MuleSoft Training and certification Courses


With evolving customer expectations, it is critical for businesses to deliver a seamless experience by connecting devices, applications, and data across platforms that include SaaS, legacy systems, and Software. With agility becoming the norm, MuleSoft certification training helps professionals and enterprises to gain a comprehensive understanding of building a seamless application network that helps to complete projects, stay secure, be more productive, and manage access with ease. Check out the schedule below to be part of MuleSoft certification training today.

MuleSoft Courses

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MuleSoft Certification and Training Courses Overview: 

In an evolving technological business landscape, it is critical for organizations to stay abreast of the latest developments; if not, opportunities will be lost, and businesses will face dire consequences. In the face of emerging technologies such as AI, IoT, Big Data, and more have also raised the way customer expects services to be provided across platforms.
In the wake of maximizing ROI on IT investments globally, enterprises need to stay agile and deliver projects and results faster than ever. With MuleSoft, enterprises get the required technology and complete guidance to create a strong application network that helps them to complete their projects successfully by reusing existing codes, which helps in maintenance costs.
Irrespective of whether you are new to MuleSoft or an experienced professional using the technology, there are various learning paths that cater to different job roles across industry sectors.  Some of the critical learning paths for MuleSoft certification training are:
  • Developer
  • Integration Architect
  • Operations
  • Platform Architect


Popular MuleSoft Certification and Training Courses

Getting Started with Anypoint Platform (Mule 4):

This Getting Started with Anypoint Platform training is an introductory course for anybody who is looking to gain a basic understanding of the Anypoint PlatformTM project with by gaining real-world experience with regards to using it to design, deploy, build, manage, discover, and govern APIs. Moreover, this course is not for professionals who are looking to take up Anypoint Platform Development: Fundamentals certification training as the course agenda is more comprehensive.

Anypoint Platform Development: Fundamentals certification training:

This Anypoint Platform Development: Fundamentals certification training is ideal for developers and architects who are looking to gain a hands-on experience of the Anypoint PlatformTM to build APIs and integrations. Similar to the Getting Started with Anypoint Platform course, you will also learn to build, design, discover, consume, deploy, govern, and manage APIs.  Participants will also learn how to use Mule 4 and Anypoint Studio to build different types of applications for use. Take part in this Anypoint Platform Development: Fundamentals course to gain the required knowledge to sit for the MuleSoft Certified Developer – Level 1 certification exam.

Anypoint Platform Development: DataWeave certification training:

This Anypoint Platform Development: DataWeave certification training is ideal for developers who know DataWeave 1.0 and are looking to advance their skills to DataWeave 2.0. This course is not ideal for professionals who are aligned with Mule 3, and DataWeave 1.0 course is ideal for them. This course is highly beneficial for Mule 4 developers and architects who want to upgrade their DataWeave 2.0 skills that help them to build complex transformations. To understand the course objectives for this certification training, check out the Anypoint Platform Development: DataWeave course page. 

Anypoint Platform Architecture: Application Networks certification training:

This Anypoint Platform Architecture: Application Networks course sheds light on how an application network connects with devices, data, and applications of an organization with external platforms using APIs.  The Anypoint Platform Architecture course is ideal for enterprise architects and solution architects who will gain a thorough understanding of an application network emerging out of an individual integration that has happened due to API-based connectivity of an organization.  This is an instructor-led 3-day Level 1 Anypoint Platform Architecture training that is also case-study driven as to how the solution architecture affects the enterprise architecture for specific change initiatives.  Participants taking part in this course will gain relevant knowledge to sit for the MuleSoft Certified Platform Architect Level 1 certification exam.

Who can take up MuleSoft Certification Training?

Job roles that can benefit from MuleSoft certification training courses are:
  • IT Administrators
  • IT Professionals
  • Solution Architects
  • Enterprise Architects
  • System Architects
  • Software Developers
  • Business Analysts
  • System Engineers
  • End Users
  • Cloud Computing Professionals
  • Professionals managing Anypoint platform
  • Deployment Specialists
  • Professionals looking to gain an understanding of various MuleSoft solutions and tools
  • Participants looking to clear their relevant MuleSoft certification exams

Reasons to choose MuleSoft Certification Courses from Koenig Solutions

  • A wide portfolio of MuleSoft certification courses offered under one roof across various learning paths, services, and technologies
  • Expert MuleSoft trainers with real-world experience in implementing MuleSoft solutions for designing, building, and managing MuleSoft applications
  • Accredited Official MuleSoft certification course material provided along with hands-on labs and case study based learning to gain a comprehensive understanding
  • Get MuleSoft Certification training from an Authorized MuleSoft Training Partner 
  • Take up your MuleSoft training courses as 8 hours/ day on weekends and 4 hours/ day on weekdays
  • Customize your MuleSoft certification training according to your team and business needs
  • Multiple training delivery modes and blended learning options for teams spread across geographical locations
  • Exclusive resources provided for your MuleSoft training by Koenig Solutions and MuleSoft

Benefits of MuleSoft Certification Training

  1. Demonstrate your expertise in creating the next-gen enterprise with seamless integration for applications, devices, and data through cloud and on-premise
  2. Be relevant in an evolving technological landscape with MuleSoft certification training that helps integrate all emerging technologies into one place
  3. Gain a thorough understanding of MuleSoft’s Anypoint Platform to help your organization’s digital transformation
  4. Get recognition across industry sectors with the latest MuleSoft certification credentials, which are the most sought-after
  5. Create a successful career path with MuleSoft certification training by gaining relevant certification credentials across various learning paths
  6. Professionals with MuleSoft credentials are highly-paid individuals who earn an average salary in the range of USD 77,000 to USD 154,000 per annum in the US.
  7. MuleSoft certified professionals get job opportunities worldwide as the demand for them is at an all-time high across industry sectors
  8. Be part of the de facto choice for enterprises who are looking to integrate new applications through MuleSoft
  9. Build a robust foundation for your career with MuleSoft courses, as many introductory / level 1 courses help you to be eligible for advanced level 2 courses and certification exams 

MuleSoft Certification Process

  • Below are the steps to become a MuleSoft certified professional:
  • Enroll for the MuleSoft certification course by selecting a relevant schedule and training delivery mode of your choice
  • Understand the different learning paths  on offer from MuleSoft and select a course that suits your job profile 
  • Prepare for your MuleSoft training by going through course materials provided by Koenig Solutions and recommendations from MuleSoft for various courses
  • Attend an interactive instructor-led MuleSoft Certification training with various activities such as case study discussion and hands-on practice lab sessions
  • Take up as many MuleSoft sample practice tests to get a hold of the MuleSoft certification exam format
  • Become a MuleSoft Certified Professional to enhance your career opportunities worldwide across industry sectors


Salary prospects for MuleSoft Certified Professionals

The demand for MuleSoft Certified Developers and MuleSoft Certified Architects is at an all-time high, and this will not slow down for sure in the near future. As enterprises are preparing themselves to integrate various applications, devices, and data across platforms, it is critical for the workforce to be quick and productive while delivering such integration projects. With low supply, professionals enrolling for MuleSoft training courses and earning relevant MuleSoft credentials will go a long way to ensure a successful career path. Let’s check out MuleSoft certified professionals’ salaries from various parts of the world.
United States : USD 77,000 to USD 154,000
United Kingdom : Pounds 55,000 to 70,500
India : Rupees 5 lakhs to 20 lakhs 
Australia : AUD 110,000 to 140,000 
UAE : AED 163,000 to 302,000
Singapore : SGD 75,000 to 120,000

Job Prospects for MuleSoft Certified Professionals

Today, MuleSoft certified professionals are in great demand. As enterprises are looking to be more agile and quicker to respond to trends and changes in the market, it is critical for businesses to migrate and integrate across platforms and business systems as quickly as possible. In this regard, MuleSoft has various solutions and tools on offer that helps enterprises achieve quicker integration of APIs. Some of the top companies hiring MuleSoft certified professionals include First American, Wipro, IBM , Cognizant Technology Solutions, Rackspace, TCS, Customers Bank, Infosys, AT&T, Oktana, Salesforce, Intone Networks, and more.
Do check out your local job listings to find relevant MuleSoft Developer and MuleSoft Architect jobs in your region.


No, the published fee includes all applicable taxes.

Some of the top-paying MuleSoft certifications are:
  • MuleSoft Certified Developer: Level 1 (Mule 4)
  • MuleSoft Certified Developer: Level 1 (RAML 1.0)
  • MuleSoft Certified Platform Architect: Level 1
  • MuleSoft Certified Integration Architect: Level 1
MuleSoft as a company provides organizations across industry sectors to manage their devices, applications, and data across platforms in a seamless manner. This helps enterprises who are looking at transformation find relevant integration platforms that can quickly scale and also be flexible to use across cloud and on-premise legacy systems.
There was a need to kickstart the MuleSoft certification program to ensure professionals and enterprises remained on the same page while undertaking the training across various learning paths that include integration architect, platform architect, developer, and operations. With MuleSoft certified professionals being the most sought-after, it has created a space in today’s digitized economy for enterprises looking for quick integration of their services across various platforms. 
Traditional developers write code, and MuleSoft Developers, other than writing code, also design and develop connecting APIs that help enterprises to communicate with other business-critical applications and help them in their digital transformation journey. In a way, MuleSoft Developers reduce the hard work that it takes to integrate so many applications across platforms and devices by reusing codes to create a fresh repository as quickly as possible to reduce the timelines.
The cost of some of the popular MuleSoft certification exams are:
  • The Cost of MuleSoft Certified Developer: Level 1 certification exam is USD 250
  • The Cost of MuleSoft Certified Platform Architect: Level 1 certification exam is USD 375
  • The Cost of MuleSoft Certified Integration Architect: Level 1 certification exam is USD 375
Note: For all MuleSoft certification exams bought, 1 free retake is provided for participants. And participants can take up their MuleSoft certification exam a maximum of 5 times, with each attempt taking place after 24 hours.  And any additional retakes from 3 to 5 are charged at USD 125.
For more information on MuleSoft certifications, please visit their official page.

Participants can take up all MuleSoft certification exams from Kryterion/ Webassessor platform. To register for MuleSoft certification exams online, please visit the official kryterion/webassessor page

The highest salary on offer for a MuleSoft certified professional is for the job role of MuleSoft Architect, and the average pay is around USD 154,000 per annum in the US.

Yes, Koenig Solutions is a MuleSoft Training Partner to deliver MuleSoft Certification Training worldwide.
The validity of MuleSoft certifications is for 2 years. After completing the validity period, participants need to get recertified to maintain their MuleSoft certification credential.

No, MuleSoft products and solutions are universal in application. Any organization that is undergoing a digital transformation by migrating its key services to the cloud and other platforms will be able to take advantage. With technological evolution, businesses have started to embrace digitization across departments, and MuleSoft certification training is critical for professionals to help enterprises achieve seamless integration of APIs to various enterprise applications and devices.

Level 1 MuleSoft certification courses do not have any prerequisites. However, if a participant is taking up Level 2 MuleSoft certification courses, then level 1 credentials act as a prerequisite for level 2 MuleSoft training.