Workshop - Docker and Kubernetes Course Overview

Workshop - Docker and Kubernetes Course Overview

The Docker and Kubernetes certification workshop is about mastering two pivotal tools used in the software industry - Docker, a platform that enables developers to create, package, and distribute applications easily, and Kubernetes, an open-source program for automating the deployment, scaling, and management of containerized applications. Docker allows for enhanced application deployment speed, reliability, and compatibility, while Kubernetes enables effective orchestration in running distributed systems resiliently. Industries use Docker and Kubernetes for their capacity to scale up swiftly, manage complex applications and for their cost-efficiency advantage. The hands-on certifications illustrate proficiency in these critical DevOps skills, thereby increasing employability in the tech industry.

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  • Live Online Training (Duration : 16 Hours)
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You can request classroom training in any city on any date by Requesting More Information

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Course Prerequisites

- Basic knowledge of Linux commands
- Understanding of DevOps fundamentals
- Familiarity with system administration tasks
- Experience in software installation and configuration
- Intermediate coding or scripting skills
- Comprehension of cloud computing and virtualization
- Prior experience with any version control system is a plus.

Workshop - Docker and Kubernetes Certification Training Overview

The Docker and Kubernetes certification training workshop is designed to equip participants with comprehensive knowledge about both platforms. It starts with an overview of Docker to understand what containerization is and its benefits. Lessons progress to unravel Kubernetes, a system for managing containerized applications across multiple hosts. Key topics covered include Docker and Kubernetes architecture, installation, components, application deployment and scaling, Dockerfile and Docker images creation, Kubernetes services, and container orchestration. The course also incorporates practical, hands-on learning to enhance proficiency.

Why Should You Learn Workshop - Docker and Kubernetes?

Learning the Workshop - Docker and Kubernetes course will enhance your technical skills, specifically in software development and its deployment. It exposes you to cutting edge technology in containerization, improving career prospects. The course also boosts your understanding of the functioning and management of large-scale systems, facilitating better problem-solving abilities.

Target Audience for Workshop - Docker and Kubernetes Certification Training

- Software developers and engineers
- System Administrators
- IT professionals looking to enhance their cloud computing skills
- Professionals who want to learn container management
- DevOps practitioners
- Tech enthusiasts wanting a hands-on understanding of Docker & Kubernetes
- Professionals aiming at a career in container orchestration.

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- Access to Certified Instructors: Experience high-quality teaching from certified instructors in Docker and Kubernetes.
- Career Enhancement: Boost your career prospects with advanced skills in Docker and Kubernetes.
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Workshop - Docker and Kubernetes Skills Measured

Upon completing a Docker and Kubernetes certification training, an individual can acquire skills such as building, testing, and deploying Docker applications, orchestrating distributed systems, understanding Kubernetes architecture, managing containerized applications using Kubernetes, configuring networking, storage and security in Kubernetes, and automating deployment, scaling and management of containerized applications. These skills can equip them to easily manage and deploy applications in a software infrastructure.

Top Companies Hiring Workshop - Docker and Kubernetes Certified Professionals

Top companies hiring Docker and Kubernetes certified professionals include tech giant Google, cloud services provider Amazon Web Services, IBM, Microsoft, and VMware. Additionally, innovative tech companies like Cisco Systems and Oracle are also seeking out these professionals for updating their cloud services. Successful startups and software companies like Capgemini, TCS, Cognizant, and Docker Inc also hire such experts.

Learning Objectives - What you will Learn in this Workshop - Docker and Kubernetes Course?

The learning objectives of a Docker and Kubernetes workshop course include understanding the fundamental concepts and functionalities of Docker and Kubernetes. Learners will understand how to build, ship, and run distributed applications with Docker, including working with Docker images, Dockerfile, and Docker Hub. They'll learn how to deploy, scale, and manage containerized applications using Kubernetes. Participants will gain hands-on experience with Kubernetes architecture, components, and kubectl commands. The course will also cover creating and managing Deployment, ConfigMap, Secret, and Service in Kubernetes. The ultimate goal is for participants to gain the required skills to configure and manage Docker and Kubernetes environments effectively.