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MS Office is one of the most widely used platforms all over the world. Proficiency in MS Office is a guaranteed must-have to put on any resume. It is a requirement that transcends all industries and job roles. Whether one is a business leader or is a total fresher in any industry, working knowledge of MS Office is considered to be necessary. In this regard, microsoft office course training is quite apt for professionals across various categories and industry sectors they belong to. Check out the MS Office courses training dates below and enrol now.

Microsoft Office Certification Training Overview

MS Office is one of the, if not the most, widely used set of tools in today’s world of technology. Microsoft has created a network of easy to access, easy to understand, and easy to incorporate tools that have created a strong baseline for newcomers and experienced working professionals to achieve their minimum amount of technical competency. This is why people find Microsoft Office certifications unnecessary, which is far from the truth. 
Certification in MS Office is not just to show potential employers that one knows how to use Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, or Microsoft Outlook; it shows the level of proficiency one has with the tool and how they are experts in the area. Even if one knows how to use MS Office tools in a rudimentary and foundational manner, it does not make them knowledgeable on understanding the more nuanced features of the tools. Knowing how to use MS Office appropriately can simplify many tasks and open up opportunities that were out of reach before.


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Popular Microsoft Office Courses


Excel 2016 - (Official)

The MS Excel 2016 certification training course is for those who want to become experts in MS Excel. This certification will teach learners about the fundamentals of MS Excel, data visualization using MS Excel, create budgets, financial statements, various performance charts, graphs, analysis and more. Participants taking part in the MS Excel training will become experts at using MS Excel and can use the tool to its full capabilities to create and manage worksheets, use complex formulae for their assessment, and more.

Introduction to Word 2016 - (Official)

The Introduction to Word 2016 certification training course is for beginners who want to learn MS Word fundamentals and processes for their work. This course is designed for those who are new at using MS Office tools and would like more insight on how to use MS Word to create, edit and format documents using the tool. They also learn how to use the Ribbon feature in MS Word and different commands they can use along with using the Backstage view to create and edit various templates. All the new features that have been released since 2013 in MS Word are also included in this certification training course.

Introduction to PowerPoint 2016 - (Official)

The Introduction to PowerPoint 2016 certification training course is for those who want to learn how to create detailed presentations using the different features offered by MS PowerPoint as a tool. The learners will gain insight on how to create slideshows, edit presentations, and more. MS PowerPoint is a great tool to enhance the quality of any presentation in a simplified manner and can be used to generate meaningful presentations that can be used at meetings, employee training programs, instruction manuals, and more.

Excel 2019 for users (1 Day) - (Official)

The Excel 2019 for users certification training course is for those who have no familiarity with MS Excel. This one day course is for those who want to learn the core basics and fundamentals of how MS Excel works. The certification course will teach learners on how to make basic worksheets and workbooks. They will learn the most basic skills required to use MS Excel such as creating, editing and formatting basic sheets using MS Excel 2019.

Word 2019 for users - (Official)

The Word 2019 for users certification training course is an instructor-led program created to teach learners the skills involved with managing MS Word documents. The certification training course includes lessons on managing documents, creating and editing them, formatting them, making tables and lists in MS Word, managing different graphic elements offered by MS Word, and more. This provides certificate holders with an associate-level of training in the MS Word platform where users can proficiently use the tool to complete tasks.

PowerPoint 2019 for users - (Official)

The PowerPoint 2019 for users certification training course is for working professionals who want to hone their presentation skills using the latest features of MS PowerPoint offered by Microsoft. This instructor-led training and certification program teaches learners how to enhance their presentation skills, manage slides and complete presentations, use features such as tables, charts, 3D models, transition and animation effects, and more.

VBA in Excel - (Official)

The VBA in Excel certification training program is for showcasing proficiency in MS Excel. This Visual for Basic Applications course is created to regulate all the processes of MS Excel and use the various features of the platform to create Macros using Ribbon, data introduction and cleaning in MS Excel, archiving of information, and access points for developers which they can use to automate processes in Excel. This certification requires prior knowledge and some level of expertise and experience in MS Excel to fully understand the curriculum.

Who can take up Microsoft Office Certification Training?

Since MS Office has such a diverse set of tools involved, a certification can be applicable to any and all job roles. Some of the users who will benefit the most from a certification in MS Office work as:
  1. System Administrators
  2. HR Professionals
  3. University Students
  4. Freshers and entry-level job applicants
  5. Accountants
  6. Business Managers
  7. IT Managers
  8. Data Analysts 
  9. Business Analysts 
  10. Assistant Managers
  11. Financial Analysts
  12. Advanced Excel Users
  13. Advanced MS Office Users
  14. Developers
  15. Anybody who wants to gain a thorough understanding of MS Office tools
  16. Professionals who are looking to clear relevant MS Office certification exams

Reasons to take MS Office Certification Training from Koenig Solutions

  • We offer a comprehensive portfolio of MS Office courses spread across MS Word, MS Excel, MS Outlook, MS PowerPoint, MS VBA, and more
  • Koenig Solutions is an Accredited Microsoft Gold Partner to deliver Microsoft Certification courses across the globe
  • Go beyond your basic skills of using MS Office tools by getting official certification and getting recognition for the same
  • Get trained by Expert MS Office trainers who have real-world knowledge and expertise to use MS Office tools to their maximum potential
  • Become a Certified MS Office Professional to exponentially grow in your career and to get opportunities across the globe
  • Be part of the new norm in today’s certification-based job market where certifications are clear differentiating factors on an individual’s resume
  • A one-stop solution for your complete MS Office Certification journey at Koenig Solutions who offer all popular microsoft office courses across 100+ locations globally

Benefits of Microsoft Office Certification Training

Once learners and working professionals are certified MS Office professionals, it can have a positive impact on their careers. These certifications are extremely beneficial to those who have to work with or in administration because it can really help streamline all processes and make task completion a significantly easier job. Some of the benefits that come with completing an MS Office certification training course are:
  1. The credentials validate one’s fluency at MS Office, and the certification improves one’s efficiency in MS Office from being just a skill to certified expertise in the field. This is a great addition to one’s resume.
  2. MS Office has great tools handy to analyze and visualize data for analysis and presentation. Data is essential for any operations to function, succeed or evaluate, and MS Office tools help users collect and present their data in an organized and presentable manner.
  3. MS Office certification training courses also teach learners about how to build impactful charts with data. This can be extremely beneficial and time saving for data, finance, IT or business analysts. Since MS Office has such a diverse set of tools and it is so easily accessible, it can be used by anyone.
  4. Microsoft Certification in MS Office can increase one’s credibility in the organization and add value to one’s resume that will be noticed by recruiters and other hiring managers.
  5. MS Office tools are recognized and used globally, and a certification in the same can be of great help to all working professionals to advance their careers.
  6. MS Office keeps updating the features to adapt to the latest trends in technology and usage as well. An microsoft office course will let learners stay updated on these new features, and they can learn how to use them to their advantage.
  7. Achieve higher salaries with MS Office Certification. On average, an MS Office Certified Professional earns anywhere in the range of USD 42,000 to 108,000 per annum in the US.


Ans - No, the published fee includes all applicable taxes.

An MS Office certification training course is almost rudimentary and necessary for professionals worldwide in today’s time. Although everyone knows the basic functionalities of MS Office tools in the form of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and more, the benefits of getting an MS Office certification are actually quite high.

MS Office certification training courses showcase the best way for learners to use the tools available to them, learn about new features, and truly use them for all they are worth. For each tool that Microsoft provides, there is a corresponding course for the same. A certification in different tools of MS Office can really help expand an individual’s career scope.

Almost all Microsoft Office (MOS) certification exam cost is $100.

Yes, most MS Office certifications are valid only for a period of 2 years; post that one has to get recertified.

The duties of an MOS include:
  • Compose written correspondence using word processing and email programs
  • Analyze and present data using spreadsheets
  • Setting up and preparing business reports, letters, mailing labels and other text
  • Handling quantitative information

There are different methods one can use to verify their student status for the certification. These include:
  • Submitting student ID
  • Verification code from a Microsoft representative
  • School email address
  • School documentation
  • School network credentials

You can become an MS Office Certified professional by following the below steps:
  1. Select a relevant MS Office certification course from an Accredited Microsoft Partner like Koenig Solutions
  2. Attend the Instructor-led MS Office training of your choice and platform
  3. Prepare for your MS Office Certification Exam
  4. Register for your MS Office certification exam and clear the same on your first attempt
  5. Maintain your MS Office certification every 2 years by getting recertified

Microsoft Office certifications offer job roles such as:
  1. Research Analyst
  2. Project Coordinator
  3. Workbook Developer
  4. Database Specialist
  5. SharePoint Specialist
  6. Administrative Assistant

Yes there are student discounts available for the certification exam in MS Office. These vary based on the country the student is taking the exam from.

Once the certification exam has been completed, the results will be given to the candidate in a few minutes.

No, there is no negative marking or any form of penalizing if one answers questions incorrectly. One will simply lose the points for the question if the answer is wrong.

Visual Basic for Applications was created by Microsoft as an event-driven programming language known as Visual Basic 6. VBA courses are aimed at using Microsoft tools for an integrated development process.

Some of the certification training courses to gain more expertise in MS Excel are:
  1. Excel 2016
  2. Excel 2019 for users (1 day course)
  3. VBA in Excel

There are five attempts allowed within a twelve-month period for MS Office certification exams. If the candidate does not clear the exam on the first attempt, the second attempt can be given after one day. The gap between the second and third attempts, as well as third and fourth, and between the fourth and fifth attempts has to be at least fourteen days. If a candidate does not clear the certification exam in five attempts, he or she will have to wait for a twelve-month period from the date of the first attempt to retake the exam.

There is no cancellation fee if one cancels their exam dates before 6 working days of the exam date. If one cancels within five business days of the exam, a nominal cancellation fee is applied and the rest gets refunded. If one wants to cancel within 24 hours of the exam, the entire certification exam fee has been forfeited.

MS Office certifications are offered in multiple languages such as:
  1. English
  2. Simplified Chinese
  3. German
  4. Spanish
  5. French
  6. Italian
  7. Portugese 
  8. Thai
  9. Turkish
  10. Arabic
  11. Traditional Chinese
  12. Japanese
  13. Korean

Yes, Koenig Solutions is an Accredited Microsoft Gold Partner to deliver MS Office training courses worldwide.