Microsoft Forms Course Overview

Microsoft Forms Course Overview

Microsoft Forms certification signifies an individual, team, or organization's proficiency in using Microsoft Forms, a tool used to create surveys, quizzes, and polls, and collect customer feedback. This tool is widely used by businesses and education sectors for data collection, analysis, and decision making. Through this certification, professionals demonstrate their skill in creating forms, sharing and analyzing responses with real-time analytics, thereby effectively integrating these insights into their daily operations. It encourages seamless collaboration, and enhances productivity, making it vital for industries focusing on customer insights and data-driven decisions. It's not about a training or course, but about mastering the utilization of Microsoft Forms tool.

This is a Rare Course and it can be take up to 3 weeks to arrange the training.

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Course Prerequisites

• Basic understanding of Microsoft Office Suite
• Familiarity with online data collection tools
• Knowledge in creating surveys, quizzes, and polls
• Basic computer skills
• Access to a Microsoft 365 subscription for hands-on practice.

Microsoft Forms Certification Training Overview

Microsoft Forms certification training provides deep understanding on creating surveys, quizzes, and polls. It covers topics such as designing forms, sharing responses, and analyzing response data. The course includes practical sessions on customizing form settings, using branching for custom paths, applying templates, and integrating forms with other Microsoft 365 apps. The training is designed to equip learners with tools to collect and analyze data efficiently, enhancing productivity and decision-making in organizational set-ups.

Why Should You Learn Microsoft Forms?

Learning Microsoft Forms course in stats enhances data collection and analysis skills. It trains individuals on creating surveys, quizzes, polls efficiently and interpreting the obtained data. This knowledge aids in statistical decision-making, improves problem-solving abilities, and boosts productivity in various professional fields.

Target Audience for Microsoft Forms Certification Training

• Employees seeking to improve their data collection and analysis skills
• Managers or supervisors aiming to streamline their decision-making process
• Businesses looking to automate their surveys, quizzes, and polls
• Educators looking to digitalize their assessment and feedback procedures
• Office administrators seeking to enhance their data management capabilities

Why Choose Koenig for Microsoft Forms Certification Training?

- Learners receive instruction from certified instructors holding in-depth industry knowledge
- Training in Microsoft Forms can open career paths and provide an instant boost in job opportunities
- Koenig Solutions presents flexible, customized training programs tailored to individual learning needs
- Unique "Destination Training" offers a unique learning experience combined with travel
- Affordable Pricing schemes making professional training accessible to everyone
- Recognized as a top training institute globally backed by high student satisfaction scores
- Option to choose flexible dates that fit into the learner's schedule
- Instructor-led online training enables learning from comfort of home
- Wide range of courses across latest technologies and platforms available
- Guaranteed accredited training ensures quality education and value for money.

Microsoft Forms Skills Measured

After completing Microsoft Forms certification training, an individual can earn skills like creating surveys, quizzes, and polls, incorporating various question types, customizing form settings, sharing and collaborating forms, analyzing responses, and integrating with other Microsoft applications. They can also develop abilities in using branch logic, form designing and hosting webinars. The training enhances an individual's data collection and analysis skills, proficiency in Microsoft platform, data privacy understanding and navigational skills within the Microsoft Forms environment.

Top Companies Hiring Microsoft Forms Certified Professionals

Large tech companies, including Accenture, Cognizant, and Capgemini are always on the lookout for Microsoft Forms certified professionals. These enterprises value the skill since it helps to streamline their processes with highly efficient formative and analytical tools. Other key employers include TCS, Dell, and IBM.

Learning Objectives - What you will Learn in this Microsoft Forms Course?

The learning objectives of a Microsoft Forms course are to enable participants to effectively create, distribute, and analyse surveys, quizzes, and polls. By the end of the course, students should understand how to utilize various tools to construct custom forms, embed images or videos, and design different types of questions. Participants should also be able to modify form settings for individual or collaborative use, share forms for responses via email, QR code, or embedded link, and analyse the responses data efficiently. Finally, students will aim to integrate Microsoft Forms with other Office 365 applications for enhanced functionality.