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Salesforce enables organizations to understand the customer better with path-breaking CRM programs. Salesforce has revolutionized Cloud Computing by combining community, service, analytics, sales, and marketing programs with its Cloud platform. Koenig offers Salesforce training courses that help students to achieve Salesforce certifications. 

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Salesforce is the most popular cloud based CRM system, best known for its CRM solutions such as Sales Cloud, Marketing Cloud, Service Cloud, Analytics Cloud and App Cloud. It has changed the way enterprise software is delivered and used. All Salesforce products run on Cloud, thus reducing set up costs and maintenance allowing employees to work from anywhere.

Salesforce is being considered by many companies because of the reasons listed below: 1. Salesforce as CRM helps organisations to identify customer needs, enabling them to make better decision, reduce costs and satisfy customers. 2. Cloud platform allows it to be used anytime anywhere. 3. Salesforce offers a range of applications for your CRM. You can either access these apps or develop your own. 4. Salesforce is affordable even for small businesses and start-ups.

Salesforce provides powerful CRM solutions that use cloud based technology for sales, service and marketing. It doesn’t require experts to manage it, rather individuals connect to customers automatically by simply logging in. Salesforce tracks customer information and interactions, automates complex business processes and analyse the effectiveness of marketing campaigns.

A Salesforce developer designs, codes, tests and implements Salesforce software applications to meet company’s objectives. These applications are built across various PaaS platforms. Thus, this job is suitable for people expert in coding.

The Lightning Component framework is a user interface used for developing web applications for mobile and desktop devices. It uses JavaScript on the client side and Apex on the server side. The benefits of the lightning component includes an exclusive set of components, event driven architecture and a performance oriented framework.

Lightning component is used in Salesforce as it makes it easier to build applications for any device. It increases development as well as app performance. Also, the Lightning App Builder enables you to build apps without any coding and at a faster pace using these Lightning components.

Salesforce Administrators are responsible for creating tools such as easy to use dashboards, intelligent workflows and applications for any project. Administrators also train Salesforce users, solve business challenges and run projects effectively.

A Salesforce Business Analyst communicates between teams, figure out requirements and the project scope; and create, implement, test and maintain the solution design.

Aura is an open source framework to develop applications for mobile and desktop devices. It enables users to build applications completely independent of the Salesforce data. This makes development easy and efficient.

Visualforce is a component based user interface framework built for platform. It allows developers to build user interfaces that can be hosted on the Lightning platform.

Workflow in Salesforce enables users to automate certain business processes. You can create workflow rules which are a set of workflow instructions. Based on the set criteria, Salesforce can do a number of tasks such as sending an email, creating a task, updating a field or sending messages.

Triggers allow you to execute actions before or after events to Salesforce records such as insertion, updates and deletions.