Sanic Course Overview

Sanic Course Overview

Sanic certification attests to the proficiency in using Sanic, a Python 3.6+ asynchronous web server and web framework. It ensures an individual's ability to build, enhance and deploy HTTP services in a fast and effective manner using Sanic. With a certification, professionals demonstrate their understanding of handling HTTP requests, routing, middleware, and plugins, with a design that's simple, yet extensible. The Sanic certification is vital for industries like IT, web development and any company that requires extensive web services. It aids companies in ensuring their technical team has the skills necessary to deliver high performance, production-ready web services.

This is a Rare Course and it can be take up to 3 weeks to arrange the training.

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Course Prerequisites

• Basic understanding of Python programming
• Familiarity with asynchronous programming concepts
• Prior exposure to web development fundamentals
• Knowledge of HTTP protocols
• Experience with Python's asyncio library would be advantageous.
• Understanding of how Sanic framework operates would be helpful.

Sanic Certification Training Overview

Sanic certification training is a professional course designed to educate learners about the Sanic web framework for Python. The course covers a range of topics including how to build web applications with Sanic, understanding and working with asynchronous programming, learning HTTP and Web protocols, and other essential Sanic concepts. The training further delves into details of handling requests and responses, routing, middleware, and exception handling within the Sanic environment. Therefore, equipping the learners with a comprehensive knowledge of Python's Sanic web framework.

Why Should You Learn Sanic?

Learning Sanic course in stats can provide crucial skills for handling asynchronous programming operations, improving server-side software efficiency. It equips learners with the ability to build high-speed, scalable HTTP services. This knowledge can benefit web developers, enhancing their understanding of Python's fast HTTP framework, thus promoting career advancement.

Target Audience for Sanic Certification Training

- Python developers seeking to create web applications at high speeds
- Back-end developers wanting to increase efficiency with Python
- IT professionals interested in learning the latest web development tools
- Software engineers aiming to enhance their Python programming skills
- Tech enthusiasts eager to explore Python-based web servers

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Sanic Skills Measured

After completing Sanic certification training, an individual will be proficient in web server development using Python's Sanic framework. This includes skills such as creating API endpoints, integrating database operations, handling HTTP requests, routing and middleware management, and server configuration. The individual would also understand async and await keywords for handling coroutines Additionally, they will gain knowledge in deploying a Sanic application. As a result, they can build scalable, high-performing web applications based on asynchronous programming concepts.

Top Companies Hiring Sanic Certified Professionals

Companies like LinkedIn, IBM, Google, and Microsoft are among the top companies hiring Sanic certified professionals. These professionals are in high demand for their expertise in handling HTTP requests and developing high-performing Python applications using Sanic's asynchronous capabilities.

Learning Objectives - What you will Learn in this Sanic Course?

The learning objectives of the Sanic course are to provide learners with comprehensive knowledge on how to use this Python 3.6+ web server and web framework. In this course, students will learn how to build HTTP services with Sanic's asynchronous capabilities. The course aims to help learners understand how to set up routing, handle requests and responses, and create middleware. Learners will also grasp how to optimize performance with server configurations and gain proficiency in managing cookies and sessions. Additionally, they will become familiar with Sanic's plugin system and understand how to ensure security with CORS and CSRF protections.