Korn and Bash Shell Programming Course Overview

Korn and Bash Shell Programming Course Overview

The Korn and Bash Shell Programming course is designed for learners who want to master shell scripting and command-line automation using the KornShell (ksh) and Bourne Again SHell (bash). Through this comprehensive course, participants will gain an in-depth understanding of basic shell concepts, advanced customization techniques, and the use of regular expressions, as well as how to utilize sed, awk, and other AIX utilities.

The course begins with an introduction to shell environments, comparing popular shells, discussing the compatibility and differences between ksh and bash, and exploring their respective advantages and disadvantages. It delves into command syntax, special characters, and pattern matching, setting a solid foundation for more complex topics.

As learners progress, they will explore process management, including background jobs and co-processing, and dive into shell scripting with lessons on writing scripts, flow control, functions, and typeset, data types, and arithmetic operations. Advanced topics such as string handling, programming logic, and conditional expressions are also covered, ensuring students can write efficient and powerful scripts.

By the end of the course, participants will be adept at automating tasks, managing processes, and writing complex scripts, enhancing their productivity and technical expertise in shell programming. This skill set is invaluable for system administrators, developers, and IT professionals looking to streamline their workflow and automate repetitive tasks.

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Course Prerequisites

To ensure that students are well-prepared and can gain the most from our Korn and Bash Shell Programming course, the following prerequisites are recommended:

  • Familiarity with the UNIX or Linux operating system environment.
  • Basic knowledge of command-line operations and utilities in UNIX or Linux.
  • Understanding of fundamental concepts of operating systems and processes.
  • Prior experience with any programming language (not mandatory, but beneficial for understanding programming concepts).
  • Ability to edit text files using a UNIX or Linux text editor, such as vi or nano.
  • Willingness to learn and explore new concepts related to shell scripting and automation.

These prerequisites are intended to provide a foundation that will help students engage with the course material effectively. However, our training is designed to accommodate learners with varying levels of experience, and our instructors are adept at guiding students through the learning process.

Target Audience for Korn and Bash Shell Programming

Koenig Solutions' Korn and Bash Shell Programming course is designed for IT professionals seeking to master shell scripting and command-line automation.

  • System Administrators
  • DevOps Engineers
  • Software Developers
  • Data Scientists requiring automation in data processing
  • Technical Support Specialists
  • Database Administrators
  • IT Professionals involved in Unix/Linux environments
  • Security Engineers implementing automation and scripts
  • Network Administrators managing server configurations
  • Graduate students in computer science or related fields
  • IT Automation Professionals
  • Quality Assurance Engineers automating test scripts

Learning Objectives - What you will Learn in this Korn and Bash Shell Programming?

Introduction to the Course's Learning Outcomes and Concepts Covered

Gain a comprehensive understanding of shell scripting with Korn and Bash, mastering command-line processes, flow control, script writing, advanced shell features, and utilities like sed and awk.

Learning Objectives and Outcomes

  • Understand the differences between popular shells and the specific advantages and disadvantages of Korn (ksh) and Bash (bash).
  • Learn shell command syntax, including special characters, pattern matching, and the use of expansions.
  • Acquire the skills to manage processes, handle job control, and utilize signals and traps in both Korn and Bash shells.
  • Develop the ability to write, run, and debug shell scripts while effectively using variables, data types, and arithmetic operations.
  • Understand the use of functions, the typeset command, and how to properly declare and use constants and arrays in scripts.
  • Customize the shell environment through command-line options, startup scripts, and environment variables for both ksh and bash.
  • Grasp programming logic in shell scripts, including conditional expressions, loops, and menu selection, to create interactive and efficient scripts.
  • Learn to effectively use regular expressions for pattern matching and text manipulation within shell scripts.
  • Utilize AIX utilities such as sed, awk, and others to perform advanced text processing and data manipulation.
  • Enhance command-line productivity with an in-depth knowledge of command history, aliasing, and command finding.