoint online users. SharePoint Online Power Users are individuals with a comprehensive understanding of not only basic SharePoint features but the nuances that can be customized to fit different organizations.
Power Users are able to build comprehensive workflows and site hierarchies while implementing the best practices to route documents and maximize features. With the abundance of information Power Users possesses, they could easily take on the job of site collection administrator if desired.

Key Features of SharePoint Online Power User Certification Training Course

4-Day instructor-led  SharePoint Online Power User Certification Training
Get access to the SharePoint Online Power User course preview to begin your preparation
Expert SharePoint Online trainers across the globe with real-world expertise
Accredited SharePoint Online Power User course material prepared by SMEs
SharePoint Online Power User key resources provided to participants from Koenig Solutions
SharePoint Online Power User course completion certificate provided 
SharePoint Online Power User training provided across 100+ locations globally

Who can take up SharePoint Online Power User Certification Training?

Job roles that can benefit from SharePoint Online Power User training include:
  • SharePoint Online Users
  • System Administrator
  • IT Managers
  • Developers
  • Solution Designers
  • IT Solution Architects
  • Professionals who are looking to understand SharePoint Online for Power Users

Learning Objectives of SharePoint Online Power User Training

This SharePoint Online Power User course helps site owners deliver their story in a dynamic yet practical way. The SharePoint Online Power User course equips students with the ability and confidence to plan and create new sites while managing existing sites within SharePoint online. The course also demonstrates how to adopt SharePoint Online into existing teams and help leverage the application to improve information sharing and collaboration with colleagues. Students also learn the best practices to implement SharePoint Online while understanding what to avoid doing and putting the best theoretical knowledge into practice. 
Upon completion of this SharePoint Online Power User course, students will gain:
  • Understanding the benefits of using SharePoint in real-world scenarios 
  • Creating new SharePoint sites to store business information
  • Creating pages to share news and documents
  • Customizing the structure of a site to meet specific business requirements
  • Creating and manage view, columns and apps
  • Managing the security of a site
  • Using social tools to communicate with groups of people or the entire organization
  • Using search to find business information including people and documents 
The four-day-long SharePoint Online Power User training includes eight modules. These modules range from an introduction to SharePoint Online to “Working with Search” and “Customizing Security.” The modules also include practical labs for students to apply the concepts learned across the course.
With 85% of Fortune 500 companies using Microsoft SharePoint, getting officially certified opens a number of doors to heightened professional opportunities with better salaries, perks, and responsibilities.

Exam Format

Currently, there is no examination required to get SharePoint Online Power User certified. However, students looking to build on their qualifications can apply for the Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) certification. The 77-419: Microsoft SharePoint 2013 examination, in particular, can be helpful to demonstrate strong SharePoint operational skills and the ability to demonstrate correct use of the application.
The examination tests four key areas:
  • Creation and format of content (25-30%)
  • Management of SharePoint sites (30-35%)
  • Participation in User Communities (15-20%)
  • Configuration and Consumption of Site Search Results (15-20%)

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Yes, fee excludes local taxes.
The Fee includes:
  • Official courseware
  • Testing Via Qubits
  • Remote Labs
Yes, Koenig Solutions is a Microsoft Learning Partner
The SharePoint Online Power User course is intended for newcomers and experienced SharePoint users.
At this time there is no examination needed to get SharePoint Online Power User certified. However, the 77-419 SharePoint 2013 examination sits at an average cost of USD 100 based on the country in which it is being proctored.
The cost for the SharePoint Online Power User course depends on the location of the student, the choice of the learning method, and the choice of a learning partner. Koenig Solutions offers this SharePoint Online Power User course at USD 850. 
The SharePoint Online Power User course takes place over four days and will be delivered by an expert SharePoint Online trainer with real-world experience.
Most Microsoft courses are offered primarily in English. However, the language can vary based on the choice of a learning partner. Koenig Solutions is a Microsoft Gold Partner to deliver this SharePoint Online Power User course worldwide.
As part of your SharePoint Online Power User training, you will receive:
  • A Copy of the SharePoint Online Power User course material developed by SMEs
  • SharePoint Online Power User pre-reading material to prepare for the actual training
  • SharePoint Online Power User course completion certificate