NetWorker Integration Workshop Course Overview

NetWorker Integration Workshop Course Overview

The NetWorker Integration Workshop is a comprehensive course designed for IT professionals who want to master the integration of EMC's NetWorker data protection software with various systems and applications. Throughout the course, learners will gain insights into performance management, diving into NetWorker's process communication, sizing for optimal performance, and adhering to best practices for backup and recovery.

Learners will explore the integration of NetWorker with other EMC products like Avamar and Data Domain, as well as key enterprise platforms including Microsoft SQL, Exchange, SharePoint, Hyper-V, Oracle, VMware, and SAP. Each module provides detailed lessons on configuration, use cases, and recovery processes, ensuring that participants are well-equipped to handle real-world data protection scenarios.

By the end of the workshop, attendees will have a robust understanding of how to efficiently manage backups, perform recoveries, and optimize the performance of NetWorker in diverse IT environments. This knowledge is crucial for maintaining business continuity and safeguarding critical data assets.

This is a Rare Course and it can be take up to 3 weeks to arrange the training.

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Course Prerequisites

To successfully undertake training in the NetWorker Integration Workshop course, students should meet the following minimum prerequisites:

  • Basic understanding of networking concepts and protocols.
  • Familiarity with operating systems such as Windows and Linux.
  • Knowledge of backup and recovery principles and the importance of data protection.
  • Experience with administering servers and managing system backups.
  • Familiarity with the core components and architecture of EMC NetWorker or equivalent backup solutions.
  • Basic understanding of databases, applications, and virtualization technologies that will be covered during the integration modules, such as Microsoft SQL, Exchange, SharePoint, Hyper-V, Oracle, VMware, and SAP.
  • Willingness to engage with hands-on lab exercises and actively participate in discussions.

These prerequisites are designed to ensure that participants are equipped with the foundational knowledge necessary to grasp the advanced concepts taught in the NetWorker Integration Workshop course. They are not intended to be barriers but rather to set the stage for a productive and enlightening training experience.

Target Audience for NetWorker Integration Workshop

The NetWorker Integration Workshop is tailored for IT professionals seeking to master NetWorker's performance and integration with various systems.

  • IT System Administrators
  • Backup and Recovery Specialists
  • Network Engineers
  • Storage Administrators
  • Database Administrators (DBAs)
  • Microsoft Application Specialists (SQL, Exchange, SharePoint, Hyper-V)
  • Oracle Database Administrators
  • VMware Administrators
  • SAP Basis Consultants
  • SAP HANA Administrators
  • IT Infrastructure Architects
  • Data Protection Officers
  • IT Consultants specializing in data backup solutions
  • Technical Support Engineers
  • Cloud Storage Managers
  • Disaster Recovery Professionals

Learning Objectives - What you will Learn in this NetWorker Integration Workshop?

Introduction to the Course Learning Outcomes:

This NetWorker Integration Workshop course equips students with the expertise to optimize performance, configure integration, and manage backups and recoveries across various platforms using NetWorker.

Learning Objectives and Outcomes:

  • Understand the process communication within NetWorker and how to size it for optimal performance.
  • Apply NetWorker performance and backup/recovery best practices effectively in IT environments.
  • Configure and leverage NetWorker's integration capabilities with EMC Avamar for deduplication storage systems.
  • Integrate NetWorker with Data Domain, understanding use cases, and mastering configuration steps for efficient data protection.
  • Implement Microsoft SQL database backup and recovery procedures using NetWorker Module for Microsoft (NMM) with both VSS and VDI methods.
  • Execute backup and granular level recovery for Microsoft Exchange using NMM, including support for Database Availability Groups (DAG).
  • Administer Microsoft SharePoint backup and recovery processes with NMM, ensuring data integrity and availability.
  • Configure and manage backup and recovery operations for Microsoft Hyper-V virtual environments using NMM.
  • Gain knowledge of Oracle database protection with NetWorker Module for Databases and Applications (NMDA), covering backup and recovery techniques.
  • Master VMware data protection using NetWorker and EMC Backup and Recovery Appliance, including installation and configuration for optimal virtual machine backup.
  • Learn to manage snapshots effectively with NetWorker Snapshot Management (NSM), covering both file system and application backup and recovery.
  • Acquire skills to backup and recover SAP environments, including SAP HANA, using NetWorker Module for SAP (NMSAP).