Configure and Administer a Salesforce CPQ Solution (CPQ301) Course Overview

Configure and Administer a Salesforce CPQ Solution (CPQ301) Course Overview

The Configure and Administer a Salesforce CPQ Solution (CPQ301) course is designed to equip learners with the skills required to set up, configure, and maintain a Salesforce CPQ (Configure, Price, Quote) solution. This comprehensive training encompasses a deep dive into the CPQ platform, starting with the business case for CPQ and demonstrating an end-to-end solution through a series of structured modules and lessons.

Participants will gain a thorough understanding of the CPQ object model, learn how to manage product selection, and master the intricacies of bundle configuration. They'll be taught to enforce business logic through product rules and option selection guidelines, ensuring adherence to company policies. The course also covers various pricing methods, subscription pricing, and discounting strategies, enabling learners to handle complex pricing scenarios.

Advanced topics include advanced approvals, quote templates, localization and multicurrency considerations, as well as managing orders, contracts, renewals, and amendments. By completing the CPQ301 course, individuals will possess the knowledge and practical experience to effectively administer a Salesforce CPQ solution, improving sales efficiency and accuracy within their organizations.

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Course Prerequisites

To successfully undertake training in the Configure and Administer a Salesforce CPQ Solution (CPQ301) course, the following minimum prerequisites are recommended for potential learners:

  • Understanding of basic Salesforce concepts and navigation within the Salesforce platform.
  • Familiarity with the standard Salesforce data model and experience with creating custom fields and objects.
  • Experience with Salesforce administration tasks, such as managing users, data security, and creating workflows or process automation.
  • Basic knowledge of CRM principles, sales processes, and the importance of quote-to-cash in a business context.
  • An interest in learning how to configure and manage pricing, quoting, and sales processes using Salesforce CPQ.

These prerequisites are meant to ensure that learners have a foundational understanding of Salesforce and related business processes, which will facilitate a more effective learning experience during the CPQ301 course.

Target Audience for Configure and Administer a Salesforce CPQ Solution (CPQ301)

The course "Configure and Administer a Salesforce CPQ Solution (CPQ301)" equips professionals with advanced Salesforce CPQ skills for configuring complex quoting solutions.

Target audience for the course includes:

  • Salesforce Administrators
  • CPQ Specialists
  • Technical Solution Architects
  • Sales Operations Managers
  • IT Business Analysts
  • Salesforce Consultants
  • Product Managers working with Salesforce
  • CRM Managers
  • Sales Process Engineers
  • Systems Integrators working on Salesforce projects
  • Business Intelligence Analysts involved in sales automation processes
  • Project Managers overseeing Salesforce implementations
  • Salesforce Developers looking to expand their skillset into CPQ

Learning Objectives - What you will Learn in this Configure and Administer a Salesforce CPQ Solution (CPQ301)?

Introduction to Learning Outcomes:

The CPQ301 course empowers students to configure and administer Salesforce CPQ solutions effectively, focusing on essential aspects like product selection, pricing methods, and quoting.

Learning Objectives and Outcomes:

  • Understand the business rationale behind implementing CPQ and witness a comprehensive demo of the solution.
  • Learn the Salesforce CPQ object model, including products, price books, and product fields critical for functionality.
  • Customize product selection using out-of-the-box buttons and guided selling for an optimized user experience.
  • Define and construct product bundles, incorporating business logic through product features and option constraints.
  • Develop product rules to manage validation, alerts, selection, and dynamic bundling, using supporting objects for enhanced logic.
  • Grasp various pricing methods, including list pricing, cost plus markup, and block pricing, along with contracted pricing strategies.
  • Configure subscription-based pricing and understand the impact of proration on list and regular prices.
  • Compare discount strategies and create discount schedules to apply systematic price reductions.
  • Establish price rules to set quote and line item values, utilizing advanced calculator functions and price action sources.
  • Set up advanced approval workflows, comparing Salesforce native approvals to advanced approval packages and configuring approval processes to match business requirements.
  • Design dynamic quote templates with conditional content to produce tailored documents for customers.
  • Make accommodations for localization and multicurrency setups to support global business operations.
  • Understand the significance of orders within CPQ, including the data model and requirements for order generation.
  • Manage contracts, amendments, and renewals effectively, and grasp renewal pricing methods to maintain accurate subscription management.