Microsoft PowerPoint 2016 / 2019 Course Overview

Microsoft PowerPoint 2016 / 2019 Course Overview

The Microsoft PowerPoint 2016 / 2019 course is designed to empower learners with comprehensive skills to create professional presentations. It’s perfect for those looking to enhance their presentation abilities for business, academic, or personal use. Starting with the basics of launching the program and creating slides, the course progresses through advanced features such as formatting, multimedia integration, and custom animations.

By delving into the detailed modules, participants will learn to effectively organize their content, incorporate images and charts for visual impact, and apply transitions and animations to keep the audience engaged. The course also covers multimedia aspects like adding audio and video to presentations, as well as final touches like setting up slide shows and exporting presentations for various uses.

Upon completion, learners will have a robust understanding of PowerPoint, enabling them to convey their ideas dynamically and effectively. This knowledge is not only pivotal for creating impactful presentations but also enhances overall communication skills in a digital environment.

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  • Live Online Training (Duration : 8 Hours)
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Classroom Training price is on request

You can request classroom training in any city on any date by Requesting More Information

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Course Prerequisites

Certainly! Here are the minimum required prerequisites for successfully undertaking training in the Microsoft PowerPoint 2016 / 2019 course:

  • Basic computer skills, including the ability to navigate the Windows operating system and manage files and folders.
  • Familiarity with the basic concepts of creating and managing documents in other Microsoft Office applications, such as Word.
  • An understanding of common tasks, such as copying and pasting text, formatting text, and saving files.
  • A willingness to learn and explore new features of Microsoft PowerPoint.
  • No advanced knowledge of graphic design or presentation skills is required, as this course is designed to teach these elements.

These prerequisites ensure that all participants can comfortably follow along with the course content and fully benefit from the training provided.

Target Audience for Microsoft PowerPoint 2016 / 2019

The Microsoft PowerPoint 2016 / 2019 course is designed for individuals seeking to master presentation creation and enhancement. Ideal for professionals across various sectors.

  • Administrative Assistants

  • Sales Professionals

  • Marketing Coordinators

  • Business Analysts

  • Educators and Trainers

  • Project Managers

  • Entrepreneurs

  • Corporate Executives

  • Students and Researchers

  • Human Resource Personnel

  • Content Creators

  • Graphic Designers who need presentation skills

  • IT Professionals presenting technical information

  • Non-profit Advocacy Leaders

  • Event Planners

Learning Objectives - What you will Learn in this Microsoft PowerPoint 2016 / 2019?

Introduction to Learning Outcomes

This Microsoft PowerPoint 2016/2019 course is designed to equip students with the skills to create compelling presentations using various features of PowerPoint.

Learning Objectives and Outcomes

  • Understand the PowerPoint interface, including ribbons and groups, and efficiently navigate different views.
  • Create, save, and manage PowerPoint presentations with a mastery of presentation file basics.
  • Format presentations using slide layouts, text formatting options, and design principles to enhance readability and visual impact.
  • Incorporate multimedia elements such as images, charts, and videos to create visually engaging slides.
  • Utilize advanced text features like WordArt and Ink Equation to create distinctive and professional-looking presentations.
  • Construct and format tables and charts to present data clearly and effectively.
  • Apply slide transitions and animation effects to add dynamism to presentations and keep the audience engaged.
  • Integrate audio and video elements seamlessly into presentations for a multimedia-rich experience.
  • Master the use of Slide Master to create consistent presentation designs and customize slide elements.
  • Prepare for final presentation delivery by exploring different viewing options, adding footers, and understanding export functionalities, including creating videos and outlines.