Anypoint Platform Development: DataWeave (Mule 3) Training Course

Anypoint Platform Development: DataWeave 1.0 (Mule 3) Certification Training Course Overview

Anypoint Platform Development: DataWeave 1.0 (Mule 3) training course is designed for developers interested in advancing their DataWeave 1.0 skills beyond those taught in the Anypoint Platform Development - Fundamentals (Mule 3) course or the self-study MuleSoft.U Development Fundamentals (Mule 3) course.

Anypoint Platform Development: DataWeave (Mule 3) Training Course (Duration : 8 Hours) Download Course Contents

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Course Modules

Module 1: Organizing and formatting DataWeave code
  • Review DataWeave fundamentals
  • Match DataWeave types and conditions
  • Organize and reuse DataWeave code with variables and functions
Module 2: Constructing arrays and objects with DataWeave
  • Add components to and remove elements from arrays and objects
  • Construct objects from lists of DataWeeave expressions using object constructor curly braces
  • Troubleshoot common issues when using object constructor curly braces
  • Join data together using map operators
Module 3: Iteratively transforming data using mapping operators
  • Transform elements of arrays and objects into a new array using the map operator
  • Transform elements of objects into a new object using the mapObject operator
  • Combine map and mapObject operators to transform complex schema
Module 4: Recursively transforming complex schema
  • Write recursive functions to transform complex schema
  • Combine match and mapping operators to recursively transform every element of a complex schema
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Course Prerequisites
  • Anypoint Platform Development: Fundamentals (Mule 3) course
  • MuleSoft.U Development Fundamentals (Mule 3) course, or equivalent knowledge from 6+ months Mule development experience and passing of the MCD - Integration and API Associate (Mule 3) exam
  • Write generalized and reusable transformations using functions, variables, and operators
  • Build up complex transformations from smaller testable steps
  • Transform, combine, and reduce complex data structures which include nested arrays, objects, and arrays of objects
  • Recursively apply formatting rules to every element of a nested schema