Anypoint Platform Operations: Customer-Hosted Runtimes Course Overview

Anypoint Platform Operations: Customer-Hosted Runtimes Course Overview

The Anypoint Platform Operations: Customer-Hosted Runtimes course is a comprehensive training program designed to educate learners on effectively managing and operating Mule runtimes that are hosted on their own infrastructure. This course covers a broad spectrum of topics, ranging from installing and starting Mule runtimes, to deploying Mule applications, managing licenses, and monitoring performance.

Learners will gain a deep understanding of various Mule deployment architectures, identify the best infrastructure options for their needs, and learn how to install, start, and deploy applications to Mule runtimes. Management of users and resources through Anypoint Platform is also a key focus, ensuring secure and efficient administration of the platform's capabilities.

Additionally, the course teaches best practices for tuning and troubleshooting Mule runtimes, as well as configuring and monitoring Mule applications to ensure they meet performance and reliability goals. Advanced topics include creating Mule runtime clusters, automating administration tasks, and integrating third-party monitoring tools. By the end of the course, learners will be well-equipped to handle customer-hosted Mule runtimes with confidence and expertise, thereby enhancing the operational efficiency of their MuleSoft deployments.

This is a Rare Course and it can be take up to 3 weeks to arrange the training.

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Course Prerequisites

To successfully undertake the Anypoint Platform Operations: Customer-Hosted Runtimes course, students should meet the following minimum prerequisites:

  • Basic understanding of network protocols, such as HTTP/HTTPS and familiarity with JMS (Java Message Service).
  • Familiarity with basic system administration tasks, such as software installation and configuration on Windows or Linux/Unix systems.
  • Knowledge of Java and comfortable with using Java-based applications.
  • Understanding of basic concepts of MuleSoft and experience with Anypoint Platform (Anypoint Studio, Flow Design, etc.) is helpful.
  • Basic knowledge of RESTful web services and web service APIs.
  • Familiarity with command-line interface (CLI) tools and scripting for task automation.
  • Experience in working with JSON and XML data formats.

These prerequisites are designed to ensure that all participants have the foundational knowledge necessary to grasp the course content effectively. However, a strong desire to learn and a commitment to understanding the material can compensate for the lack of experience in some areas.

Target Audience for Anypoint Platform Operations: Customer-Hosted Runtimes

The Anypoint Platform Operations: Customer-Hosted Runtimes course is designed for IT professionals managing and deploying Mule applications and runtimes.

  • System Administrators
  • IT Operations Personnel
  • DevOps Engineers
  • MuleSoft Developers and Architects
  • Infrastructure Managers
  • Technical Support Engineers
  • Application Managers
  • Cloud Infrastructure Engineers
  • Security Specialists overseeing deployment environments
  • Application Deployment Coordinators
  • Performance Engineers
  • Site Reliability Engineers (SREs)
  • Enterprise Architects involved in infrastructure design and scalability
  • Technical Project Managers responsible for delivery of Mule projects

Learning Objectives - What you will Learn in this Anypoint Platform Operations: Customer-Hosted Runtimes?

Course Introduction:

Gain comprehensive insights into managing customer-hosted Mule runtimes and applications with the Anypoint Platform Operations course, enhancing deployment, monitoring, and troubleshooting skills.

Learning Objectives and Outcomes:

  • Understand various Mule deployment architectures and identify suitable infrastructure for hosting Mule runtimes.
  • Master the installation, starting, and deployment of Mule applications to customer-hosted Mule runtimes.
  • Acquire the skills to inspect, manage, and deploy Mule domain projects and applications within shared domains.
  • Learn to configure, manage licenses, and monitor Mule runtimes effectively, including log file analysis and JMX utilization.
  • Develop the ability to create secure administration connections and debug Mule applications for optimal performance.
  • Organize users and resources efficiently using business groups, environments, and manage Anypoint Platform users and roles.
  • Register and manage customer-hosted Mule runtimes with Anypoint Runtime Manager, aligning with SDLC environments.
  • Configure Mule applications for deployment using external and encrypted properties files for different environments.
  • Monitor, analyze, and configure alerts for Mule runtimes and applications, integrating 3rd party monitoring tools.
  • Distinguish between performance tuning and scaling, manage runtime clusters, and automate administrative tasks using the Anypoint CLI and REST APIs.