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55284A: Introduction to Python Course Overview

As of April of 2019, there were well over 8 million Python developers, overtaking the number of Java developers in this process. Favored by program developers across the world, Python coding is a strong skill to have and showcase in a world that offers an app for everything.

The 55284A: Introduction to Python Training course offered by the technology industry heavyweight Microsoft is a strong option for any professional programmer looking to add to their skillset or for entry-level professionals looking to break into the field. With a growing demand for more dynamic interfaces, simple user navigation, and unique combinations of the two, Python certification is a strong accreditation to showcase. Check out the dates below to enroll for this Introduction to Python course today.

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Your will learn:

Module 1: Python Basics
  • Running Python
  • Hello, World!
  • Literals
  • Python Comments
  • Variables
  • WRiting a Python Module
  • print Function
  • Collecting User Input
  • Getting Help
  • Lab : Exercises in this Lesson
  • Hello, World
  • Exploring Types
  • A Simple Python Script
  • Defining Functions
  • Variable Scope
  • Global Variables
  • Function Parameters
  • Returning Values
  • Importing Modules
  • Lab : Exercises in this Lesson
  • A Function with Parameters
  • Parameters with Default Values
  • Arithmetic Operators
  • Assignment Operators
  • Built-in Math Functions
  • The math Module
  • The randon Module
  • Lab : Exercises in this Lesson
  • Floor and Modulus
  • How Many Pizzas Do We Need
  • Quotation Marks and Special Characters
  • String Indexing
  • Slicing Strings
  • Concatentaion and Repetition
  • Common String Methods
  • String Formatting
  • Formatted String Literals (f-strings)
  • Built-in String Functions
  • Lab : Exercises in this Lesson
  • Indexing Strings
  • Slicing Strings
  • Repetition
  • Playing with Formatting
  • Getting Acquainted with f-strings
  • Outputting Tab-delimited Text
  • Definitions
  • Sequences
  • Unpacking Sequences
  • Dictionaries
  • The len Function
  • Sets
  • *args and **kwargs
  • Lab : Exercises in this Lesson
  • Remove and Return Random Element
  • Simple Rock, Paper, Scissors Game
  • Slicing Sequences
  • Creating a Dictionary from User Input
  • Conditional Statements
  • Loops in Python
  • break and continue
  • The enumerate() Function
  • Generators
  • List Comprehensions
  • Lab : Exercises in this Lesson
  • All True and Any True
  • Word Guessing Game
  • Find the Needle
  • Rolling Dice
  • Virtual Environmen
  • Lab : Exercises in this Lesson
  • Working with a Virtual Environment
  • Regular Expression Syntax
  • Python's Handling of Regular Expressions
  • Bits and Bytes
  • Hexadecimal Numbers
  • Encoding
  • Lab : Exercises in this Lesson
  • Converting Numbers between Number Systems
  • Finding Confusables
  • Opening Files
  • The os and os.path Modules
  • Lab : Exercises in this Lesson
  • Finding Text in a File
  • Writing to FilesList CreatorAfter completing this module, students will be able to:Read files on the operating system.
  • Create and write to files on the operating system.
  • Work with the os and os.path modules.
  • Wildcard except Clauses
  • Getting Information on Exceptions
  • The else Clause
  • The finally Clause
  • Using Exceptions for Flow Control
  • Raising your Own Exceptions
  • Exception Hierarchy
  • Lab : Excercises in this Lesson
  • Raising Exceptions
  • Running Sum
  • Understanding Time
  • The time Module
  • The datetime Module
  • Lab : Exercises in this Lesson
  • Report on Amtrack Departure Times
  • sys.arg
  • sys.path
  • Lab : Exercises in this Lesson
  • Migrating Settings by using Windows Easy Transfer
  • Configuring a Reference Image of Windows 7
  • Configuring a Reference Image
Live Online Training (Duration : 32 Hours)
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This Course Similar To 55285A: Advanced Python

Course Prerequisites
This Introduction to Python course has no solid prerequisites allowing anyone with an interest in learning the Python programming language to join. While some programming experience would definitely be helpful, it is not mandatory in order to join the course.

This Introduction to Python course is aimed at students looking to learn the Python scripting language. While the structure of the course was built with students new to the language in mind, the course could be great to help refresh fundamentals or help coders diversify into new languages. Having experience with other coding languages is not necessary but may help with the learning experience.

Conducted in Python 3 for the most relevant course structure, the Introduction to Python online course does highlight the differences between Python 3 and Python 2 for a comprehensive learning experience.

Reasons to choose Koenig Solutions’ Introduction to Python Training

  • Widely-acknowledged Introduction to Python certification training delivered by Expert Microsoft Python instructor
  • Gain a fundamentals understanding of Python programming language through this Introduction to Python online training
  • Expert Python instructors and hands-on exercises to help gain a thorough understanding of Python language and its capabilities
  • Enhance your career prospects as a Microsoft Certified Python Developer
  • Get a chance to join with other interested individuals belonging to various industry sectors and understand how Python programming language is used as per their requirements

Key Features of 55284A: Introduction to Python Certification Training Course

  • 4-day Instructor-led Introduction to Python Training
  • Get access to a free 1-hour Introduction to Python course preview to prepare for the training program
  • Expert Microsoft Python instructors across the globe
  • Accredited Introduction to Python course material prepared by SMEs
  • Get real-life experience through Microsoft python lab sessions
  • Industry-recognized Introduction to Python Course Completion certificate provided
  • Introduction to Python training provided across 100+ locations globally

Who can take up Introduction to Python Training?

Job roles that can take up 55284A - Introduction to Python Training include, but are not limited to:

  • IT Professionals
  • Programming Professionals
  • Software Developers
  • Machine Learning Professionals
  • Data Scientists
  • Application Developers
  • Web Developers
  • Big Data Professionals
  • Learners looking to gain a clear understanding of the Python programming language
  • Professionals who are looking to take up advanced Python courses and clearing relevant Microsoft Python certification exams

Learning Objectives of Introduction to Python Training

This Introduction to Python course consists of thirteen modules, including topics like “Python Basics,” “Flow Control,” and “Running Python Scripts from the Command Line.” These modules are laced with labs for students to practically demonstrate the concepts learned across each module. The Introduction to Python course teaches students how to;

  • Understanding how Python functions and best use cases
  • Understanding Python’s ranking within coding languages of the world
  • Working with and manipulating strings in Python
  • Performing math operations with Python
  • Working with Python sequences: lists, arrays, dictionaries, and sets
  • Collecting user input and output results
  • Performing flow control processing in Python
  • Writing to and reading from files using Python
  • Writing functions in Python
  • Handling exceptions in Python
  • Working with dates and times in Python

Benefits of taking up Introduction to Python Training

  • As Python is the most widely used programming language in the world, getting Python certified can only grow professional prospects.
  • Currently, the average salary for Python developers sits at around USD 113,800 annually.
  • For professionals looking to enhance their corporate opportunities and skillset, this course is definitely a strong jumping-off point.

55284A: Introduction to Python Exam Format

Upon introduction to Python course completion, students can sit the 98-381: Introduction to Programming using Python to enhance their Python qualifications. In order to sit the exam, students are expected to have a minimum of 100 hours of instruction and/or hands-on experience with the Python programming language and have familiarity with its features and capabilities. Candidates are also required to know how to write, debug and maintain well-formed, well-documented Python code.

Exam Code 98-381
Exam Name Introduction to Programming using Python
Exam Version Python version 3.6 or later
Exam Type Multiple-choice and Multiple response questions
Exam Cost USD 127
Total Questions 40 – 60 Questions
Exam Duration 45 Minutes
Passing Score 700 out of 1000 (equivalent to 70%)
Languages English, Japanese, Chinese, Spanish, Portuguese, French, German, Korean


The Microsoft 98-381 examination measures the following skills;

  • Ability to perform operations using data types and operators (20-25%)
  • Ability to control flow with decisions and loops (25-30%)
  • Ability to perform input and output operations (20-25%)
  • Ability to document and structure code (15-20%)
  • Ability to perform troubleshooting and error handling (5-10%)
  • Ability to perform operations using modules and tools (1-5%)

Completing this examination helps students and aspiring Python professionals fulfill a part of the requirements needed for the MTA: Introduction to Programming Using Python certification.

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The Fee includes:
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  • Remote Labs
Yes, Koenig Solutions is a Microsoft Learning Partner
  • 55285A: Advanced Python

The intended audience for this Introduction to Python online course is learners with an interest in learning the Python scripting language.

Participants who enroll for the Introduction to Python certification training will get:

  • A copy of the Introduction to Python course material
  • Microsoft 98-381 Sample Papers
  • Access to Microsoft Python Lab sessions
  • Introduction to Python course completion certificate from a Microsoft Gold Partner

The average cost for the 55284A: Introduction to Python training course at Koenig Solutions is USD 900, while the average cost for the 98-381: Introduction to Programming Using Python certification exam is USD 127. Keep in mind, like most Microsoft offered courses and examinations, these prices tend to fluctuate based on the country in which the learner is completing either the exam or course and the choice of learning method for the course.

The Introduction to Python certification course is conducted over a period of four days. This may vary depending on your choice of learning options available at Koenig Solutions, where they offer this course as 4 hours / day as 8-day training or as 8 hours / day as 4-day training.

Absolutely. This Introduction to Python training program is designed for beginners looking to develop strong foundational Python skills and is best suited for professionals with minimal experience with programming languages. Perfect for beginners.

The Microsoft 98-381 examination, on the other hand, has prerequisites or expectations around hands-on experience in order to meet eligibility requirements.

Yes, Koenig Solutions is a Microsoft Gold Partner to deliver 55284 - Introduction to Python Certification Training worldwide.

You can take up this Microsoft Introduction to Python certification training course in multiple delivery modes that include:

  • Instructor-led classroom training
  • Instructor-led Live online training
  • 1-on-1 training
  • Fly-me-a-Trainer
  • Corporate/on-site training