Go Programming ( Go Lang ) Course Overview

Go Programming ( Go Lang ) Course Overview

The Go Programming (Go Lang) course is designed to provide a comprehensive introduction to Go, an open-source programming language created by Google. This course covers everything from the basic structure and syntax of the language to its advanced features, such as concurrency with goroutines and channels. With a focus on practical application, the course is structured into modules that guide learners through the Go environment setup, basic syntax, data types, variables, constants, operators, decision making, loops, functions, scope rules, strings, arrays, pointers, structures, slices, maps, recursion, type casting, interfaces, error handling, and packages.

By enrolling in the Golang Training, students will gain a solid foundation in Go Language Course principles and be able to build efficient and reliable software. The course is designed for both beginners and experienced programmers, offering a step-by-step approach to mastering Go. The hands-on lessons and examples will help learners to become proficient Go developers, ready to tackle real-world programming challenges.

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  • Live Online Training (Duration : 40 Hours)
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Course Prerequisites

To ensure a successful learning experience in the Go Programming (Go Lang) course, the following minimum prerequisites are recommended for prospective students:

  • Basic understanding of programming concepts such as variables, loops, functions, and conditionals.
  • Familiarity with at least one programming language (e.g., C, C++, Java, Python, etc.), which will help in grasping Go's syntax and structure more quickly.
  • Knowledge of fundamental data structures like arrays, strings, and maps is beneficial.
  • Basic command-line skills, especially for setting up the environment and executing programs.
  • Willingness to learn and experiment with new programming paradigms, as Go may introduce concepts not found in other languages the student has experienced.
  • Access to a computer with internet connectivity to install the necessary software and tools for Go development.

These prerequisites are aimed at ensuring that students have the foundational skills required to comprehend the course material and are able to keep pace with the lessons. They are not meant to discourage learners but to prepare them for a productive and enriching educational journey with Koenig Solutions.

Target Audience for Go Programming ( Go Lang )

The Go Programming course by Koenig Solutions is designed for developers seeking to master Google's Go language for efficient, concurrent programming.

  • Software Developers interested in backend systems
  • Programmers looking to learn a modern, efficient language
  • DevOps Engineers aiming to write scripts or automation tools in Go
  • Computer Science students specializing in systems programming
  • IT Professionals wanting to develop network servers or distributed systems
  • Technical Leads managing teams that will use Go
  • Full Stack Developers expanding their backend skills
  • System Architects designing scalable, high-performance applications
  • Cloud Computing Experts working on infrastructure that supports Go
  • Open Source Contributors who contribute to projects written in Go
  • Mobile App Developers looking to understand Go for server-side systems
  • Data Scientists requiring performance-oriented code for data processing

Learning Objectives - What you will Learn in this Go Programming ( Go Lang )?

Introduction to Learning Outcomes

This Go Programming course offers an in-depth understanding of Go (GoLang), covering its syntax, data structures, and concurrent programming features, equipping students with the skills for effective software development.

Learning Objectives and Outcomes

  • Understand the unique features of Go Programming and what differentiates it from other languages.
  • Set up a Go development environment, including installation across various operating systems and IDE configuration.
  • Grasp Go's program structure and basic syntax to write and execute simple Go programs.
  • Learn about Go's data types, variables, and constants, and how to use them effectively in programs.
  • Master the use of operators, control flow statements (if, switch, select), loops (for, while), and their appropriate use cases.
  • Develop functions in Go, understanding parameter passing, multiple return values, closures, and methods.
  • Understand scope rules in Go, including the distinction and usage of local and global variables.
  • Manipulate strings and arrays, including multidimensional arrays, and comprehend how to operate on them with slices and maps.
  • Implement pointers in Go, understand pointer operations, and learn how pointers can be passed to functions.
  • Explore Go's concurrency model using goroutines and channels, learning how to manage parallel programming and synchronization.