MB-310T00: Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance Course Overview

MB-310T00: Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance Course Overview

The Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance course is designed to educate learners on how to set up, configure, and manage financial operations within the Dynamics 365 Finance application. It covers a range of essential financial practices such as financial management, accounts receivable, accounts payable, budgeting, and fixed assets management. Through hands-on lessons and knowledge checks, students will learn how to navigate the system, implement key financial processes, and utilize the software to support business finances effectively.

Participants will gain the ability to configure currencies, work with fiscal calendars, and manage the chart of accounts. They'll also delve into daily procedures, intercompany accounting, and periodic processes. The course equips learners with the skills to handle credit and collections, expense management, and budget planning, as well as to manage fixed assets from acquisition through disposal. By completing this comprehensive training, individuals will be well-prepared to optimize financial operations and contribute to their organization's financial health using Microsoft Dynamics 365.

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  • Live Online Training (Duration : 32 Hours)
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Course Prerequisites

To successfully undertake training in the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance course, it's essential to have a solid foundation in certain areas to ensure a comprehensive understanding of the course material. Below are the minimum required prerequisites for students interested in this course:

  • Basic understanding of financial concepts and accounting principles.
  • Familiarity with business processes related to finance, such as accounts payable, accounts receivable, budgeting, and financial reporting.
  • General knowledge of Microsoft Windows and the ability to navigate the operating system.
  • Experience using Microsoft Office applications, particularly Excel, as it is often used in conjunction with Dynamics 365 Finance.
  • Ability to understand and engage with the course content in English, as the training materials and instruction will be delivered in this language.

While prior experience with ERP systems or other Dynamics 365 applications can be beneficial, it is not a strict requirement for this training program. Our course is designed to accommodate individuals with varying degrees of background knowledge, ensuring that all participants can achieve a thorough understanding of Dynamics 365 Finance functionalities and capabilities.

Target Audience for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance

  1. Master financial management with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance, designed for professionals in finance and accounting.

  2. Target Audience for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance Course:

  • Financial Analysts
  • Accountants
  • Finance Managers
  • Controllers
  • CFOs (Chief Financial Officers)
  • ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) Consultants
  • Financial Consultants
  • Dynamics 365 Functional Consultants
  • IT Professionals working with financial software
  • Business Analysts focusing on finance operations
  • Project Managers overseeing financial system implementations
  • Professionals aiming to transition into finance-focused roles
  • Auditors who need to understand Dynamics 365 Finance for compliance purposes
  • Operations Managers with a financial focus
  • Compliance Officers dealing with financial regulations and reporting standards

Learning Objectives - What you will Learn in this Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance?

Introduction to the Course's Learning Outcomes and Concepts Covered:

This course offers comprehensive training on Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance, focusing on financial management, accounts receivable/payable, budgeting, and fixed assets to optimize financial operations.

Learning Objectives and Outcomes:

  • Understand and Configure Financial Management: Set up and configure core financial management aspects, including general ledger, currencies, and fiscal calendars.
  • Implement Accounts Receivable and Credit: Learn to manage customer credit, collections, and revenue recognition processes effectively.
  • Manage Accounts Payable and Expenses: Configure and utilize accounts payable functionalities, including vendor invoice automation and expense management.
  • Administer Budgeting: Establish and control budgets, perform budget planning, and integrate with financial reporting.
  • Oversee Fixed Assets: Manage the lifecycle of fixed assets from acquisition to disposal, including depreciation and asset leasing.
  • Conduct Daily Financial Procedures: Perform routine financial tasks and understand their impact on financial reporting.
  • Handle Intercompany Accounting: Manage financial transactions between multiple legal entities within the same organization.
  • Implement Ledger Allocations and Accruals: Set up and process allocations and accruals for accurate financial representation.
  • Use Advanced Features: Utilize Intelligent OCR for vendor invoices, Positive Pay for check fraud mitigation, and Expense Management for travel and expenses.
  • Apply Financial Reporting and Analytics: Generate financial reports and analyze financial data for informed decision-making.
MB-310T00: Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance