40525: Microsoft Cloud Workshop: Media AI Course Overview

40525: Microsoft Cloud Workshop: Media AI Course Overview

The 40525: Microsoft Cloud Workshop: Media AI course is designed to engage learners in a comprehensive exploration of AI and media services within the Microsoft Azure ecosystem. It targets professionals seeking to integrate AI with media content to enhance user experience and content discoverability.

In Module 1: Whiteboard Design Session - Media AI, participants will delve into a customer case study, design a proof of concept solution, and learn to effectively present their AI-driven media solution. This module emphasizes critical thinking and collaborative design tailored to real-world scenarios.

Module 2: Hands-on Lab - Media AI provides practical experience, where learners sign up for the Video Indexer API Service, establish a video import workflow, and implement an admin website for video uploads. Participants will also update video statuses, integrate a video player into a front-end application, and test their application, thereby gaining hands-on expertise with Azure Media Services.

Overall, the course is instrumental for learners aiming to harness the power of Azure AI in media scenarios, ultimately enhancing their skills in building advanced, AI-powered media solutions.

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Course Prerequisites

To ensure a successful learning experience in the 40525: Microsoft Cloud Workshop: Media AI course, participants should meet the following minimum prerequisites:

  • Basic understanding of cloud computing concepts and services, especially within the Microsoft Azure platform.
  • Familiarity with Azure services such as Azure Storage, Azure Functions, and Azure Cognitive Services.
  • Experience with web development, particularly in creating and deploying web applications.
  • Working knowledge of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript for front-end development tasks.
  • Understanding of RESTful API integration.
  • An ability to navigate the Azure portal and set up various services.
  • Some experience with Git for source control would be beneficial.

Please note that while these prerequisites are intended to set a foundation for the course, individuals with a strong willingness to learn and problem-solve may also find success in the workshop.

Target Audience for 40525: Microsoft Cloud Workshop: Media AI

Course 40525: Microsoft Cloud Workshop: Media AI is designed for professionals seeking to harness AI for media content analysis and enhancement.

Target Audience:

  • Data Scientists interested in applying AI to media content
  • Cloud Solutions Architects focusing on media services
  • AI Developers working with media data
  • Media Industry Software Engineers seeking to integrate AI capabilities
  • IT Professionals aiming to leverage Microsoft Azure for media-related solutions
  • DevOps Engineers tasked with deploying and managing media workflows in the cloud
  • Technical Project Managers overseeing media AI projects
  • Media Content Managers looking to adopt AI for content categorization and analysis
  • Digital Asset Managers seeking efficient ways to index and search media content
  • Business Analysts in the media sector requiring knowledge of AI capabilities

Learning Objectives - What you will Learn in this 40525: Microsoft Cloud Workshop: Media AI?

Introduction to Learning Outcomes and Concepts Covered

The 40525: Microsoft Cloud Workshop: Media AI course equips students with skills to design and implement intelligent media analytics solutions using Microsoft Azure services.

Learning Objectives and Outcomes

  • Understand the customer case study to identify business requirements for media AI solutions.
  • Design a scalable proof of concept solution that leverages AI for media content analysis.
  • Articulate and present a media AI solution effectively, addressing its benefits and potential impact.
  • Gain practical experience by signing up for the Video Indexer API service on Azure.
  • Learn to set up an automated video import workflow within Azure to streamline media processing.
  • Implement an admin website capable of uploading and managing video content.
  • Develop skills to update video processing status dynamically, ensuring efficient workflow management.
  • Integrate a video player into a front-end application to display processed content.
  • Test and troubleshoot the application to ensure reliability and functional performance.
  • Acquire the ability to apply Azure AI services in real-world scenarios, enhancing media content with advanced analytics and AI capabilities.