Enterprise Mongo Database Administration Course Overview

Enterprise Mongo Database Administration Course Overview

Enterprise MongoDB Database Administration certification is a professional accreditation that authenticates an individual's knowledge and skills in managing MongoDB, a NoSQL database. It encompasses the ability to deploy, maintain, optimize and troubleshoot the system. MongoDB is highly valued in various industries due to its scalability, versatility, and performance when handling large datasets. This certification assures industries of an individual's competence to efficiently manage everyday database operations, hardware optimization, disaster recovery, and performance tuning. It is of great use to industries, especially those operating in data-intensive domains, where MongoDB database administrators can maximize the database's potential to improve business operations and decision-making.

This is a Rare Course and it can be take up to 3 weeks to arrange the training.

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  • Live Online Training (Duration : 40 Hours)
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Course Prerequisites

Most enterprise Mongo database administration training courses will require prior knowledge of SQL and database concepts. Prior experience in database administration with MongoDB or another NoSQL database technology is not necessary but will be beneficial. Additionally, any prior experience with JavaScript will be helpful, although use of the MEAN stack is not required.

Target Audience for Enterprise Mongo Database Administration Certification Training

- Database administrators interested in learning Enterprise Mongo Database
- IT professionals looking to expand their skills in database management
- System administrators keen on increasing their proficiency in MongoDB
- Developers who wish to learn about administration of MongoDB
- Tech start-ups requiring in-depth understanding of MongoDB
- IT students wanting to specialize in MongoDB administration.

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Enterprise Mongo Database Administration Skills Measured

After completing Enterprise Mongo Database Administration certification training, an individual can acquire skills such as database management, performance tuning, scalability, replication, sharding, and data modeling. They'll also gain proficiency in installing, configuring, and maintaining the MongoDB environment. Moreover, they'll be able to understand the principles of NoSQL databases and adeptly use backup and recovery tools. In addition, they will acquire the ability to manage and monitor the MongoDB environment effectively, coupled with applying security measures to protect data.

Top Companies Hiring Enterprise Mongo Database Administration Certified Professionals

Some top companies hiring Enterprise Mongo DB Administration certified professionals include Tech giants Amazon, Oracle, and IBM. Other significant firms are Cisco Systems, Dell Technologies, and Capgemini. These companies seek such professionals to manage their vast databases, ensuring efficient data storage and retrieval. Additionally, financial institutions like JP Morgan Chase and healthcare companies like Cerner Corporation are also often in need of such expertise.

Learning Objectives - What you will Learn in this Enterprise Mongo Database Administration Course?

The Enterprise Mongo Database Administration course learning objectives primarily revolve around equipping students with a comprehensive understanding of the administrative tasks associated with large-scale MongoDB deployments. Students will gain in-depth knowledge on installation, configuration, maintenance, performance tuning, scaling and data backup and recovery. They will be taught to manage high availability and redundancy with Replica Settings, and will also delve into the Sharding process for horizontal scaling in MongoDB. The aim is to proficiency in handling data models and indexing, and understanding MongoDB's architecture to solve potential issues. Practicals will hone skills to troubleshoot and resolve common MongoDB issues. An understanding of database security concepts such as access control and enforcement will also be imparted.