THR10 - Management Administration 1 Course Overview

THR10 - Management Administration 1 Course Overview

The THR10 - Management Administration 1 certification is a crucial credential in the field of human resources, specifically in HR administration. It revolves around fundamentals, providing an in-depth understanding of the SAP Human Capital Management module. The certification is essential for professionals who manage administrative processes, data analysis, personal management, and organizational structuring within their companies. Industries use it as a standard for validating employees' skills in navigating personnel processes using SAP solutions. It demonstrates professionals' efficiency in handling, resolving, and streamlining HR-related challenges and tasks, ensuring maximum productivity and smooth operational processes.

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Course Prerequisites

- Basic understanding of HR processes
- Familiarity with SAP navigation
- Knowledge of SAP ERP Human Capital Management
- Previous experience in HR administration
- Completion of the introductory course, SAP Human Capital Management
- Good data management skills
- Ability to understand and interpret analysis reports.

THR10 - Management Administration 1 Certification Training Overview

The THR10 - Management Administration 1 certification training is fundamental for SAP HCM professionals. The course targets enhancing skills in personnel administration, payroll processes, organizational management, time management, and recruitment. Attendees acquire proficiency in personnel structure, employment status, infotype maintenance, and wage type determination. It also covers essential aspects like integration with other components, reporting, and authorization. Overall, the training provides rigorous preparation for managing administrative aspects of human capital management.

Why Should You Learn THR10 - Management Administration 1?

The THR10 - Management Administration 1 course offers a comprehensive understanding of human resource management functions, which are indispensable in today's business environment. It promotes the acquisition of practical skills and knowledge in HR planning, recruitment, remuneration, and workforce analytics. Thus, fostering better decision-making, improved efficiency, and a more conducive work environment.

Target Audience for THR10 - Management Administration 1 Certification Training

• Mid-level managers seeking to enhance their administrative capabilities
• Senior management professionals aiming for continued personal development
• Team leaders, supervisors and project coordinators looking to improve organizational effectiveness
• Professionals poised for a management role and need to develop managerial skills
• Business owners desiring a comprehensive understanding of administrative management.

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THR10 - Management Administration 1 Skills Measured

After completing THR10 - Management Administration 1 certification training, an individual gains comprehensive skills in SAP HCM. They become proficient in personalized administrative tasks, configuration and organization of master data, and day-to-day HR activities. They get skilled in time recording, payroll fundamentals, and benefits and contract conditions. They also become adept at handling information display and reporting, as well as integration aspects within organizational management. This training also develops their abilities in creating time data, various concurrent employment actions, and personnel cost planning.

Top Companies Hiring THR10 - Management Administration 1 Certified Professionals

Top companies that hire THR10 - Management Administration 1 certified professionals include SAP, IBM, Accenture, Deloitte, and Capgemini. These businesses frequently require the skills of such professionals for various SAP HCM projects, and their expertise in validating and managing administrative data.

Learning Objectives - What you will Learn in this THR10 - Management Administration 1 Course?

The learning objectives of the THR10 - Management Administration 1 course are primarily to provide learners with a deep knowledge and understanding of SAP Human Capital Management (HCM). This includes the ability to understand and configure important administrative functions, master data, and employee self-service features in SAP HCM. After completing this course, learners should have the capacity to manage and administer organizational data, personnel procedures, and recruitment operations. They should also be capable of implementing and executing time management and personnel cost planning functions, as well as effectively configuring payroll and benefits processing functions.