GitLab Certified Associate Course Overview

GitLab Certified Associate Course Overview

The GitLab Certified Associate certification attests to an individual’s foundational knowledge and skills in utilizing GitLab, a DevOps platform. This certification demonstrates one's ability to effectively collaborate in a high-performing DevOps environment. Concepts covered typically include project creation, navigation, GitLab flow, and CI/CD. These certifications are valuable for professionals in the IT sector, especially those engaged in software development, IT management, and operations, as GitLab is widely used for source code management and CI/CD pipelines. Industries use the certification to identify qualified professionals who can help optimize their workflows, accelerate software delivery, and enhance their overall DevOps practices.

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Course Prerequisites

• Basic understanding of Git and GitLab
• Familiarity with general software terms
• Knowledge of operating systems
• Basic idea of continuous integration, delivery, and deployment
• Basic programming skills
• Awareness of cloud and virtualization concepts
• Understanding of Linux/UNIX command line interface.

GitLab Certified Associate Certification Training Overview

GitLab Certified Associate certification training is aimed at equipping participants with the fundamental concepts and skills related to GitLab. The course covers basics of Git, GitLab workflow, and key features like issue tracking and merge requests. It also provides familiarity with Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment (CI/CD) in GitLab. The training ensures participants gain a comprehensive understanding of using GitLab for version control and collaboration, thereby increasing the efficacy of project management and team coordination.

Why Should You Learn GitLab Certified Associate?

The GitLab Certified Associate course offers a plethora of benefits, including enhanced knowledge about GitLab fundamentals, efficient project management, and software development skills. The certification also enhances one's credibility and employability, paving the way for better job opportunities in the tech industry. Moreover, the certification helps in understanding continuous integration, which is crucial for modern software development processes.

Target Audience for GitLab Certified Associate Certification Training

- IT professionals interested in version control systems
- Developers aiming to enhance their coding and collaboration skills
- Operations staff seeking to streamline their workflow
- Team leaders pursuing efficient project management techniques
- Software engineers looking to understand continuous integration/continuous deployment
- Tech enthusiasts interested in open source contributions.

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GitLab Certified Associate Skills Measured

Upon completing the GitLab Certified Associate certification training, an individual can gain proficiency in using GitLab for version control and continuous integration. They acquire the skills to manage, plan, create, verify, package and release software applications using GitLab. They also get equipped with knowledge in using GitLab CI/CD pipeline to automate deployments, understand branching strategies, solve common problems in GitLab, and efficiently collaborate within a team using GitLab.

Top Companies Hiring GitLab Certified Associate Certified Professionals

Leading companies hiring GitLab Certified Associate certified professionals include IBM, Accenture, Cisco, Oracle, Deloitte, SAP, Amazon, and Microsoft. These global giants are constantly on the hunt for professionals with certified skills on the GitLab platform to accelerate software development and deployment processes.

Learning Objectives - What you will Learn in this GitLab Certified Associate Course?

The learning objectives of the GitLab Certified Associate course include gaining comprehensive understanding of GitLab's core functionalities, its application and usage in various workflows. The course will educate scholars about GitLab's issue tracking, agile planning, continuous integration/deployment, and source control management features. Participants will learn the basics of using Git and GitLab, setting up projects, collaborating in a DevOps environment, and troubleshooting common issues. The focus is on strengthening practical skills that aid in the efficient use of GitLab for project management and software development. Finally, one can expect to prepare for and hopefully pass the GitLab Certified Associate examination.