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Microsoft Excel is very popular software program included in the Microsoft office suite and used to create spreadsheets documents which is laid out in rows and columns as a big table. Excel has become one of the most used software programs in the business world due to its supreme versatility and power.

Excel is an extraordinary powerful tools used frequently in the business world to store, manipulate and measure complex set of data. Below are a few examples a company might use Excel. these are just examples, excel is very flexible and robust so the uses are endless:

  • Keeping track of sales by customer from month to month;
  • Monitoring customer payments to ensure that none are late;
  • Keeping track of expenses and assign them to particular employees;
  • Calculating hours worked per employee for monthly payroll;
  • Calculating monthly payments on the office mortgage;
  • Creating graphs or charts to explain company performance over time;
  • Estimate monthly sales for the next three years based on historical data;
  • Assign projects and tasks to employees in a centralized location.
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Andrew Leggett United States Dec-2020 Yes. Personalized makes huge difference to successful completion. This is fundamental. This is the reason i have already booked another course with Koenig & also Abi's personable approach was excellent. ** Koenig System Access POOR, course material outdated in the lab 2. **
Jagadish Acharya United States Sep-2020 A1. Abhishek is very knowledgeable and makes student understand/practice each lab session.
Daman Baweja United States Jan-2020 A1. Rating :- 10, Yes will surely recommend the same.
Joseph Thomas United States Dec-2019 A3. Yes.
Reeti Bora Mondal United States Dec-2019 A3. Yes
Neha Sharma United States Dec-2019 A2. very detailed training with in time
Ruma Mondal United States Dec-2019 A3. Yes, sure I want to try.
Hema Gupta United States Dec-2019 A2. Have retained good trainers :)
Najlaa Rashid Juma Al Ghefili United States Aug-2019 A1. he was carful to teach me every thing related data analysis. He cover all the points in the course with supporting documents
Muthamma Kelapanda Aiyanna United States Aug-2019 A1. Very Knowledgeable, Patience
Smita Sinha United States Aug-2019 A3. Not sure, it totally depends on the subject and curriculum.
Divya Chainani United States Aug-2019 A2. Not different but good
Sale Abdullahi United States Jul-2019 A1. ENTHUSIASTIC AND ORGANIZED
Mohammed Almahdi United States Jul-2019 A1. Professional, helpful, knows his area.
Chiyesu Kalaba United States May-2019 A1. He is a subject mater expert for the courses covered. Went out of his way covering concepts which were prerequisites for the courses for which I had no background in.


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