Administering System Center Configuration Manager 2016 Course Overview

Staying organized transforms into a strong business model fueling further efficiency and effectiveness within corporate environments. Configuration management allows organizations to track, map, and monitor all hardware and software integral to completing the business cycle. By taking up Administering System Center Configuration Manager 2016 training, learners will understand how to build and manage system center configuration. Check out the dates below to enrol for SCCM 2016 course today.

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Your will learn:

Module 1: Managing computers and mobile devices in the enterprise
  • Overview of the Configuration Manager architecture
  • Overview of the Configuration Manager administrative tools
  • Tools for monitoring and troubleshooting a Configuration Manager site
  • Lab : Exploring the Configuration Manager tools
  • Searching in the Configuration Manager console
  • Using Windows PowerShell with Configuration Manager
  • Using Configuration Manager Service Manager to manage components
  • Monitoring site and component status
  • Reviewing log files by using the Configuration Manager Trace tool
  • Introduction to queries
  • Configuring SQL Server Reporting Services
  • Analyzing the real-time state of a device by using CMPivot
  • Lab : Creating and running queries
  • Creating data queries
  • Creating subselect queries
  • Lab : Configuring SSRS
  • Configuring a reporting services point
  • Lab : Analyzing the real-time state of a device by using CMPivot
  • Using CMPivot to Analyze the current state of devices
  • Configuring site boundaries and boundary groups
  • Configuring resource discovery
  • Organizing resources using device and user collections
  • Lab : Configuring boundaries and resource discovery
  • Configuring boundaries, boundary groups, and fallback relationships
  • Configuring Active Directory discovery methods
  • Lab : Configuring user and device collections
  • Creating a device collection
  • Creating a user collection
  • Configuring a maintenance window
  • Overview of the Configuration Manager client
  • Deploying the Configuration Manager client
  • Configuring and monitoring client status
  • Managing client settings and performing management operations
  • Lab : Deploying the Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager client software
  • Preparing the site for client installation
  • Deploying the Configuration Manager client software by using client push installation
  • Lab : Configuring and monitoring client status
  • Configuring and monitoring client health status
  • Lab : Managing client settings
  • Configuring client settings
  • Performing management operations
  • Overview of inventory collection
  • Configuring hardware and software inventory
  • Managing inventory collection
  • Configuring software metering
  • Configuring and managing Asset Intelligence
  • Lab : Configuring and managing inventory collection
  • Configuring and managing hardware inventory
  • Lab : Configuring software metering
  • Configuring software metering
  • Lab : Configuring and managing Asset Intelligence
  • Preparing the site for Asset Intelligence
  • Configuring Asset Intelligence
  • Monitoring license agreements by using Asset Intelligence
  • Viewing Asset Intelligence reports
  • Preparing the infrastructure for content management
  • Distributing and managing content on distribution points
  • Lab : Distributing and managing content for deployments
  • Installing a new distribution point
  • Managing content distribution
  • Overview of application management
  • Creating applications
  • Deploying applications
  • Managing applications
  • Deploying virtual applications by using System Center Configuration Manager (Optional)
  • Deploying and managing Windows Store apps
  • Lab : Creating and deploying applications
  • Creating applications with requirements
  • Deploying applications
  • Lab : Managing application supersedence and removal
  • Managing application supersedence
  • Uninstalling the Excel Viewer application
  • Lab : Deploying virtual applications by using Configuration Manager (Optional)
  • Deploying virtual applications
  • Lab : Using Configuration Manager to deploy Windows Store apps
  • Configuring support for sideloading Windows Store apps
  • Configuring a Windows Store app
  • Deploying Windows 10 apps to users
  • The software updates process
  • Preparing a Configuration Manager site for software updates
  • Managing software updates
  • Configuring automatic deployment rules
  • Monitoring and troubleshooting software updates
  • Enabling third-party updates
  • Lab : Configuring the site for software updates
  • Configuring and synchronizing the software update point
  • Lab : Deploying and managing software updates
  • Determining software update compliance
  • Deploying software updates to clients
  • Configuring automatic deployment rules
  • Overview of Endpoint Protection in Configuration Manager
  • Configuring, deploying, and monitoring Endpoint Protection policies
  • Configuring and deploying advanced threat policies
  • Lab : Implementing Microsoft System Center Endpoint Protection
  • Configuring the System Center Endpoint Protection point and client settings
  • Configuring and deploying Endpoint Protection policies
  • Monitoring Endpoint Protection
  • Lab : Implementing advanced threat policies
  • Creating and deploying advanced threat protection policies
  • Overview of Compliance Settings
  • Configuring compliance settings
  • Viewing compliance results
  • Managing resource and data access
  • Lab : Managing compliance settings
  • Managing configuration items and baselines
  • Viewing compliance settings and reports
  • Configuring remediation in compliance settings
  • Using compliance information to create collections
  • An overview of operating system deployment
  • Preparing a site for operating system deployment
  • Deploying an operating system
  • Managing Windows as a service
  • Lab : Preparing thea site for operating -system deployment
  • Managing the site system roles used to support operating system deployment
  • Managing packages to support operating system deployment
  • Lab : Deploying operating -system images for bare-metal installations
  • Preparing the operating system image
  • Creating a task sequence to deploy an image
  • Deploying an image
  • Configuring role-based administration
  • Configuring Remote Tools
  • Overview of Configuration Manager site maintenance and Management Insights
  • Backing up and recovering a Configuration Manager site
  • Updating the Configuration Manager infrastructure
  • Lab : Configuring role-based administration
  • Configuring a new scope for Toronto administrators
  • Configuring a new administrative user
  • Lab : Configuring Remote Tools
  • Configuring the Remote Tools client settings and permissions
  • Managing desktops by using Remote Control
  • Lab : Maintaining a Configuration Manager site
  • Configuring maintenance tasks in Configuration Manager
  • Configuring the Backup Site Server task
  • Recovering a site from a backup
Live Online Training (Duration : 40 Hours)
Group Training 1750 Per Participant Incl. Official Courseware
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(8 Hours/Day)
18 - 22 Jul GTR Co-Students 08:30 AM - 04:30 PM CST
(8 Hours/Day)
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Course Prerequisites
  • Networking fundamentals, including common networking protocols, topologies, hardware, media, routing, switching, and addressing.
  • Active Directory Domain Services (AD DS) principles and fundamentals of AD DS management.
  • Installation, configuration, and troubleshooting for Windows-based personal computers.
  • Basic concepts of public key infrastructure (PKI) security.
  • Basic understanding of scripting and Windows PowerShell syntax.
  • Basic understanding of Windows Server roles and services.
  • Basic understanding of the configuration options foriOS, Android, and Windows Mobile device platforms.

Administering SCCM Certification Training Course

The SCCM 2016 course explores day-to-day task management, application management, understanding client health, putting together software and hardware inventories, how to deploy operating systems, and introducing software updates through the Configuration Management software. This Microsoft course is intended to help professionals within the Information Technology space understand how to use Configuration Manager and the associated site systems needed to optimize network resources. 
Participants can take up this 5-day instructor-led Administering System Center Configuration Manager 2016 training in various learning modes practical lab sessions to gain a thorough understanding of the concepts and best practices. The SCCM Certification  course helps one to better prepare for Microsoft 70-703 certification exam. The 70-703 certification exam costs USD 165 and can be taken at the nearest Pearson Vue test center or through online web proctored mode.

Key Features of SCCM Certification Training Course

  • Instructor-led SCCM Certification Training
  • Get access to Administering System Center Configuration Manager 2016 course preview to begin your preparation
  • Expert SCCM instructors across the globe with real-world expertise
  • Accredited SCCM course material prepared by SMEs
  • SCCM Training resources provided to learners from Microsoft and Koenig Solutions
  • SCCM course completion certificate provided after the training
  • SCCM training provided across 100+ locations globally

Who can take up Administering System Center Configuration Manager 2016 Training?

Job roles that can find Administering System Center Configuration Manager training include:
  • Enterprise Desktop Administrators
  • Software Developers
  • IT Administrators
  • Cloud Administrators
  • Database Administrators
  • Configuration Managers
  • Professionals who are looking to clear their Microsoft 70-703 certification exam

Eligibility Criteria to take up SCCM 2016 Certification Training

In order to sit for this course, learners are required to have knowledge of:
  • Networking fundamentals and other basic concepts.
  • Active Domain Services (AD DS) principles and fundamentals 
  • Conduct installation, configuration, and troubleshooting for Windows-based PCs.
  • Windows PowerShell Syntax, Public Key Infrastructure Security, Windows Server Roles, and more.
  • However, it would be beneficial if learners have already attended Administering Windows Server 2012 training in the past. 

Learning Objectives 

The five-day course introduces students to Configuration Manager and how to adapt the system to an organization's needs. Targeted primarily at EDA’s, the course teaches deployment, management, and maintenance of computers, applications, and electronic devices across businesses of any size.  
Skills gained over the course include:
  • Description of all features offered by Configuration Manager and Intune including how to manage and adapt these features to both PC and mobile devices within a business.
  • The ability to analyse data using queries and generate reports. 
  • Deployment and management of the Configuration Manager client.
  • Preparation of management infrastructure (including boundary configuration, boundary groups and resource discovery) and integrating mobile device management through Microsoft Exchange Server. 
  • Configuration, management and monitoring of both the hardware and software inventory using asset intelligence and software metering. 
  • Implementation of endpoint protection for managed PCs.
  • Management of configuration items, baselines and profiles in order to assess and configure compliance settings and data access for both users and devices. 
  • Maintenance of software and hardware updates around the PCs managed by the Configuration Manager. 
  • Deploy, monitor and distribute applications across different users and systems.
  • Compiling the best methods to distribute and manage content used for deployments. 
  • Management and maintenance of a configuration manager site.
Accountability is critical to business success both internally and externally. Professionals with this certification are able to help businesses ascertain whether their digital components are cohesive, add value and identify areas for improvement. These professionals are imperative to introducing the best virtual practices and ensuring sustainable growth and success while adapting to the newest management methods. 

Skills Measured for Exam 70-703 certification Exam

Configuring and Maintaining a Configuration Manager Management Infrastructure (30-35%)
Managing Inventory by Using Configuration Manager (10-15%)
Managing Applications by Using Configuration Manager (15-20%)
Deploying and Maintaining Operating Systems by using Configuration Manager (15-20%)
Extending the Management Scope of Configuration Manager (5-10%)
Deploying and Managing Hybrid MDM by Using Configuration Manager and Intune (15-20%)

Administering System Center Configuration Manager 2016 Exam Format


Exam Name

Administering System Center Configuration Manager

Exam Code


Exam Cost

USD 165

Exam Format

Multiple Choice & Multiple Response Questions

Total Questions

40-60 Questions

Passing Score

700 out of 1000 (Equivalent to 70%)

Exam Duration

120 Minutes



Testing Center

Pearson Vue / Online Proctored Exam


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Kiala Paulo United States Oct-2019
nkelani United States Aug-2019
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Anonymous United States May-2018

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The Fee includes:
  • Official courseware
  • Testing Via Qubits
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The course consists of 12 modules covering everything from managing computers and mobile devices within the enterprise to managing and maintaining a configuration manager site.

The modules include practical application scenarios called Labs included in every module for comprehensive learning.

Depending on your choice of learning partner and area of registration, there are in person and virtual training programs. Virtual training is normally held with a live instructor or can be a series of guided learning paths for self-paced students. Group training options are also available.
The average cost of virtual training spanning over five days is USD $2995. The examination fee can cost around USD $165.
The course and examination, at this time, are only offered in English.
The average salary of an SCCM 2016 certified professional can range anywhere between USD 80,000 to USD 113,000 per annum in the US. To know more about the SCCM salaries in your region, do check out your local job portals.
As part of your SCCM 2016 certification training, you will receive:
  • A copy of the Administering System Center Configuration Manager 2016 course material prepared by SMEs
  • Key SCCM 2016 resources from both Microsoft and Koenig Solutions
  • You will be given access to practical lab sessions and exercises developed by the trainer
  • SCCM 2016 Course Completion Certificate