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Analyze and Visualize Data using Tableau Course Overview

The Analyze and Visualize Data using Tableau Certification Training Course was created for beginners who want to learn more about data analytics and visualization with Tableau. The certification course provides learners with a foundational knowledge of the application that can be used to generate visually interactive analyses and insights. The Tableau certification course also helps candidates improve their overall business decision-making skills by teaching them the predictive analysis feature of Tableau. Overall, the Analyze and Visualize Data using Tableau certification training program is highly recommended and extremely beneficial to those who want to start their career in data analysis and business intelligence. Do check out the schedule below for Tableau certification to enrol today.

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Your will learn:

Module 1: Introduction
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Live Online Training (Duration : 32 Hours)
Group Training 1400 Per Participant
16 - 19 May GTR Co-Students 08:00 AM - 04:00 PM CST
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This Course Similar To DA-100 Analyze Data with Power BI

Course Prerequisites

The Analyze and Visualize Data using Tableau Certification Training Course is a beginner level certification. This means there are no prerequisites to be eligible for this certification. Anyone with a working knowledge of data analytics and business intelligence or some prior experience within the field can apply for this certification program.

Analyze and Visualize Data using Tableau Certification Training

Tableau is a widely used data reporting and visualization tool. The Analyze and Visualize Data using Tableau Certification Training Course is growing in popularity due to the high demand for the platform in terms of usage in companies across industries. This certification course was designed as an introductory, beginner-level course for working professionals to understand how the Tableau software works and how they can use it to present their data in a more visual and accurate manner. The application is also used to generate meaningful analytics and insights, dashboards, and data models that can be presented and have a high impact.

Tableau is also a popular tool for business intelligence professionals, so if beginners or working professionals want to gain more expertise in the field, this Analyze and Visualize data using Tableau certification training course comes highly recommended. The reason why Tableau is such a popular tool is because of its easy to understand interface and level of presentation. Users can easily create highly detailed insights with interactive graphs with minimal effort, making it the perfect choice. The certification in data visualization and analysis with Tableau can provide improved career opportunities for working professionals and freshers and equip those who are already working with a new set of advanced skills in their field. Participants taking part in this training will receive a copy of the tableau course material and a course completion certificate.

Reasons to choose Tableau Certification training from Koenig Solutions

  • Widely popular Data Visualization using Tableau certification training delivered with Expert Instructors
  • Get a proper understanding of using the Tableau tool to present different types of data sources
  • Be part of a Tableau training program from an Accredited training partner
  • Expert Tableau instructors and exclusive resources from Koenig Solutions to gain a holistic understanding of using the Tableau tool
  • Get the option to take your Tableau certification training with 8 hours/ day and 4 hours/ day time slots for your training sessions
  • Get customized Tableau training options for enterprise teams according to their business needs
  • Complete your data analysis career path at one place with a wide portfolio of Tableau, Excel, SAS, and other data presentation courses offered at Koenig Solutions

Key Features

  • Instructor-led Data Visualization with Tableau Certification Training
  • Get access to a Tableau course preview to begin your training preparation
  • Expert Tableau instructors across the globe
  • Accredited Tableau training material prepared by SMEs
  • Get key Tableau training resources from both Koenig Solutions and Tableau
  • Course completion certificate offered from Tableau accredited training provider
  • Receive dedicated attention for your Tableau certification training with 1-on-1 Training and Fly me a Trainer options
  • Tableau certification training provided across 100+ locations globally

Who can take up Analyze and Visualize Data using Tableau Training?

Job roles that can find this Tableau certification training beneficial are:

  • Business intelligence professionals
  • Graduate students
  • Data analysts
  • Business analysts
  • Testing professionals
  • Data scientists
  • Business intelligence experts
  • Business intelligence developers
  • IT managers
  • Project managers
  • Anyone who wants to learn more about using Tableau, especially related to data visualization
  • Professionals who are looking to clear their Analyze and Visualize Data using Tableau certification exam

Learning Objectives

The main objective of the Analyze and Visualize Data using Tableau certification training course is to equip learners with fundamental knowledge and skills on how to use the Tableau application to create interactive and insightful reports and analysis. The certification training course consists of a lot of parts around the powerful business intelligence tool, such as:

  • Basics about Tableau
  • How to connect, organize and slice data using Tableau
  • How to use multiple measures in a view
  • How learners can successfully show the relationship between various numerical values
  • How to map and customize data
  • How to view specific data
  • How to use quick table calculations to analyze the data in Tableau
  • How to use basic and advanced calculations in Tableau
  • How to extract data
  • What Tableau geocoding is
  • How to create using parameters
  • How to make dashboards and stories
  • Using Tableau to generate statistics
  • Using Tableau for forecasting
  • How to compare measures
  • How to assess the quality of data
  • How to use Tableau to perform exploratory analysis
  • Best practices while using Tableau
  • How to design visualizations for presentations

Analyze and Visualize Data using Tableau Certification Examination Format

There are no examinations for this certification training course. After completing the course, applicants will become eligible to apply for the Analyze and Visualize Data using Tableau Certification.

Salary Prospects of a Tableau Certified Professional

Today, understanding data is a critical skillset for enterprises; there are various analytics and data visualization tools available in the market that address the needs of professionals globally. Especially Tableau is one of the most sought-after Data Visualization Tools by enterprises across industry sectors. Professionals with relevant Tableau certification credentials are in great demand as they understand the criticality of the data and help businesses deliver services that customer needs and also create new products that will help one to be the first to the market. Let’s check out the salary prospects of Tableau certified professionals worldwide.

United States : USD 63,000 to USD 173,000
United Kingdom : Pounds 41,000 to 72,000
India : Rupees 5 lakhs to 10 lakhs
Australia : AUD 59,000 to 100,000
UAE : AED 132,000 to 375,000
Singapore : SGD 57,000 to 100,000

Job Prospects for Tableau Certified Professionals

With the data skills being the most in-demand skillset sought workplaces globally, Tableau has become the go-to tool for analytics and data visualization. Today, professionals with any form of certification training have a better percentage of landing a job than non-certified counterparts. In this regard, professionals with Tableau certification will stand a chance to showcase their data analysis and visualization skills to bring out the best of insights from different types of data sources. Some of the top companies that are hiring Tableau certified professionals include FIS Global, RapidSoft Corp, Mason Frank, Activision, Cognizant, Robert Half, Apex Systems, LabCorp, Phillips, Knowesis, and many more.

Do check out your local job listings to find relevant Tableau jobs in your region.

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The Fee includes:
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  • Testing Via Qubits
Yes, Koenig Solutions is a tableau Learning Partner
  • DA-100 Analyze Data with Power BI
No, programming knowledge is not necessary to be eligible for the Analyze and Visualize Data using Tableau Certification Training Course.
The Analyze and Visualize Data using Tableau Certification Training Course is an entry-level certification course.
  • Tableau is a tool that was specifically designed to create visualizations of data and generate reports. 
  • The features in Tableau are made to help analysts present their results in the best and most efficient way possible. 
  • The Microsoft Excel tool is more diverse in terms of applicability because it allows users to do different types of calculations and more. 
  • But, Microsoft Excel does not have as many dynamic options for data visualization. 
  • Tableau also helps with forecasting with the help of predictive analysis, hence driving better decision making.
Learners simply need to have basic knowledge of the different types of graphs that exist, such as the line graph, bar graph, and more. To make the certification training course easier, it would also benefit if the learners had some knowledge on how database management works.
R and Python are two of the programming languages that Tableau can be integrated with.
Working professionals and freshers who want to start their career in Business Intelligence and Data Analysis will greatly benefit from the Analyze and Visualize Data using Tableau Certification Training Course. This is because Tableau is a forerunner when it comes to data visualization tools and is widely used across companies around the world.
No, it does not mean that all those who have completed the certification training course will receive a higher annual salary on average, but it does greatly improve the chances. Once recruiters and organizations know that one’s skills have been validated with their certification, they get better job opportunities as well a better chance of getting selected with higher annual pay.
To become a Tableau Certified Professional, one should follow the below steps:
  • Choose a relevant Tableau certification training from the schedule
  • Prepare for your Tableau training with pre-reading materials provided by Koenig Solutions
  • Attend your instructor-led Tableau training with various learning modes available
  • Get a holistic understanding of using the Tableau tool to do a complete data analysis and visualization
  • Become a Tableau certified professional to get job opportunities across the globe